Fur and Fangs: The Halfling

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  1. The books changed everything.

    Instead of being feared stalkers of the night, Vampires turned into sparkling gods of romance. They turned into creatures of schoolgirl fantasy, and every woman who had a 'thing' for the light bites of a lover started imagining that they were truly lusting after the sharp fangs of a blood-stealing monster. The shadows in the night that would send a young girl screaming and a young man grabbing a gun were now brushed off as nothing.

    That was not all that changed.

    Those long howls in the forest that sent campers running for the hills were now treated as the mating calls of shaggy puppies eager to play. They were popular, loved on in ways that made the ancient worshippers look like a bunch of bumbling fools. Girls were chattering about Imprints and how much they loved going for a good run, how they wished they could feel the pain of shifting just to get closer to a proper man.

    Hunting had never been easier.

    Now, nobody had to hide who they were. Not really. Get a teenaged twit alone and reveal that you're secretly in love with her. Claim to be a Vampire, show off a set of fangs, claim that you are theirs forever. Sure, you had to wait around for an hour or so to wait for them to stop squealing with excitement and creaming their pants, but so what? What was an hour compared to the years of free feeding from some girl too stupid to have run when she had the chance? The Vampires were living the high life. Girls were pledging their bodies to those that they thought were their true loves, but their Vampire 'lovers' did not sparkle. They did not give up feeding. They didn't even drive fast cars unless they felt like stealing one.

    How sad.

    Of course, the books were merely the words of a Human woman with nothing better to do. Naturally they were wrong. Vampires and Werewolves were not enemies at all, not really. Each has a large family to protect, but they are generally friends. There is, of course, the oddball here and there. Somebody with a vengeance for some stupid reason or another. Still, they are both at the top of the food chain and constantly fighting would be juvenile. Instead, they get along, tearing each other to pieces only when necessary.

    Friendship only stretches so far.

    Vampires and Werewolves may exist as neighbors, but never as lovers. Everybody knows that. That doesn't mean one might not lust on the other, but acting upon it was strictly forbidden. Children born from such a coupling were deformed, twisted creatures that never survived. Mewling demons, a blend of two murderous races. Any infants created from the union were slaughtered as soon as they were seen, and the mother was either beheaded if she were a Vampire, or made into a blood slave if she were a Werewolf. Both sides respected the rules, and neither had made such a foolish mistake in centuries.

    Or so they thought.

    The current Alpha of the Werewolves is Lianne. Her mate died a decade ago, but she still remains the leader of the East River pack. Eighteen years ago, Lianne crossed a line and did the dirty with a fang named Vincent. Vincent was powerful and wise, but too blinded by Lianne's beauty to realize she was a Werewolf. He took her as a Human until the next morning, forcing her to kill him to keep her secret. She bore his child, claiming it to be her husband's. The girl grew up among the Werewolves with several brothers, never knowing that she was actually a despised Halfling until she began craving blood on her seventeenth birthday. She held it in until she got into a tussle with her brothers. It was a normal enough occurance, until she bit one of them and drew blood with a set of fangs that she wasn't supposed to have.


    Congratulations, you made it through the thing that I typed that was longer than I planned.
    So, that's the idea.
    I [this should be obvious] would like to play the Halfling in this.
    I'm leaving the other side open.
    Romance always happens in my roleplays so I'm leaving that up in the air.
    You can be a Vampire, Werewolf, Human, Hunter.. I don't really care :D

    Let's plot together!
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