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  1. And RPing's my game! 19 years old male with several years of RPing - both mature and non - under my belt. I do however have a little flaw in that I tend to RP the same character all the time. Oh well, hope people don't mind that, as I LOVE to RP and can't wait to get started!

    Especially as a dragon. Dragons are awesome.
  2. Welcome to Iwaku young dragon ----somehow that sounds so dramatic ^_^
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  3. Welcome, Fury.

    The first thing I thought was Nick Fury : )

    Anyway WELCOME! Let us know if you need anything.
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  4. I like dramatic. Its fun.

    Nick Fury is a cool guy.

    Thanks for the welcomes! And I would like to know if there is an FAQ or something. Some of the RP-labels are confusing.
  5. hmm not sure I kind of figured it out myself but that being said I could try to explain it to you, whats confusing you?
  6. Well, what's the difference between ' Otherworld Fantasy', 'Heroic Fantasy', 'Medevial Fantasy' and 'Fantasy' for one... really. There should be something to explain them all.
  7. I don't take much notice of them but sorta like this:
    otherworld would be like it implies in a world other than our own, one thats made up to go with the plot
    Heroic a more sort of 'hero's journey' sort of rp would probably fit under this
    medevial, rp set in middle ages
    fantasy, is an overall term just for rp's about supernaturals beings, mythical creatures and so on.

    pretty much bases on common sense like war epic = about a war and such... dunno if that helped
  8. Hmmmm... alright. That makes sense. Thanks.

    Doesn't change the fact that I want there to be a thread explaining them clearly so people don't get confused, but I guess its not NEEDED
  9. Doesn't seem to have what I want, but thanks!