Funniest moments in RP

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  1. ~Funniest moments in RP~

    Tell us about your most lol experiences in RP. Forum, table top, whatever.
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    Hmm.. I have had so many fun experiences when I almost have fallen out of the couch because I laughed so much :o

    One of the funniest moments in an rp for me was in a one x one where a half wolf, half human suddenly appeard in my characters room and she called him a perverted cosplaying freak and started to throw things at him xD I felt a litle bad for him, it wasn't his fault x) But it was really funny. She kept calling him a perverted cosplaying freak even after she learned that he wasn't xD I guess he made a bad first impression? x)
  3. Shadowrun

    Me riding on the van as a fucking dragon, I had used an illusion to make it look like the spawn of cthulu. The gangers were freaking out, and the the driver decided to start hitting them, two of them flipped up over the van, hit me in the face, and my teeth/horns removed their spines

    Also earlier in this game the Troll glitched on a social roll got slapped in the face, rolled combat monster, and then glitched and punched himself full force in the balls.
  4. It was at a party- it was a little tavern built in Arizona, over an ancient Dwarf Fortress.

    About halfway through the party, we were attacked by a Red Dragon screaming "reLOVEUtion" while a swarm of possessed Drop Bears (koalas made of muder) started funneling out of the fortesses through the back of the inn.

    The party:
    Aberrant-elf introvert, spec-ops elf from Sweeden, half-vampire college student, a gith that was teen councilor, a time-traveller, a changeling that worked at a jewelry shop, a dragon born paladin that was changeling's girlfriend, a teenage lamia that snuck into the party, my character who was the bartender, a half lovecraftian horror from her mother's side (dad hooked up on craigslist, wound up pregnant, etc., etc.), and a sentient anti-aircraft cannon from WW1 that felt it was his duty to enforce the LAW OF GRAVITY.

    After finally slaying the dragon and accidentally tossing the bar (and first three stories of the fortress) a few hundred feet, the koala corpses melted together to become a massive, ancient horror from beyond time and space.

    It was the best party ever.
  5. I think it was last night in the ChatRP. >:D

    Ozzie was playing a Fallen angel.

    And when my character finally realized what he was, she asked "Did it hurt when you fell from heaven."

    ...and she was serious. T_____T

    Everyone groaned and threatened to kill me. :D
  6. In my first tabletop game, my teacher (who bullied me into it) essentially created my character for me and let me piss around trying to figure out what to do. At one point, we were in a walled village for some reason, and there were undead climbing all over it, trying to get in. While everyone else was beating the crap out of them, I waddled over to the DM (still the teacher) and asked if a cleric could bless the well. He could, so my character got a hose and started spraying all the undead. With a holy water hose.

    I still can't believe it actually worked. Not very well, but I picked a few off. My teacher had no idea what to do with himself. He gave me a karma point! :D
  7. I can't imagine a scenario where that WOULDN'T work.

    Okay, my first RP was in IM, so it kinda went like this:

    Me: Why is that guy staring at me?
    Dude: IDGAF, let's bang.
    Me: Wait, what?
    Dude is typing.....

    Dude is typing.....

    Dude is typing......

    Dude has logged off.
  8. Been in so many serious stories there was no room for jokes, however, there was this one time I did go a little overboard on a scene and started killing werewolves in London left and right. Soon enough the team had went from a battle from behind sandbags to full out extermination. Yet, all of them had that momentary "WTF Guy?" on their faces. And that's where killing NPC's all the time spawned from.
  9. I have stories where is pretty much me trolling the DM. Everyone else in the party were DPS characters. I was a Cleric. Nuff said.

    A "Brilliant Tactition" was what he referred to me as. I would use certain cleric spells and abilities (Given to me by the DM) to repeatedly Troll week after week.

    My first example: We were contracted to kill a gold dragon and retrieve a cursed dagger. Turns out the curse was to add 300 lbs of weight on it. Thank Pelor, for our bag of holding.

    So anyways, we meet the dragon and of course it's tearing us a new one. Suddenly, I get idea. I decide to summon a Dire Owl and cast enlarge creature. Then I have the giant ass owl pick up the 300lbs dagger and drop it on the dragons head.

    Thank you the room being small enough to the dragon to not dodge. =) T'was a great first victory.
  10. So, this was during an online campaign. We were trying out this indie game, and we're all mad scientists with inventions that are each... um, very special. I played a silver tongued sociopath (practically, at least.) He was from Alaska and his invention was a tin foil hat that could very temporarily take over NPCs in exchange for a huge outrageous cool down. It was awesome. Here's the issue though, the group of mad scientists he was invited to join lived in Denver, Colorado and my character had to take a flight to get there. While packing, he realized he couldn't pack his invention because it was so fragile, so he wore it into the airport. After fighting with security, I ended up doing a dice roll to convince the security that everything would be ok.

    It was terribly outlandish and I was riding on the fates of dice, but I got a perfect roll. Everyone couldn't stop laughing that I had gotten that lucky and he proceeded to get on the plane and join his comrades in arms. I miss that game, playing an asshole character is a lot of fun! There was one point where he had this outrageous and well thought out plan to take another character to a fancy restaurant, then to ditch him so that the person would have to pay instead. The police were called and I had to do another roll.

    A near perfect roll. 8) He walked out, the police baffled. When it was something really silly, I got really lucky.