Furry RP (F needed)

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  1. Alright. First off, I'm fine with any plot. But anyway, I must give 3 rules, then, you can go at me.

    1. I Godmod alot. Sometimes without knowing. So, if you DON'T want any Godmodding in the RP, let me know and inform me when I do it on this thread or in PM.
    2. NO 100% SEX STORIES! They are not my type and it would end up being a really crappy RP if i'm in one of those kinds of RP.
    3. Let me know if you're not comfy with descriptive sex scenes! I will do fade to black or hints if thats what you want!

    That's all.
  2. Your in box is full, yo.
    Delete some junk and send me a PM.
  3. Pm me if your still looking! C:
  4. Pm me if your looking ^^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.