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  1. It had been about two months since the great freeze and it was still summer in the Arendelle. People in the town square were getting ready for the summer festival where people from all around the other kingdom were invited to take part in this celebration of the season, well at the ones that weren't banned. Two of those people that had came were Axel and Auron of the Southern Isles. For now they were just passing themselves as regular tourists. After what Hans tried to do to the princess and queen of Arendelle you definitely didn't want to say you were apart of the Southern Isles family. Right now Axel was thinking of a way to meet Elsa, mainly without letting her know where he was from. "Hmm......maybe we could just try walking into the castle. I mean the gates open." Axel said.

    "I don't think that would be the best choice." Auron spoke.

    " them I'm just like the queen. You know, having these powers and all."

    "That would just cause unwanted attention, which we don't need right now."
  2. "C'mon Elsa! We're gonna be late!" Anna said, bouncing excitedly up and down as she tugged on her sister's arm to hurry. Yes, the princess might be eighteen, but that never stopped her from acting like a three year old. "Calm down Anna" said a taller woman with Platinum Blonde hair that was fixed in an elegant french braid. No, it wasn't Elsa's signature and relaxed braid, but it was still a french braid... a very elegant and regal looking one that just happened to be dusted with a few snowflakes here and there thanks to the queens skilled hand. Once the royal duo reached the center of town Elsa looked around again. This time was so much better than the coronation and every time after that. As she waved and made small talk with all of the citizens that were currently in town the Queen studied everyone. She had become quiet friendly with many of Arendelle's citizens.

    Letting her gaze wander Elsa did a double take when she spotted someone she didn't remember every seeing before. Brushing off a few invisible specks of dirt from her light blue skirt, Elsa quickly straightened out the rest of the blue and white dress then walked over. Giving the two men a friendly smile the queen briefly dipped her head in greeting before looking back up at them, "Hello gentlemen"she said simply, "I don't believe I've seen either of you around before... are you just visiting?" she asked with a rather formal but oh-so-curious tone.
  3. Axel was caught up in his thoughts that he didn't even notice that the Queen and princess were right in front oh him, talking to Auron and him. "Axel." Auron spoke.

    "Huh?" the young prince snapped out of it when he noticed the two ladies. It's the queen. Man I didn't think it would this easy to get to her. Say....she's real pretty looking. Axel thought. "Oh um hi. Yeah we're just visitors. We arrived here a couple day ago from um......uh......" Axel was trying to think of another place to tell the Elsa where they were from.

    "We come from the kingdom of Corona." Auron finally butted in as he knew Axel was having some trouble talking to the Queen. "This is Axel, and I am Auron." He introduced the two of them.
  4. Elsa dipped her head politely as Anna bounced over, dragging a tall, burly, blonde male behind her "Hi, I'm Anna and this is Kristoff, oh! And this is my sister Elsa" the upbeat redhead introduced energetically. Elsa shook her head and rolled her light eyes a bit, trying not to laugh at her sister's enthusiasm "Yes, well, welcome to Arendelle, please, let us know if we can do anything for you while you two are here. Princess Rapunzel is our cousin and therefore we are very close to your kingdom" the tall woman said lightly as she began to turn on her crystal blue heel.
  5. "So she's your cousin I see?" Auron asked. "You must be relived that she returned safely to her parents after all those years."

    "Oh....yeah princess Rapunzel. Yeah she's......real sweet." Axel lied. He didn't have a clue who princess Rapunzel was or the kingdom of Corona. However Auron seem to know a lot more than he did. Then again Auron was allowed out of the castle and not restricted to the lower levels. It was then when Queen Elsa said that if there was anything she could for them just ask her Axel decided to make his move. "Actually there may...."

    "We'll keep that in mind. We should get going. Don't want to keep you here talking to us all day. Stay well you majesty, you too princess." Auron cut Axel off as he took the young man and headed off in the opposite direction.

    "Hey what are you doing? I wasn't done talking." Axel finally said after they were away from Elsa. "Who knows when we'll get another chance."

    "I already told you making a scene in public isn't going to help us. You need to learn to be patient Axel. Our chance will come again." Auron told them as they continued to walk. It was then that Axel's bodyguard noticed a small flyer on one of the shop doors. "See I told you. Seems the queen is have a special ball tomorrow night. Commoners and tourists are invited. That's one way to get into the castle."

    "I guess so, but I still need to talk to her, alone." Axel mentioned.

    "We'll figure out something."
  6. Elsa paused and gave a nod "yes, we were relieved" she said softly but honestly. As the trio walked away Elsa giggled lightly as Anna bounced excitedly, talking rather loudly about the End of Summer Ball that would be held tomorrow. There was something about taking her to it, and then a loud squeal of excitement as Kristoff caught Anna as she jumped around like a hyper puppy. "Anna, I'm banning you from having anymore chocolate. Ever... and no more sugar either" Elsa laughed as the sisters walked back up to the castle to finalize the preparations for tomorrow.

    (time skip?)
  7. (Yes we can do that.)

    "Perhaps you should have gotten ready a little earlier than expected." Auron said to Axel as the young prince was rushing to get ready for the summer Ball which was beginning in fifteen minutes. Auron was already ready and suited up in a fancy looking suit. He didn't particularly like wearing these kind of outfits but he didn't have to wear them often so he figured one night wouldn't hurt him. Plus if they were going to present themselves to the Queen you had to look sharp, at least that's what Axel said.

    "I'm almost ready!" Axel responded with getting dressed as fast as possible and getting out of the washroom in record time with a fancy outfit of his own. It definitely differed from what his siblings wore back in the Southern Isles which was good because he didn't want them knowing that he was a prince from the Southern Isles, least not yet. "Shall we get going?"

    "'re forgetting something." Auron told him pointing down at his legs seeing that he forgot to put his pants on.

    "Ah crap. Pants would help would they?"

    With the young prince finally ready the two men made their way to the castle gates some guards escorted them and others to the ballroom which was already filled with people socializing and dancing. "Pretty nice ballroom they got. You know I actually never seen the one back in our home." Axel said.
  8. "C'mon Elsa!" Anna called giddily as she bounced around outside of her sister's room. The younger girl was impatiently waiting, not caring that she might set a few wrinkles into her Green and white dress. Once her sister did come out Anna stopped mid-jump and just stared. "You look AMAZING!" she squealed happily as she grabbed the older girls hand and began to race down to the ballroom.

    Once Elsa had finally done her hair up in the same fashion it had been for her coronation, she quickly fashioned a new ice dress for herself, figuring it was just better suited for her... and she just felt much more comfortable in the thing. Once she had slipped on a simple but elegant pair of shoes she walked out of her bedroom door and was immediately dragged down the hallways, stairs and another hallway to the ball room. Anna was announced first since she was the Princess and it was customary to announce from 'least powerful to most powerful'.

    Taking a steadying breath Elsa walked gracefully into the room and up to the front, standing beside her sister she made a brief welcoming announcement then raised her hand as a small ball exploded into the air, letting a few flakes of frost drift harmlessly to the ground. There was no reason to hide her powers anymore, and the citizens of Arendelle always seemed to enjoy it... as long as it wasn't making their lives a living hell.
  9. With that exploding small ball the summer ball had began. He was right. S-She does have powers. Just like me. Axel thought looked wide eyed. As much as he wanted to run up to her and tell her about his powers he didn't want to look like some crazy desperate person you see on the city streets. Axel decided to just keep it cool, mingle around for a little while before talking to her. Perhaps have some wine. Axel went to pour him a glass went.

    "Don't even think about it." Auron said taking the glass away from him.

    "Ah come on I'm old enough."

    "True, but if you want to talk to the Queen you better do it while you're sober. Speaking of the the Queen." Auron point to Elsa all by herself. "I think now's the perfect time to talk to her. Perhaps ask her if you can talk in private."

    "I know I know Auron." Axel said to him as he headed over to where Elsa was. "Not a dancer I see." He said to the Queen as he was almost right next to her.
  10. Elsa had been gazing around the room and she jumped when an unexpected voice spoke next to her "Oh... um, hello, you're Axel, one of our tourists, right?" she asked turning to the man and dipping her head in greeting again. "You would be correct, I am not very comfortable with dancing" she said carefully. It wasn't that she couldn't dance, Elsa was quite graceful and could dance well with a simple waltz or something, but she wasn't comfortable with the act. The ice queen was always afraid she might accidentally freeze her partner. "How are you enjoying Arendelle so far?" she asked, trying to make a simple conversation.
  11. "So you remembered my name? Ah don't feel bad. I'm not really into dancing as well." Axel replied with. Truth be told Axel really didn't know how to dance. He was never invited to any of the Balls they had in his kingdom due to the fact that they were afraid that he would lose control of his powers. This summer ball is actually the first one he's ever attended. "I'm enjoying my stay pretty well so far. You have such a lovely kingdom here and your people are very welcoming." Was his response to her second question. "You know I was wondering, that small exploding ball thing, that you did. How did you do that anyway?" Axel then asked her. He was hoping that she would tell him that she had powers.
  12. Elsa had briefly turned her attention back to the party as she listened to Axel. The queen held herself in her typical, graceful stance with her chin tilted ever so slightly towards the ceiling and her hands together, resting in front of her. It was a bit re-assuring to know that there were other people who didn't feel comfortable dancing. Turning her gaze back to Axel as he asked about her magic, Elsa tilted her head to the side slightly, trying to figure out how to answer his question "I'm afraid I can't explain how I did it, I was born with the ability. Many people call it magic. I'm surprised you hadn't heard that I have powers... after I froze Arendelle two months ago I thought most people had found out about it, especially Corona, seeing that both Princess Rapunzel and Prince Eugene came to my coronation"
  13. Oh crap. "Oh really? To be honest I really didn't know that. Guess it just slipped right past me......or I'm just way behind in all the latest news.....and stuff. Axel lied. He knew pretty well about the whole freezing of Arendelle and how his brother Hans trying to kill them both. Axel didn't know that both the prince and princess of Corona were here during that time, though he probably should figured that out when she told them that they were cousins. "So you were born with these, powers? That's interesting." Axel continued on. Just like me. "So um.......what would say, or do if you found someone with the same kind of ability as you?" He then asked.
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