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  1. Anybody want to do an FT or KHR RP? I'll do both, unless i can't get enough people.

    I have some plot ideas, but more would be welcomed. I'd like to sort out characters first though.
    Canon characters only, no OCs.
    Please comment below if your interested. If you like you can fill in the below character profile, your ideas are more likely to be accepted that way! I'll reserve the right to not allow a character, either as they don't fit with the previous ones for that manga, the profiles are incorrect or they're already taken. You can have one character for each manga.

    Profile template:
    Personality(optional, and no more than 3 lines):
    Family(KHR only):
    Guild(FT only):
    Flame type(KHR only):
    Magic(FT only):

    My profiles-

    Name: Fuuta de la Stella
    Age: 9 (19 in future)
    Manga: KHR
    Likes: Stars, Tsuna, recording things.
    Dislikes: Rain, stalkers, not talking.
    Personality: Fuuta a small boy who is particularly fond of Tsuna. He is very sweet, but rather annoying at times. He is very intelligent for his age, and carries around a large ranking book. He connects with the ranking planet while looking at people to make records of them if they're in the mafia. He sells his information for high prices.
    Family: None, but rather attached to Vongolia.
    Flame type: Unknown, but probably sky.
    : [​IMG]

    Name: Kinana
    Age: 27 (20 before time skip)
    Manga: FT
    Likes: Fairy Tail, manners, singing, Cobra (?), silk bows.
    Dislikes: Oracion Seis, her friends being in danger, pervy men (see Ryuuzetsu island), not knowing her past.
    Personality(optional, and no more than 3 lines): Kinana is very polite and well mannered, even ending all her sentences in -kina-. She is very quiet, but eager to help her friends when ever danger comes, even though she's still learning magic. She will do anything for her guild. When she was young she was turned into a snake by Cobra, yet know she's been turned back by Marakov. She sometimes hears whispers from her 'friend' Cobra of her forgotten past.
    Guild: Fairy Tail
    Magic: Take over