GROUP RP PLOTTING Futuristic Sci-fi rp needing members

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    Alrighty, so I have a sci fi rp that's based in a futuristic time period, about four thousand years in the future, and civilisation has all but collapsed. There is only one large city, about the size of a small country (think Sweden) and the rest of the outside world is extremes, from the depths of the darkest jungles to dry deserts so hot you would nearly self combust. Surrounding the city is the jungle, thick, dense, humid, and full of incredibly dangerous creatures, but plenty of perfectly harmless ones too. The world has pretty much gone back to the beginning of 'creation' or whatever your belief is. While there are no dinosaurs, there's plenty of other fun creatures to keep your imagination occupied.

    The city is where the story takes place, run by one large organization known as Trueheart Industries. They create everything, from simple padlocking systems to the most advanced technological systems known to the time. They also are the only manufacturers of medicine and basic human needs. Everything is marked with the Trueheart stamp. There is a growing network of rebels however that identifies as Sanctum, and they are out to find out what Trueheart is really up to. I hope for it to be a good vs evil kind of thing, with enough on each side so that it's not one bad guy against twelve good guys. While there is one main mastermind behind the overall scheme, there are plenty of insiders that help make it work. However, it's a select group, so not everyone should know the big secret.

    Anyway, I hope that got your attention, the rest of the details are in the sign up. Check it out, the link is above.