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    Frozen Hearts

    Elsa the queen of Arendelle and older sister to princess Anna was out in the forest all the horrific events that had haunted her for so long were over. Her people knew of her powers and loved her for them. Anna had gotten engaged and everything was finally going right for her. With a light snow fall around her she hummed away as she ventured deeper into the forest.

    Little did she know that this part of the forest was far more enchanted and on occasions bizarre and rare things occur. Taking careful steps she noticed a small blue light at the bottom of a tall tree. Fascinated the young queen went to investigate. As she drew near she found it was a pale blue orb that resembled somewhat of a large glass marble. Finding it far to interesting she crouched down and picked it up.


    Going dark in vision Elsa fell over as if she had been struck on the head with a large stick. Not waking for many hours the young queen arose to be in the same part of the forest but it was all different. She couldn't put her finger on it but it was surly different from before. Getting up to her feet she picked up the orb it had faded more in color it's glow was faint.


    It was due time she returned home. ​
  2. Elsen was in the castle signing paperwork to ensure trades and other necessities for the kingdom when suddenly he put down his pen and put his head in his hands. He needed a break. Elsen rose from his desk and marched out of his study, a man on a mission until he realized he didn't know where he was going.

    When he came to he found himself at the edge of the woods nearest to the castle. Well, it was as good a place as any. Elsen took a seat on a fallen log and created a small patch of winter wonderland for himself to relax in. His kingdom has accepted him and his powers months ago but he still preferred to be alone when he practiced. Currently he was working on an intricate snowflake broach.
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  3. Elsa still walking towards town noticed the change in the forest it went from lush green tree's and hills to snow. It felt familiar yet very different all at once. Stepping into the snow she stopped. She swore she saw someone.

    Moving closer she saw a male dressed in blue and white. His hair was blonde close to white. Keeping silent she moved closer. Was he using ice? She moved closer now behind a tree. He was creating something out of ice. As she moved closer once again she tripped falling face first into the snow.
  4. Elsen jumped hearing a noise behind him and prepared to defend himself. Yes, most of his town has accepted him but that doesn't mean other kingdoms have as well. Elsen turned to face who was behind him and found it was a girl, who was ablout the same age and wearing similar clothes as him (but in dress form of course), face down in the snow.

    He didn't register right away what seemed different about her, or even that he should probably help her up, until after a moment of chuckling at her for falling.
  5. Getting up to her feet Elsa was not fond of being laughed at a she brushed the snow of her. "Jeez thanks for helping me up" she muttered annoyedly looking at him for a moment then preparing to walk away.

    She didn't really know how to talk to men so she was rather keen to escape the situation.
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