Fullmetal Alchemist, The Forbidden Sand

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  1. Alexander and Elrick stood in silence as Darrien and Marion thought. Alexanders large tan hand took Marions, "We will not take no as an answer." The walk was long, and silent. However the city was far different the Xing, stone coversd most the land making roads and small sidewalks, while the buildings hald metal and stone.
  2. Marion grinned in excitement, her hidden tail wagging furiously. Of course, this made the cloak she wore move about. Before Darrien could even think to answer, Marion already had.
    "Yes!" she said happily. The thought of new friends had always excited her.
    "Marion, we can't." Darrien chimed in, a frown on his face. Marion turned to look at him, her eyes wide and sad. He hated when she did that. It made it nearly impossible to say no.
    With a quiet grumble to himself, Darrien stuffed his hands into the pockets of his coat and fell silent.
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  3. Strolling along the streets of the town, Acias leisurely yawned, hand slipping inside her blue, military jacket. She fingered the silver pocket watch engraved with the president's symbol and sighed. Why was she here again? Ah yes, my own intentions... And the Philosopher's Stone... Leaning back on to a wall, she smiled faintly as she thought about life before the auto-mail legs, but know, she could run forever, or at least 'till the joints rust. "Hey watch it!" She said, grumbling, somewhat to herself, as a business man scurried either home or to work, she couldn't tell which. "Hm...?" She looked up, curiosity flickering in her hazel eyes as she stared hard at each member of the party nearby. A girl with a (moving?) cloak giving puppy eyes to a man, and talking with them, two men. She lightly dusted off her cerulean military jacket and began to approach, cautiously. Never could be too safe. Her father always told her when she was little.
    "What're you up to?" She asked, a hint of curiosity in her voice.
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  4. Puella laid in her bed in nothing but her tank top and baggy military pants, in the room she paid for. She was looking up at the ceiling with her intense red eyes smoking a cigarette. She inhaled the smoke and let out a deep sigh as she exhaled it. "All most as good as a good mutilation." She said softly. She ashed her cigarette into her empty shot glass with a little bit of rum at the bottom. "When the hell are we getting to Engliten. Last time i check we we're close. Wish I could take a nap but I don't need sleep now do I. I wonder what its like." She said to herself. She got out of her bed and move her purple hair out of her face and carried the cigarette in her mouth. She grabbed her green military jacket and put on her boots brown on. She then slowly walked out of her room puffing on the cigarette.
  5. A rather large building was in view of the four travelers, a full moon sat above the building, which seemed to hold up to 13 floors, with 19 room per row. While Alexander stood with a smiled upon his face, Elrick did not, instead he looked deep in thought. his hands sat gently in his black pants, showing no signs of aggression. His large blue overcoat swayed in the wind. Nightfall already? Prides Aura is growing stronger, We must hurry and cross the forest. Both Alexander and Elrick smiled as Marion accepted, however as she did, Darrien disagreed. Marion turned to Darrien her eyes wide and sad, making Darrien only mumble and shove his hands in his coat packets. Elrick turned to his brother, Whispering into his ear. "Pride is getting closer, We must hurry." Alexanders face showed no fear as his brother talked, "I do not care, pride haves no power as long as i remain alive." Alexander managed to catch a gimps of a young girl talking to Marion as he looked to Elrick. "If they follow, we must protect them brother."
  6. Pride managed a smile from behind his mask, he was standing near the large crowed of people, watching as the young girl and her lover where standing over by the ferry's rail, chatting. Soon the ship would dock and the trial would be countenance, allowing pride and wrath a clear way to the philosopher stone. I am behind a mask.... thought pride, he was growing bored and tried of the girls lover, who was the only real threat between the two. Wrath stood only few feet away, waiting for prides word to attack. "Wrath....Would you like to have some fun? kill everyone.....and keep the girl alive."

  7. Wrath stood nonchalant near Pride. Ever a distressing calm placed over him and his unbridled rage no doubt due in large part, to Pride himself. Yet, even when he was calm like this, the glint in those red orbs spoke of malevolence unbound. His eyes spoke of unadulterated violence. A force that contiually plagued man's heart. That savage nature that brought it to the brink of be coming more and more animal, and less and less anything but. If pride came before a fall, wrath was inherently the fallout of that fall from grace. It was all the anger of that fall. All forced into one being.

    One malicious being.

    What made wrath different was that he wasn't the culmination of many souls, he was just one soul. One soul twisted, broken and then...reborn. The effect was a far superior specimen. Though he didn't have the near immortal body of his companion, what he did have, was faster reflexes. What he did have was the Ultimate Eye. It was revealed when his left eye would roll up in the socket and show the Ouroboros. But for now, his eyes remained fixed on the girl Pride was intent on capturing. If he wanted here alive, could she be in pieces?

    Such was a delightful thought. Her agonized screams would be like wedding bells to his ears. He'd peel her skin back inch by inch just to watch her writhe and scream out in urgency. Such was the reason behind the grin on his face as he clutched the large two handed sword, one which could wield one-handed due to to his augmented strength, speed and stamina. It appeared outwardly like a Chinese zhǎn mǎ dāo or a Japanese Ōdachi. It was a weapon that was meant to kill a horse and its rider in one stroke. Wrath could make it do so much more than that. But none but Pride knew he had more than just one sword.

    "Wrath....Would you like to have some fun? kill everyone.....and keep the girl alive." Pride had insisted. This inevitably drew a smirk upon Wrath's lips.

    "I'll never understand you Pride. " His voice started as a chuckle, as he lifted his hands and arms shrugging.

    "But I do forecast rain. A rain of blood." It ended, however, with an eerie growl.

    Without reservation, he soon vaulted the ferry's rail leaving Pride behind as he hurriedly raced after the group. His black trench coat flapping in the wind behind him as he clutched the monstrous sword.

    "Psst." The slight whisper was to draw their attention, meanwhile, Wrath had already flipped before they had turned to face the noise. When they would turn back around, Wrath's eyes were focused on them. Particularly his Ultimate eye. Wrath was grinning quite joyously, almost like a child at Christmas time. The lifted his word--still sheathed--gripping the hilt of the large blade. Wrath tore the sword from the sheath. So hard and so fast was the motion, it displaced the air creating a vacuum and sounding like a crack of thunder as it launched the sheathe away from him.

    "I'm sorry...you're at a dead end."
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  8. As Puella reached the deck, Her cigarette was almost finished. She leaned on the railing and looked out to Enlighten. She took her final puff and toss the cigarette overboard into the water. She then thought about why she was here. She was just a aimless wanderer now, Like she always been. She was just her to find fun, blood, Stimulation and money. All the things a Girl could want. She then reached into her jacket pocket and grabbed a pack of cigarettes and grab a stick. She then moved her lighter but saw someone move from the corner of her eye. It was a man dressed in black gripping a great sword. She felt the intent to kill. She smiled and kept her eyes on him "Humans are such violent creatures." she said cheerfully, a dark smile on her lips as she lite her cigarette.
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  9. A small wisp of white smoke flew from the corporal's lips, disappearing into the air, indicating a small sigh as she turned her back and moved forwards, leaving the group behind until she heard the screams of terrified people. Pivoting on a heel, she sprinting back and jump kicked the man with the huge sword with her automail leg. Standing in front of the group, she had a mischievous blue fire crackling in her lightning blue eyes. "I have to do this now? I guess I have to, it's in my job description." She said sighing. Crouching into a fighting stance, she stared, with icy eyes and a cold expression. Holding up her gloved hands, she glanced behind her eyeing the group. "You owe me food for this."
  10. Wrath grinned, licking the blades edge, taunting them. He thrived on fighting. His augmented strength and speed agility and reflexes were well beyond that of any normal beings capability. The fact that he was still in his prime also aided greatly. His youthful body could keep up with his extreme conditioning. His ouroboros glowed, as the man charged his attacker. Just as the man vaulted from the ground, Wrath spun inwards, avoiding the man's projected foot. But that wasn't all. Wrath's free hand lifted, and all its sternness was felt as it 'snatched' his would-be attacker from mid air.

    The fact they had attacked without first understanding the situation was their first failure. And the fact they left the safety of the ground, thereby surrendering all sense of balance and grounding was their second mistake. There was no way to avoid what would happen next. The palm that had caught them by the face with enough force to break the blade of a sword had undoubtedly busted if not broken her nose. If that wasn't enough, he drove them head first into the ground with the remainder of their body following suit. Wrath had knelt the minute he drove her head into the unforgiving pavement further increasing the damage through outright power. She'd more than likely be concussed.

    As he stood up slowly, his face contrasted by dark shadows and black hair. But while they couldn't see his face then, they could see that one red eye. He clenched the hilt of his sword, switching it from a backhanded posture, to holding it out to the side.

    "You spoke too soon." He called back to the woman before stepping away from her, and towards the group.

    "Now, which of you wants to die first, hmm? Pride wants the girl alive. Alas, I will never understand him. But there is just something so...seductive about him. I just can't help myself, I love that man." Wrath spoke to the group, stepping towards them while shrugging and grinning.

    "But I didn't say she was going to come back in one piece. Just that she'd be alive and kicking--" He paused. "for the most part anyway." Wrath chuckled.
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  11. "Not on my watch." Standing back up, she felt the joy thar she hadn't felt in years from the thought of a good foe. "Hehe... This is already starting to get fun." With a quick movement, she slid her gloved hands over one another, emitting a wreathe of fire that flew towards the man. She followed suit by snapping out her automail's knives and charged towards him, the metallic taste of blood slowly filling her mouth. To her it was sweet. She slid her hands across the ground, transmuting it into a ramp which she jumped off of, landing hands first, doing a backflip while slicing her automail's knives at where the man was. Landing back on mechanical feet, Acias laughed. "Don't tell me you died yet! This was just getting fun!" Whipping out the two knives in her sleeve as well, she approached the dust cloud surrounding the sword man. The fire in her eyes were lit, the insane clockwork beginning to tick, which hadn't run after she killed her father. Her face was shadowed as she looked forwards, forgetting about the group.
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  12. Puella watched as the fight explode into the use of Alchemy. She didn't care who won but in the back of her mind she was routing for the man in the trench coat. She could fill the malefic vibe from him and also his warrior spirit. Puella puffed on her cigarette and at on the railing. The Alchemist made a ramp and jumped up on it with the goal to stab him. Puella started to hold her self, Getting turned on by the fight. "Come on swordsmen, Cut that girl in halve for me." She said to her self still smoking.
  13. "Not on my watch." Wrath heard the woman sputter. She didn't seem to know when to keep her mouth shut. The irked him. Everything about her disgusted him. Being human was most of all.

    "Hehe... This is already starting to get fun." He could hear the blood spilling from betwixt her lips. He had indeed most undoubtedly given her a concussion. The woman was a now running on adrenaline.

    "It's so funny you should say that. Though a broken toy should know when it is discarded." He lowered his sword towards the directed few, turning to face yet again the woman he so cold-heartedly had slammed head first into the cobblestone walkway.

    It had shattered the neatly organized row of stones leaving a proportionate sized hole.

    The air about Wrath spiraled; the mere vibe he gave off was something worthy of fear. It wasn't mere indifference, it was a sense of sick satisfaction at the disheveled appearance and it was largely due to him. It only grew more and more the more he slowly sauntered towards the woman with a gleaming white smile on his face. He had impaled the earth leaving it behind, and with each step towards her, he began unbuckle his trench coat revealing a very taut upper build. A peak physical specimen but not one without scars. Oh no. He had many, but rather they were his doing as some form of sadistic counter for how many had been slain by this monster, or if he willingly allowed his opponents to mark him. At least the ones he found enjoyable at least.

    The glimmer of steel was now evident. His trench coat acted as nothing but a carrying case of swords. Dozens of swords. There were two that line the fronts of his shoulder, down to his pelvis and two on the back of his shoulders. Their placement wouldn't hinder any movement that he could or would make. But these four blades weren't the entirety of the collection seemingly sewn in the underside of his garment. With his adroit physical ability, his ultimate eye, and his combative capabilities, he was by far one of the most lethal homunculi alive.

    "Tell me human do you believe in such a being as 'God'?" He watched her thrust the flames forwards. "No, you attack more like a rabid dog than a human. Allow me to bring back your humanity, shall I?"

    As the flames neared him, Wrath latched a hold a of a woman who had been hurrying along and tossed her in the direction of the flames. Both were immolated. Only a statue of smoldering ash left standing as though time had stood still. When she made it through, she ran right into the pillars of soot and ash and cinders. But Wrath was no where to be found. Screams filled the air as a riot broke out. The noise was deafening, but with his Eye he didn't have to hear it, he could see where she was. Cutting upwards straight from the ground, Wrath cut the girls automail leg apart, launching her into the air. But she had persisted--so he would as well.

    Catching her by the throat,, he slammed her against a wood edifice, then drove one of his swords through her shoulder, snapping it off inside so she couldn't merely pull it he took the second saber from his mouth, grinning.

    "Hang around a bit...I'll get to you later." He wiinked before drawing his tongue up the puncture mark licking away the blood before he turned back to the rest--including the screaming pedestrians.

    Rolling his head, He pulled yet another sword. "Oh my, a banquet fit for a king. I guess I really ought to show my appreciation to Pride...more often."

  14. Yunru Lang, #00b3b3
    "One last request..."

    Yunru sat on the deck floor, legs crossed. He leaned against the safety bars, tucked in a secluded corner. A worn rucksack is planted next to his side, containing his possessions. His twin tigerblades rested on his lap, gleaming maliciously. He held a silver pocket watch in his right hand. His expression conveyed no emotion. A few seconds later, he opened it. An engraved description is etched inside the cover. He recalled the day he received his watch, labeling him an official Alchemist.

    "True courage is born from fear," it read.

    His mentor engraved the inscription. He managed to convince Yunru to enlist. Fortunately, he obtained dual residency in Xing and Amestris. As a result, he is capable of certifying. A small frown marred his lips. Did he regret becoming an Alchemist? A man of the state? His gaze shifted to his pouches of water, attached to leather straps wrapped around his waist; two pouches on each hip. His attire is traditional, reflecting his Xing heritage. He wore a sleeveless, deep sapphire blue Xing-styled shirt, stretching past his waist. It lined with silver embroidering. A high collared, long-sleeved silver shirt is underneath, the sleeves flaring outward at mid-forearm. His over shirt contained two slits at the end, starting from the hips. A pair of silver loose pants adorn his legs, bunched around the knees. He wore a pair of durable, jet black Xing slippers. A black sash is secured around his waist, fastened together with his leather straps. A dark crimson scarf circled around his neck, contrasting against his current attire. A black cloak is folded next to his side, beside his rucksack. Despite his certification, Yunru didn't wear the standard military uniform. His mentor never could break his habit of traditional clothing.

    "I'll find it," he murmured. He rotated his palm, top facing upwards. His peered at a unique transmutation circle stitched on top of his silvery white glove. "When I do, it will change everything," he added.

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