Funny Wifi Router Names

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  1. I like "hide yo kids hide yo wifi"

    What are your favourites?
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  2. The Batcave
  3. Ours is "Deadwork". o__o
  4. I'm sure @Qwertronix remembers a few from our previous places

    Ours is currently SkyNetsu hahahaha weeaboo4life
  5. We use puns in this neighborhood.

    • Lord of the Ping
    • The Two Cell Towers
    • Return of the Ping
    • Wifi: Bandwidth Evolved
    • Wifi: The Fall of Connection
    • NetOut4: A Post Facebook
    • A Modem in a Router Land
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  6. "NSA Surveillance Van"
    "The Fortress of Solitude"

    Are two I've come across.
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  7. Oh, now I do feel dull.

    Mine has been Lord of the Pings for a while now.
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  8. Ours is just our last name.

    There used to be one I saw that was "Get your own damn wifi!" So rude D:
  9. We were being a little mean for a while until complaints came in..

    Router name: Password: Imabitch
    Password Hint when its put in wrong: Least you admitted it

    The real password was like, Gandalf something.
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  10. Dafuq? That's my neighbor's wifi name.
  11. One our neighbours called theirs "RCMP_Is_Watching" at one point and there was also "RCMP Surveillance Van" "This Is A Hole In The Wall" was a memorable one too

    Ours is "ClopsParty"
  12. [​IMG]
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  13. "Will trade Wi-Fi for Virus"
  14. The Net is Dark and Full of Terrors

    Personally, my husband and I have one router that has two bands - the one with lower bandwidth is R2-D2, the one with higher bandwidth is R4-P17 (the one Obi-Wan uses in his fighter in the prequel trilogies).

    We should probably just rename the higher bandwidth one to BB-8 now, since we set up our network before Ep 7 came out.
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  15. I read somewhere "PorQueFi".

    I snort-laughed.
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  16. At japantown, one of the wi-fi names is "dont ban ahri"
  17. FBI Surveillance van
  18. There was one I saw when I was sitting in a bus

    "The LAN Before Time"
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  19. In the subdivision behind the computer shop I worked at some years ago, I found this...


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  20. I am extremely late for posting to this, but I have been wanting to and only just remembered my uncle's WIFI.
    He named his Pretty Fly (For A Wi-Fi)
    Now I need to go change mine to one of these.
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