Future State Sci-Fi concept.

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  1. Imagine a world where almost everyone is part machine. Science has advanced far beyond what we can accomplish now, and virtually nothing organic survives. Imagine a city, shrouded by a mist that distorts your thinking, and surrounded by a virtually impenetrable wall. Imagine that outside this city wall is a massive forest, the last of its kind, populated by fearsome beats, and children who have become bandits, plundering the city to survive. The remainder of the land consists of a vast wasteland, mostly devoid of life.

    The city marshals, charged by the government to keep peace in the city, have been given a new mission. Find the headquarters of these bandit children, and stop them from spreading life into the wasteland.

    In this roleplay, you can be a bandit or a marshal. I'm saying a maximum of two characters per person, maximum of five players, including sora_sigunda and myself.

    (sora_sigunda is co-creator, and automatically receives a spot in this roleplay).
  2. If you wish to join please fill out this form and post it here:

    Who are you: (Bandit or Marshal)
    Physical description: