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  1. Please check the Futurepunk thread for more background information than presented here.

    A note on character creation:

    Your characters live in this world, and have their whole life. There is no self-contained hatred of this society that would be openly expressed because this is what they grew up with. Unlike Hunger Games or other teen-dystopia, there is no “teenagers rising up to overthrow the evil society”. If it’s reached the point of dystopia, it’s pretty much too late. If a character doesn’t seem relatable to you, that’s fine. Coming from a non-corporate-run world point of view, it should seem weird that these characters react differently. It’s what makes the genre unique.

    There is a maximum of four-five slots, and I would request you stick to the general categories (there can be duplicates, but if everyone is one category, please add some variation!) This isn’t to limit your characters, just to make sure that there is a focus on teamwork and a reason as to why you all are working together:

    · Sysops (anti-runners, the old term for server admin replaced by this general meaning)

    · Corporate executives – you will be working for the same company, keep that in mind. Anything above a general manager will need approval.

    · Bodyguard/Muscle to the group (More on this later)*

    · One person may be a detective sent in by another corporation or the weak federal government present in Japan. First come first serve here.

    Waylink Enterprises. Masters of the net. The one and only true megacorporation in the world, troubled by a lone hacker falling under the name Tiamat. At first, there “incursions” were isolated attempts at buying off more hours for Net usage or maybe a server bypass or two for some high-end dirty laundry for some of Waylink’s highest investors. Then the attacks were becoming more common and – more importantly – from multiple locations. Finally, after a major attack that took down several of Waylink’s subsidiaries, action was taken up. Several of the top-notch borgs, sysops, and executives were sent to both clean up the damage and to find Tiamat and put him down. It seemed Waylink’s most precious asset was truly at risk…

    Character Sheet


    ---Age: [Anywhere from 20-40]

    ---Role: [As taken from Sysop, Exec, Bodyguard, or Detective. There can be duplicates.]

    ---Biography: [2-3 paragraphs at least. Include a quick summary of how the character came to work for Waylink at the bottom. If you need ideas, just ask me, I’ll be glad to help.]

    ---Appearance: [Must include written, visual is optional. If using not your own work, please cite it just using a link]

    ---Relevant Augs: [If a Sysop, must be g-modded]

    ---Notable Cosmetic Augs: [How they came about to have it, should be included in appearance as well]

    ---Other Relevant Information/Tidbits: [Anything at all we might need to know about your playing style, habits, or the character]

    Jargon Used

    G-Mod – Otherwise known as “genetic modification”, a G-Mod procedure is what allows a human being to hook into the Net. Most people native to Japan have this done already, but it is still the rare one or two who never got around to doing it.

    Augs – Slang for “augmentations”; typically in negative connotation or sarcastic remarks.

    Sysop – This original term for server admin has been repurposed to mean an anti-runner. In other words, one who watches the servers of corporations or other affiliations. Most Sysops are in charge of, at most, a server. Some of the more skilled ones can be seen protecting several databanks at a time (If your character is this good, they wouldn’t be sent on the mission; they’re too valuable!). Like a Runner, they hook into the Net, but instead of altering the Net they keep it consistent with the server’s set appearance so that a Runner cannot be accustomed to the environment.

    Exec – short for executive, almost always corporate.

    Borg – Cyborg, android, etc. As above with Augs, typically in negative connotation or sarcastic remarks

    Frog – Derogatory slang for clones. Comes from their several genetic-mishaps, most (in)famous of such being a wrinkled and bald clone that later came to be known as “Frogman” before dying of genetic complications two days later.

    Genie/Chrome (Genetic/Chromosomes) – Slang for genetically modified being. Does not refer to G-Mods, but anyone who has received athletic boosters, brain supplements, or cosmetic augmentations can all be referred to as either of these.

    *Street Samurai – A street samurai is a cybernetically augmented (usually criminal) fighter. They do not use swords! If a street samurai ever did use a sword, it would look like a katana, but often these weapons are extrmeley undervalued due to the high amount of firearms available. They are called street samurai due to their following of bushido and other Japanese traditions in regards to fighting. Street samurai make excellent bodyguards and corporate agents, and are often used as such!

    One street samurai only. Again, first come first serve. Make a good reason why you’d be hired, though!

    Runner/Netter/Decker – all slang terms for a hacker that uses the Net to accomplish reality-bending feats to make servers confused and allow them to pass. This is a very abstract idea, and very few have the mind to Run. This really won’t come into play on your part, but any potential Sysops please PM me for details on the fine points of Net defense.
  2. [​IMG]
    ---Name: Gwen McCarroch
    ---Age: 24
    ---Role: Muscle

    Gwen is a sterling example of what one can make of oneself if one puts their mind to getting out of the terrible situation that they're in. Born in the slums of Tokyo to an immigrant family, she spent most of her youth taking apart and putting back together machines and learning how they worked. Spending most of her time doing that gave her a good general education away from the criminal scum that usually frequented her sides of town, and ended up, in the end, probably saving her life.

    At the age of 17, she had built a set of prototype power fists, designed to fit over the current hands and use direct analog input from the hands to work. Wanting an effective venue to test them out in, she went to the local underground cybernetically enhanced boxing matches, and ended up offering money (which she didn't have) as a bet that she could beat some guy with her power fists. The first punch she delivered with the prototype fists ended up caving the guy's skull in with a single punch.

    As time went on, and her refinements to her design became more and more effective, she moved towards actual cyborgization, outfitting her internal bone structure with an exoskeleton, and replacing her hands with a system that allowed her to swap out as necessary, with either regular hands, or her newest iteration of power fist. Her fame and notoriety grew rather quickly, her skills in the ring landing her a legitimate position in the big leagues.

    Of course, not all is wonderful and rosy at the top. On occasion, favors are called in, and right now, Gwen has a major favor to be given to Waylink Inc. for their continued support of her modifications. As a result, she has ended up being called up on numerous occasions as a "consultant", although the street term would probably be "brick shithouse" or "human wrecking ball".

    Gwen looks much like she normally does in the picture, as that is her usual outfit and boxing gear, the helmet allowing her to take blows to the head without getting knocked out. Underneath the helmet, she usually sports a rather punkish and trendy hairstyle, dyed in deep violet and pink. Her eyes are a rather vibrant green color.
    Her entire body is extremely well-toned, due to the fact that she relies equally as much on her own physical power as much as her endoskeletal supports to box and fight.
    ---Relevant Augs:
    * McCarroch Power Fists:
    The one, the only, the legendary. These are heavy, powered fists using pistons and various force amplification systems to allow her fists to do horrifically destructive damage. Due to their rather crude and redundant construction, these power fists have an awful lot of armor plating upon them, and, if held up, can act much like a big metal shield for the upper half of Gwen's body. These fists can be detached for regular mechanical hands.
    * Internal Endoskeletal Supports: These are a series of powered supports tethered to her internal muscular and skeletal system to allow her to be stronger, be faster, and also, be able to take more blunt force trauma without dying. It does not, however, stop her from bleeding.
    ---Notable Cosmetic Augs:
    ---Other Relevant Information/Tidbits:
    I'm in the Navy, so posting might come a bit slowly.
  3. @ThousandSwords
    Good to go, but to what extent does she follow Bushido? It's pretty crucial to be deemed a "Street samurai".
  4. Well, the simple fact that she refuses to use guns in battle should be a pretty strong indicator of that. It's more she's an unwitting adherent of it, due to the fact that she isn't entirely aware of the entire Bushido thing, but is rather aware of the concept of personal honor and such.
  5. Alright, accepted.
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