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  1. Okay, this is a very rough idea I have, but I would like some input from you guys to make it work :P Also I would like to note that this will probably NOT be made into a rp UNTIL March (and maybe even later). The idea is based on a combination of the movies My Future Boyfriend, Aeonflux and Equilibrium.

    So the idea:
    Well imagine this. 36th century... Humanity has a complete different view on life. Everything they can control (wildlife/nature/feelings) is seen as bad. Technology has a far more important place in life and is far better advantaged. The government decides everything for you. Your job, your car, your partner, how many kids... Everything. An this is all viewed as normal, after all they don't know anything better. People are happy with this life. However the government has been doing a study of the dark times (aka anything before 35th century) and now they want to send people from the 36th century bakc to the 21th century in order to see how the people lived back then, without the control and technology they have now.

    Back in the 21th century people have been assigned to be the mentor of these future people. However what the 36th century government doesn't know is that something went wrog in the communication and the 21th century mentors are not at all aware of the fact they will have to mentor someone. Still the 36th century people are send back in time, allowed to stay there for a month before they have to come back. If they stay longer, they can never return again. Before that month they are able to come back also, but once back in the 36th century they can't be send to the 21th century for a second time.

    So what will happen? How will the 36th century people react to such a savage civilation? How will the 21th century people react having to deal with a nutcase that thinks they are from the 36th century? And besides that....feelings...how will they be handled?

    My questions:
    - For the world building of the 36th century. What questions would you like to be answered? What would you like to see? This can be silly things, from 'what kind of pets did the 36th century people have?' to the big questions 'How is marriage arranged in the 36th century'
    - I was thinking to have the people in the 21th century to be connected in one way or another. Now my question is would you like them to be a group of friends, or rather 'reoccuring strangers' as in they all go to the same school or have just been assigned to work on a project together. Or 'real strangers' where they just happen to go all to the same coffeeshop or something like that (without knowing).
    - My last question. Do we want this to be libertine or not? (Note: the 36th century people have no idea that sex can be used in different way that just to reproduce)

    Any last notes:
    ~ All genders and sexualities are welcome
    ~ This will be a character development driven rp. Though I am not saying that romance and sex isn't gonna happen (though it will NOT be the focus) (This is why I am unsure whether or not to make it libertine)
    ~ You can have two character max! (and I would prefer one of the 21st century and one of the 36th century)
    ~ I will make the 36th-21th century pairings at random
    ~ There will be only spots for 10 characters! (5 from the 36th century and 5 from the 21th century) (Though you may be able to convince me to open up to 12 or 14 characters)
    ~ For now I will not take reservations. Simply because I have no idea if this will become a serious rp.

    @Justin Charming @T E R R O R @DoomyCakez @universalbore @Brea @Lady With Class @CrystalTears @Luxii
    (feel free to tag other people that might be interested, or able to help)
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  2. Count me in, if it does ever become a role play in March. I have questions! They'll have to wait, I'm to preoccupied with my lovely 3 merman
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  3. I'd love to hear them once you have finished your beloved brothers :P
  4. 2877 was a dreadful year. 99% of the humanity died as result to an unknown reason. The remaining 1% of humanity built a large wall around the city that was big enough to hold all survivors. A complete new way of living, of society, was created to protect the people. This new habits were successful and humanity retook itself. Technologic intellect skyrocketed and wealth and health returned quickly.

    3565. Humanity has reached its highest level of intellect and harmony. People live in peace and comfort together. There are no worries in this world, no fears and no wars, simply because feelings, emotions, urges, longings and those kind of ‘bestial’ and ‘animal like’ behavior have been prohibited from the start (2877).

    From the moment the child is born till it reaches the age of 12, the child will be completely in the care of his or her parents. They will learn all important valuables from their parents. Till the age of 8 years old the parents alternate weeks to stay at home for the kid and learn them the way of life. Once the age of 8 is reached the parents will go back to work for full weeks and the child is free to spend that time at home or at so called Child Houses, where they can meet up with others of their age till the age of 12.

    When a child reaches the age of 12, he or she will take their first test to see what school is best fitting to them. There are three degrees, Manual School, Social School and Intellectual School. Manual School will mostly focus on manual tasks and learn the kids how to work with technology, how to create their own robots and all kind of other practical stuff. Social School is a bit in between Manual and Intelectual School. Here the focus will be mostly on social skills. Children will be given practical as well as intellectual work. Intellectual School focuses entirely on the development of the intellect. Here the children will learn how to use their brains through reading, puzzles and research.

    At the age of 16, the child will be tested again, an event that is also called the Retest. The last two years of their schoollife can be spend in a different school that at what they first started. There are special classes for those who switch school to get them up to the level of someone who started right away at that school. A Switch mostly stays at the same level of an Original from that school before the Retest, so the fourth year level of that school.

    When a person reaches the age of 18, they will have their Arbitrage, a test that figures out which job fits them best. Mostly there are three outcomes to this test and the person has the freedom to decides which of the options appeals most to them. However at times the goverment can step in and decide for them, to make sure that all jobs are well presented within the society. All jobs are seen as equal and bring the same money into a home that can be spend freely.

    ~ Repairs: These people repair and fix that what is broken. They also care for electicity and water.
    ~ Mechanic: These people invent new mechanics, new devices and search for new ways to use technology.
    ~ Mechanic Design: These people create what the mechanics should look like, there are different ways to express. Some choose petdesign, other cardesign or homedesign/architecture.
    ~ Tailors: They make clothes, repair them or provide new ones. However it is all kept simple.

    ~ Teachers: These people guide the children through their school years. Often this job is chosen later in life, once they have had work expierence.
    ~ Child Houser: These people work and the Child Houses and take care of children between the ages 8 and 12.
    ~ Testers: These are the people that take the tests and explain the outcomes to the person.

    ~ Doctors: These people will help those who are sick or not feeling well. They can prescribe medicin in all forms.
    ~ Lawyers: These people will decide with those who break the law and also if the current laws are still liable. (Crimerates are quite low, so there aren't many Lawyers)
    ~ Researchers: These people look into the past if there is more knowledge to improve the current society. Medical Researchers are know to search for new medicin and ways to treat people.

    Overlapping jobs
    ~ Government (Social/Intellectual) These people lead the current society. They keep in hand how many people there are, with what profession, what marriages are preferred. They work closely with Lawyers and Testers.
    ~ Device Developers (Manual/Intellectual): They take the designs or ideas from Mechanic and Mechanic Design and test if they will work and if they will improve the society
    ~ Sales (Manual/Social): These people sell goods and have stores. The main streams are Grocery Sales, Mechanical Sales and Clothing Sales

    Marriage is decided through a computer program that has every individual in its database and calculates the success rate of couple. The succes rate is based on intellect, manual skills, social skills and health. A male and female can marry between the age of 21-25. Here again is partly freedom of choice of when you want to get married. Once you reach the age of 25, you will marry by the law. Each year the Marriage Test in done, in case the previous succesful selection has been married to someone else.

    The reproductive system is completely clinical, the DNA of the male from a marriage is planted into the womb of the female and a child will be born. A child sharing the perfect DNA from its parents. The first child will be born when the female reaches the age of 25, or when the couple is two years into marriage. Second child will follow two years after the first and the third child will follow four years after the firstborn. It is not allowed to have more than three children, unless there is a very good reason for having more.

    The 36th century deems fashion very unimportant, just like music and art. Clothes are something necessary to wear and that is it. Their clothings style therefore will not be very challenging or bright coloured. It will mostly stick to business wear or leather or simple jeans and a top/shirt on top. Nothing too special and nothing that calls too much for attention. They care more about business, law and technology so black grey white will be most common. Fashion design is frowned upon by the others as it is considered a low/unimportant status.

    Music, Literature and Art
    Music is known in the 36th century, however it is used as stress relieve or to heal people. It is not a form of enjoyment. It are different tones that have certain rhythm in them to activate progresses in the human body in order to make it fight the flu quicker or to make a muscle relax. In the 36th century it is important it has a rational meaning to life. Literature is allowed, because that activates the brain and intellect, but some works are prohibited. Art is deemed as unimportant and unrational, therefore this is not seen as a talent but rather as an abnormality.

    Feelings, emotions, urges, things like that are unknown to the people of 3565. So if they will ever cry over something, they have no idea what is happening. They will think they are leaking. They don’t know the words sorrow or tears or sadness. Passion, love, sex are also things that are unknown to them. They do know content as being a state they are in, but they are unfamiliar with true happiness, laughing out loud, excitement. They know the euphoric feeling as a result of solving a problem or making a good deal for the company. But basically feelings, emotions and such are unknown to them. They might know the word as it being a word, but not the description or how it feels. (Books that describe this things, such as romans, chick lit etc, are therefore prohibited).

    The city people live in is small and therefore everyone knows everyone. People are close and depending on each other. Religion is unknown to them as they believe in technology and intellect. In the 36th century techonology is far advanced. Cars fly and work on water. Computers can use holograms, screens can be moved 3D through the room (like Starks computer in Iron Man). Most devices are voice activated. Pearls, gold and silver hold little value in this world and are used as common payment. However if you get your hands on things as glass, steel and wood you are extremely rich.

    Pets/animals are unknown to people from the 36th century. Though they can choose to have ‘companions’. These are little robots that act the same as pets, only don’t need to be fed or walked or anything (though they do need to be charged and repaired at times). These little robots come in different forms; those who can fly and learn to speak simple words (aka birds or parrots), those who will be pleasant company and can be easily left alone, won’t take much looking after (aka cats or rabbits) and those who can learn some basic commands (aka dogs). If a family wants a robot, they can choose what kind they want and it will be made custom for them within a month. These robots will grow closer to the family they live with and will basically do the same things as pets. Also the family can choose if it wants to keep the robot looking like robot (so with naked mechanics) or they want it to be soft and cuddly (in that case they can choose to have it dressed like the animal it represents).

    Selection for the research
    Now that humanity is on its highest point, the people have decided to take travels back to the past. To learn about the older (unsuccessful) cultures and hopefully find out where it all went wrong in the end. People, from the age 16 to 27, are asked as volunteers for the newest program that will bring them back to the 21st century. Those who accept the offer are taken to the research center to see if they can make the journey back and forth, to check their healths levels and to see if they can be replaced (at work) or won’t be ‘missed’ too much (leaving a pregnant wife or having a marriage coming up). Those who are allowed into the program (that will give them a title upon their return and a big sum of money and a special status in society) are brought to separated rooms. In this room they will all receive their personal ‘watch’ (the device that can bring them back instantly when they are in deep trouble and can record their voice for research and take pictures, things like that) and they will meet a hologram of their ‘guide’. After this they will get five minutes to prepare themselves, before activating the ‘watch’ that will drop them off somewhere in the year 2015, near their personal guide.
  6. Whoa! Awesome! I'd definitely want to join in as well if this becomes a thing ;)
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  7. @universalbore Did you still have questions? Or are they answered with the last post?

    @Lady With Class Thank you. I will tag you when this becomes a thing
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  8. Hey, I recognize you from RPN! I was QuixoticKitten on the site. I believe we were in a few rps together. I'm still trying to get adjusted to this site, but if you're okay with having me, I'd love to join!
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  9. Omfgggg Kitten! Yes. Yes I remember you! (I had this rp on RpNation as well, yet not as thought though as now, hopefully). I hope you enjoy Iwaku. I think it is a lot better than RpN (mainly because of the not PG13 restrictions)
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  10. That first description got me really interested. Sounded very 1984-esque. Anyway, if you were to consider making an RP set in the 36th century too, I'd certainly join that one, but I'll pass on this.
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  11. Thank you for the interest and offering me that option. I honestly had not yet thought about it. Maybe I will do that some day (or at the same time with this one) but for now I'd like to focus on this
  12. Sure, that's understandable. I might beat you to the punch though! Course, if I did decide to steal your ideas, I would ask you first.
  13. Just saw this and i will look it over later, most likely joining xD
  14. You said that the first time as well XD And of course you are joining. You can't resist my rps
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  15. Rofl I did xD... I forget too easily sometimes XD
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  16. Joining and I have to play a 21st char lol... I would suck as a 36th century char xD
  17. No? Noone further comments or questions?
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