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  1. Good day to those who read this! Many of you probably just came here out of pure boredom, but I hope this brain blender I put together will at least entertain you! If it sparks up interest, there are a variety of road blocks and obstacles we'll have to pass in order to make it an actual RP. SO! Without further ado, here we go:

    So, it is a RP that kind of uses the Payday 2 system, except that it isn't robberies you're after, its informants and opportunities to hit the bad guys in the city. As a vigilante, you and your friends will step forward to make a change for the greater good.

    WITH THAT, two systems will be brought out: The contracting and asset systems. With the asset systems, a RPer will use 'influence points' to request aid from those you are in contact with. (For example, if you gain the good graces of a ranked cop, you have the ability to stall police response, or establish police presence to change the playing field.) They will typically start with 2, but special rewards will be given out for tasks that are completed. (such as maybe dealing with a 'contract' without killing any of the baddies) This will typically be done before the scenario begins.

    The contracting system or phrased 'informant system' will be the mission maker. The more missions you do, the more options you'll have. They can vary from protection to even helping law enforcement in high risk situations 'in the shadows' be weary, though, when a contract has begun those who are late to the party will have to wait for an opportunity to jump in. We can discuss that when the situation comes up.

    Now to think over some stuff that I usually think over...
    Should it be vigilante? Or superhero?
    Anthro optional (Furry optional) Or just humans?
    What the heck are we going to name the town?!

  2. Why not clear up some other things first? For example, what's the main genre? What and where is the setting? Is this a modern roleplay or is it modern fantasy? Is it a crime drama? Or is it an action adventure? Things like this will help you further decide whether there should be anthropomorphics or not, as well as what to call the city alongside wondering whether or not this should be composed of superheroes or vigilantes. Is this a slice-of-life? Are there mutants? What about superhumans?
  3. Well it seems we're putting it on Modern, wouldn't say it to be a full time crime drama but more action involved. The issue is deciding the last question. Maybe I'll go ask a couple buds for some input
  4. Okay, so it'd be modern. Depending on the plot, if it involves risk and physical dangers, as well as exciting action sequences, that'd be something of an action-adventure set in modern times. In my opinion, that sounds very fitting for a group of vigilantes.
  5. Well that is true, scratching off a couple things on the list. I'm thinking about allowing a couple 'unnatural' boundaries when it comes to powers if people REALLY want it. Buut I think it is best to keep super powers like breathing fire or flying off the list... The big powers some would call it. That leaves room to say there are mutations, the city name and whether to allow anthro optional or not seem to be the last thing on the to-do list.
  6. It doesn't matter what people want. It matters what you want. It's your roleplay, no one else's. Do you want powers? Do you want anthropomorphics to be optional?
  7. I'm pretty okay with the previous decision ^-^ anthro optional is enjoyable as well as limiting the super power freedom so to avoid the lack of risks with decisions. Bad guys aren't a problem if you can't die, right? That's no fun
  8. I'm just throwing out some questions to get you to think about what you'd like in the roleplay. It's your choice to include them or not and depending on how the characters get their powers, that needs to be determined as well, if you want them. Anyways, depending on how everything comes together within this roleplay, I may or may not be interested.
  9. Indeed. Well, that settles majority of obstacles. There is now the setting that needs to be dealt with.
  10. Okay. Since it's modern, where do you want the setting to take place in the world? Do you want it to be in a fictional city or a real city?
  11. Well I intended for it to be a fictional city. Didn't think up a name but I bet I can storm something up real quick
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