Full body image of marine needed

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  1. Hey there,

    I'm trying out this art request thing and hoping for the best. :D I have a character, currently in use in my first roleplay (Patrol Run), and originally designed and thought out for a science fiction novel I'm working on on and off. Now I'm hoping somebody would be able to draw him in color and full body...well, upper body at least...for me. I can't pay you, unfortunately (as I am freshly immigrated to the US and I am still waiting for that damn work permit...) but I will make it up to you in thank yous. :D

    So, about the guy.

    His name is Nicholas Sherev. He is a master gunnery sergeant in the Charon Consortium Marine Corps, Select Marines (That's the special operations wing of the Marines). He is a former child soldier (I know, I know, it's a cliche), and a career soldier. While he's a gunnery sergeant, he's not the screaming type of guy that you'd mostly associate the rank with. On the contrary, he's a man of few words, a quiet professional whose face usually doesn't show much kinds of expression other than neutral. He's one of those people who think it's better to talk too little than too much, and he's also one of those people who think it will only help the other party if you show anger, or any other kind of emotion for that matter.

    Now for the physical. He is about 180 cm tall, (I think that's about 5.8 or something?), with a rather slender body. I would like him to be drawn in a field uniform with rolled up sleeves like this one (Cue link ), though not necessarily with camouflage if that's too much trouble (Although if you do draw camouflage I like that one), and with his surname (Sherev) on one of those textile name tag/tabs, over his left side breast pocket, right where you can see the velcro on the picture.

    Lastly, his face... This guy is what I kind of imagine him like, complete with the marine haircut and all. If you need more reference pictures, let me know. His name is Victor Galindez, sergeant on the TV series JAG. Great character. :D

    Ok, that's all I've got. Thanks, guys. :D
  2. It looks like you've not been online in over a month, but if you ever come back I would be willing to give your request a shot.