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"MEEEAAAOOOORRRRWWW!" said Charlie unnecessarily as he rolled out of bed, stretching his long, black and white furred body and waving his tail in the air. He cleaned his ears and whiskers then filed his claws.

He then proceeded to get dressed in his usual outfit, which consisted of black and white sneakers with floral patterned laces and a symbol on the left heel representing the Celtic god of fire, then socks that were striped red and blue with the occasional diagonal stripe of green then jeans that were torn at the knees and had chain from the back pocket to the left pocket because he sometimes liked to be a little bit Goth but not too much then a stripey emo t-shirt with a picture of angel wings on the back and a rip on the shoulder from where he had gotten into a fight with next door's dog (because he hated next door's dog but not that much), then a friendship bracelet on his right wrist and a little scarf that was red with a blue dot and a purple dot and a yellow dot and three vertical slashes of pale green.

"Hmm," he said outloud to himself, even though there was no one around and it was indicative of a serious psychological neurosis, "I wonder what today will bring?"

He was being rhetorical, I think.

Combing his black hair in a way that was neat but still messy enough to be cool, he proceeded downstairs to the laboratory to see what his friends had invented this morning.
"Neeh, neeh, Nii-san! Today will be the day, don't you think? Today I'll definitely find a guy to have 'Super Rose Blossom Cherry Romance' with, just like Fujiwara Chitose in that anime series with all the girls with the boobs!"

Britty was talking to none other than her very best friend in the world, Mokoko-san, otherwise known as the busty anime figurine on top of her dresser. Britty finished brushing her silken golden hair and pulled on her very best fluffy pink dress with little pink Mary Janes to match. She considered briefly changing from the dress to something more suitable, like maybe something one of the heroines from her animes would wear. Maybe, she thought, she should put on the school uniform that she had bought from a confused retailer, since she did not attend the private school in question.

After spotting the adorable pink bow with a cute rose as the center, though, she realized that the pink dress was, of course, her very best option. A quick look at the forum online that she watched but never had the courage to post in, told her that she also needed lacy panties because girls who did not wear lacy panties did not get the guy and today, she was determined to make her 'Super Rose Blossom Cherry Romance' come true today.

Britty was headed toward the lab, where her friends hung out, but if there wasn't anything interesting going on there, she was totally going to leave so that she could go find guys. All of her sources told her that she needed to start looking for guys now, because once she got older than twelve, her market value was really going to go down. Britty was not discouraged by all of the Asian people who complained all the time about how their culture was slandered and that she was being ridiculous and a total poser.

As Britty jumped down the stairs, her mother stopped her before she reached the door to the outside. "Britty, I expect you home by six so that you can take off those ridiculous clothes and have a nice, civilized dinner with Grandmother and Grandfather over goose pate and truffle sauce. If you are late, you will be in a lot of trouble." Britty just sighed and ran out the door. Proper heroines never had to get hassled by their moms over being home for dinner!
"Oh, hey Britty," said Charlie to Britty after appearing from somewhere despite the blatant continuity error of previously implying that he lived in a room above the laboratory. "You heading to the laboratory? Wanna walk with me?"

As he waited for her to answer, he started walking down the street and asking more questions despite the first question not being answered. "I hope our friends who we haven't named yet have come up with some cool inventions today, don't you?"

Suddenly he gave a bored look and looked at the floor in a bored way. "Gee, I'm bored. There's nothing to do in this city since the Hokotoyima Corporation took over everything plot-significant. Don't you ever just wanna run away?"

This next question was added to the quantum singularity that existed above Britty's head and prevented her from answering in a timely fashion.

He then noticed Britty's pink dress and his tail stood up whilst he blushed and had a nosebleed and got goosepimples and coughed up a furball and malted. "Oh hey... I.. I... I... I .... I.... I.... like that dress.... is that...er...... did you... er..... was it..um.... er.....um......er........ well, I guess... erm.... errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....."