Fruits & Vegetables

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Fruits & Vegetables

What are you favorite fruits and vegetables?

Personally, I really don't care for either. The only reason I eat them is to stay healthy. If I had to pick, I would probably go with bananas for a fruit and broccoli for the veggie.

Do you eat the recommended serving of each per day>?


I too hate the vegetable. There is one that I like, and that is broccoli. On the other hand I love fruit. My favorite would easily be pineapple.

And no I do not eat the daily recomended dose of plant life.


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I looooooove me some fruits and veggies! I eat the hell out of some fruits and veggies. >:D

My fav fruits... Cherries and Pears!

Veggies... so hard to choose. >> I love Brocolli, Cucumber (which is technically a fruit?), Carrots, coooorn...


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I adore fruits and veggies!!!

I love me some bananas and potatoes!


Bananas are my favourite fruits. Favourite vegetable is asparagus.

Now I wish I had these things in my home. D<


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Georgia peaches, Florida oranges... Oh, I thought we were talking about...ummm.

Apples and Carrots. Yum.


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Favorite fruit must be mango, fav veggie...boiled carrots.


Too hard too choose! I love berries though, so maybe raspberries or kiwis.... pomegranates are nice too. Then there's asian pears. Heaven. As for veggies, man... I enjoy leafy greens, but the sharpness of radishes are nice, and cucumbers are so refreshing, where as zucchini taste great grilled and asparagus and cauliflower are just wondrous...

*goes off to dance in the produce department*