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  1. It was once again summer in the Arendelle where the people in the town square were getting ready for the summer festival. People from all around the other kingdom were sailing to Arendelle to take part in this celebration of the season. However there were two people in general that were heading to this kingdom with some important news. Those people were Duke Evan and Prince Vaan of the kingdom of Maldelle......well there was no more Maldelle. It was in ruins thanks to King Juno of the kingdom of Terra. You know both kingdoms were once allies, but all that changed when Juno became king. Vaan and Evan were going to Arendelle to make sure that didn't happen again. Both men were below the dock, with Evan reading a book while Vaan was sleeping, clearly out of boredom of course. He hated long trips especially when it came to sailing. Evan quickly closed his book when he heard one of the skippers announce that they were be arriving on land in five minutes. Evan got up from his seat and walked over to where Vaan was sleeping. "Vaan........Vaan wake up kid." Evan said to him. As he figured he got no response from the young prince so Evan did what he usually did to wake him up. He took his book and smacked him on top of the head.

    "OW!" Vaan yelled jumping up in surprise. "must you still do that Evan?" He asked sounding annoyed. "I told to wake me when we get to Arendelle."

    "Well why do you think I smacked you upside that thick head of yours? Works every time though." Evan replied with chuckling a little bit. "We'll be arriving in five minutes so lets get ready." He then said. Vaan wasted no time and getting up from his bed and grabbing his things. It wasn't much, a sackful of clothes, his gold, and a gold locket that his parents gave him when he was ten. For right now, they were just tourist coming to visit the kingdom of Arendelle. No one knew that he was a prince. He was to keep that a low profile mainly until he met with the Queen. They never knew if any of Juno's informants were here as well.

    "Well, this is a very lively place." Vaan muttered as they got off the ship and headed towards the town square.

    "Ah just like the good old days back home huh?" Evan asked. Vaan responded with just a light smile as they headed deeper into the town square mostly heading to an inn.
  2. "Everything looks great, Maria," Elsa assured as the designer in the kingdom fretted over some tapestries in the castle, everything being changed to bright oranges and yellows. It was a bit blinding to the eye, Elsa preferred the cool colors of winter far more for obvious reasons. "Not many people will be in here anyways, the festival is being held outside. Why don't you go outside and enjoy the pre-festivities?"

    "No one will see these, HA," Maria scoffed as she finished fussing over the tapestries, "people will see them from outside!"

    Elsa shook her head with a smile but said nothing more as her sister called out to her in excitement. Both were dressed in summer dresses; Anna's being off the shoulder and Elsa's being a sheer long sleeved out of habit so that she could wear her gloves. She no longer feared her powers, but there was still that small doubt of her ability and apparently her hands were colder than normal, so Anna reported to her. "Come on! We've been in this place for ages, can't we go and enjoy the festival," Anna practically whined as though she were a child.

    "You just want to see Kristoff," Elsa said his name in a mocking dreamy voice as she led the way down the stairs and towards the exit.

    A blush rose to her sister's cheeks and Elsa giggled at her embarrassment, "No...I wanted to see Sven." She said defensively, crossing her arms.

    "Right," Elsa longated the 'i' as she ducked a swat from her sister and instead made a snowball and threw it at her sister's shoulder. Anna gasped and shouted the injustice before chasing her sister, Elsa ran to avoid her sister's assault, weaving through the citizens of Arendelle who didn't seem unfazed at all by this interaction, it must have happened on a daily basis as Elsa created more and more distance between herself and Anna. Some people who were not used to Arenedelle would gasp in surprise or shout at the Queen - not even realizing who she was as she ran. She spotted Kristoff and immediately ducked towards him through the throng of people. "Good afternoon, Kristoff."

    "Hello Queen Elsa," Kristoff greeted politely.

    Elsa smiled, "Kristoff, you're dating my sister. How many times must I insist on you simply calling me Elsa?"

    "I suppose until I get used to it Q- um, Elsa," he corrected himself with a grin, "speaking of your sister, have you seen her?"

    "Oh she should be here eventually," Elsa said knowingly, and sure enough Anna burst through the crowd shouting a war cry before her eyes landed on Kristoff who smirked at her childish antics. Anna quickly forgot her anger towards her sister as she blushed and cleared her throat, scratching the back of her head nervously as she approached him.

    "Hi Kristoff," Anna greeted.

    Elsa let out a grin, "Puppy love. Go off with you two, I'm going to enjoy the festival without having the need to gag." And with that Elsa broke away from the group and started curiously walking around to look at the festivities.
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  3. Before Vaan and Evan could enjoy the festivities of the summer festival they need a place to stay for the night so they wouldn't be out in the streets. They enter inside which was pretty much the fanciest Inn in Arendelle, mainly where the upper class and royalty from other kingdoms stayed. Not surprising to them they got some questionable looks. There were people snickering and whispering to each other as they stared at the two. Then again the way they were dressed especially Vaan you might as well have thought they were street peasants. Vaan walked up to a small wooden counter where the inn clerk was. "?One room please." He said politely.

    The inn clerk looked at him like he was crazy or something. "Um......I don't mean to be rude sir, but I think you would be able to afford a night in such a place."

    "Really? I think this should cover it." Vaan responded with reaching into his bag and place a bag full of gold on the counter. Needless to say the clerk was in shock. "I'm pretty sure that would cover a few day at least.....unless you want me and my grandfather to take our services elsewhere." Some people would question how people looking like that would have so much money. Vaan and Evan would always come up with the same excuse. They're traveling ruin explorers that hit the jackpot on their last expedition.

    "Oh that won't be necessary." The clerk told them immediately apologizing. Anyway they finally got their room and were settling in. They were going to stay a little bit, few days at least. Just to give the Queen a warning of what Juno's army was capable off. Perhaps he would stay if the Queen asked for his help, but what could he do? Vaan didn't stay and fight alongside his parents, he ran like a least that's what he thinks.

    "Hey I'm gonna take a walk around the town." Vaan told Evan.

    "That's fine with me. Just stay out of trouble, last thing we need." Evan replied with.

    With that Vaan took off for the town square again. He really didn't do much but just walk around looking at all the happy and cheerful people getting ready for the big summer festival. It reminded him of home especially when he saw a group of kids playing tag. Vaan remembered Evan taking him out to Maldelle's town square where he would play with some of the kids there. Then he realized that it would happen again in Maldelle and he started feeling a little depressed. Vaan just kept on walking not watching where he was walking and was bumping into people. All these people, there so happy. Not even knowing what might happen! I won't let what happen to Maldelle happen to this place. Vaan thought.
  4. ((Again so sorry for the wait, I had a Calc 3 exam I needed to study for! But done with that now so you'll get my daily posting again))

    The summer festival was getting into the grove of things, Elsa stood in a circle; clapping as couples danced to merry music that had a grin plastered on her face. Elsa wasn't much of a dancer so didn't join in, but she enjoyed watching everyone moving in a pattern, cheering and laughing with one another as they continued to jump and swirl around. Children were running around adult's feet and chasing one another, exactly what Elsa and her sister had done not too long ago. She soon tore her gaze away from the dancing and started walking around herself, waving to those that she knew and even those that she didn't as she made her way closer to the water.

    "Queen Elsa! Queen Elsa! Do the magic, do the magic," a young girl cheered, a group with her as they wiggled around in excitement.

    Elsa smiled, "Don't you guys want to enjoy the festival? It's summer! Snow doesn't belong in summer," Elsa tried to gesture towards the festival, though she knelt down to their level and didn't seem to mind too much.

    "Olaf is a snowman, and he likes the summer," Elsa couldn't help but roll her eyes about Olaf, not that she hated or disliked him, he just had a silly love for summer - but she supposed not being able to see or have something would do that to a person.

    "Alright then, you convinced me," Elsa said in a mock sigh as she rose and moved towards the sea and then stomped on the water, ice growing at her feet immediately, but she controlled it enough so that it was solid in just a single area and not over taking all of Arendelle. Children squealed with excitement, running on the small winter wonderland that Elsa had created. She made certain to curve the ice upwards so that there was a small barricade between the ice wonder world and the sea itself.
  5. Vaan was so busy in his thoughts that he didn't even notice the group of kids going his way in which he walked right into them. "Oh um.....sorry." He said to them. The kids shrugged it off as they made their way in the opposite direction. Vaan noticed more people heading opposite of him, by the small crowds. "Hmm......wonder what's going on." He said to himself as he began to turn around and follow the crowd. The crowd got bigger and bigger as he ventured further in it having to squeeze through some people it get to the front. Most of the people were clapping and cheering 'Go Queen Elsa.' Hmm...well that was easy. She's gotta be doing something spectacular to gain a crowd this huge. Vaan thought as he got to the front of the crowd and that's when he saw it. This beautiful winter wonder land. More importantly his jaw sort of dropped when he saw who was creating this wonderland, the Queen herself. She......she has ice powers. She's just like me. Known to pretty much Evan now, Vaan was born with the ability to create and control fire, though he was trained as a boy to keep it controlled. Vaan thought he was the only one in the world that had this kind of gift. This made talking to the Queen more exciting, finally someone that coupe relate to him.

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