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    Opening a page in the book of history, one would learn about the King of Old, and his armies whom conquered the Province of Troth. The king was able to unite the houses of his land. The four corners of the country are as follows: Ebernore to the North, Harwick to the East, Eawuld to the South, and Aibaald to the west. But, the king is dead. Meaning the land is free reign again. Frosttide tells the story of the Wintersun family, and how they intend to reunite the land.
    The flag of the Wintersuns hangs high along the castle of the Old King, being the next in line to take the throne. Lord Keilla Wintersun decided against acting as the king to avoid becoming mad in power, instead he passed it off to his brother, Kellie Wintersun to take the crown. Word has spread that Kellie intends to take the use of the throne and rebuild the Old King's army, reuniting the people once again. Though, word has also spread that he intends on taking over the four corners once again. This story Chronicles the taking over of Ebernore and the families rise, and possible fall. There will be war, there will be death and betrayal, and, oh yes, there will be blood. For this tale isn't a child friendly, happy ending story. This is the story of how a family once loyal and close to each other can tear itself a part in it's own greed and madness. Can the family redeem itself and save it's way of life? Can the family handle the power and accept the consequences of their own actions? Will you be the one to tear this family apart, or rebuild it? Now is the time to take up your sword, now is the time to raise your shield, now is the moment to fight for what you truly believe in. You will enter a land of magic and monsters, noble warriors and sorry thieves. You will have the options to go on grand adventures and epic quests. This story spans through several years in the Wintersun's history, so there will be an ever growing cast of characters. Just, be warned. You will be plotted against. You will be betrayed. You will be backstabbed. You must be prepared for even the worst to happen to you. The winter's dawn is appearing, and a cloud is crowding the land.

    What goes on in this story is solely up to the writers. There will be plenty of character deaths, drama, and the possibility of romance. I encourage everyone to play a direct member of the family, but anyone can play a wife or a husband to a family member, so long as you have spoken to the character you want to be wed to, as well as in time there will be the option to bring new characters in, who aren't in the family. As time goes on, there will be character development (clearly). Characters will change from the events you have been through. The Wintersun family is rebuilding itself, rebuilding its fame and legacy. How will you contribute to the story?

    The Story So Far (open)
    Many years ago, there lived an old king. He was a mighty leader, and a damn fine brother in arms. Using his kind heart, he united all of the families in his corner of the province, and then embarked on a quest to unite all of the families of the province into peace. But, during said quest, he found a book deep in a cavern. As he read the book, his heart was cursed with greed, fear, and an infernal desire to see pain. With this new found curse placed upon the king's heart, the quest had changed. Using his large army, the king put together a horde of warriors and began to conquer all of the land. The secret of the book and the king's new found nature was never told to anyone, minus the king's journal. The only people to find the journal was the Wintersun family while they looked through the king's library while moving into the castle. The King of Old died at the age of ninety three, losing his battle to old age. The king's army never lost a battle, but now they all had gone home to their halls and kingdoms, being reunited as a family home and not simply an army. The Wintersun family, the most trusted and beloved family of the king, was given the crown and the kingdom. The lord of the Wintersun family, lord Keilla Wintersun was personally hand picked by the king to act as the king. Lord Wintersun decided that his house was more important to him than running the corner of Ebernor and handed the crown down to his tainted brother, Kellie Wintersun. Rumor is that Kellie plans on reuniting the families of the land and taking the province back.

    Mythology (open)
    -This will be filled as we go-

    -Follow all Iwaku rules-
    -Only kill of other people's characters if you have talked to them about it-
    -I will lead the main story, but you can create sub plots if you would like-
    -This is more of a sandbox game. You can come up with cities, just try and make sense of it.-
    -You can play as many characters as you can keep track of-
    -All characters are to be human, until other races are introduced.-
    -Have fun!-
    -Remember that characters will die, people will change, and things will get darker.-
    -Don't feel discouraged if your character isn't a huge part in the story line in the moment; there will be plenty of chances for your character to gain their spotlight.-
    -Try not to be a huge badass. Your combat skills and abilities should be focused around how long you have been working at the skill. If you're simply a squire, you won't be a master swordsman. If you're a sixty year old wizard, odds are you will know more magic than younger wizards to be.-

    Wintersun Family Tree
    Keilla Wintersun-Me
    Lady Wintersun-Reserved
    Kendrick Mathias Wintersun-King's younger brother-Spook
    Ellyria Wintersun-Shayla
    Trystane DeWitt-Decimate
    Damien Wintersun-King ThonZa IV
    Aine Wintersun-Alis_Audax
    Freya Amarielle Wintersun-A Clockwork Tangerine

    Butlers, Servants and Slaves

    Other Families



  2. Character Sheet
    Last Name: Wintersun (Mandatory to keep it that name for now)
    First Name:
    Middle Name:
    Age: (10-90)
    Role in the Family:
    Brief History:
  3. W.I.P

    Last Name: Wintersun
    First Name:

    Middle Name:

    ~ Armor ~
    ~ Swords ~
    Sword Pair

    ~ Ellyria is very skilled with double blades.. She learned around the age of four to wield two in combat under her father and brother's guidance. She is a complete lady when she so wishes but is one to never be underestimated in her skill with a blade in hand.


    Role in the Family:
    (Will figure out soon I hope..)
    If anyone is interested in figuring something out I am all ear's :)
    Brief History:
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    Last Name: Wintersun
    First Name: Kedrick
    Middle Name: Mathias
    Age: 17
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    Role in the Family:
    Brief History:
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  5. Someone tell me this thread of awesomeness is still open for business. I want to jump in ASAP.
  6. Lord Keilla Wintersun

    Started learning to fight at the age of seven.
    Reached the battlefield at the age of fifteen.
    Is currently twenty eight years old.
    Lord Wintersun earned his sword, the Soul Snatcher when he was nineteen, at the battle of Frostore. He defeated king Laondrias, the king of the Elves (or so legend speaks of). Lord Wintersun's sword, bow and armor are all of elvish make, from what he took off of the dead king. Many a monster has been slain using the Soul Snatcher. During the crossing of the Makerande Sea, Lord Wintersun was said to have slain a sea full of monsters in a little under a night. Only the crew of the ship he was on knows the truth about what happened at sea, but they refuse to talk about that traumatizing night. It's said that the skill used behind that sword was so adept that it made the best swordsmen in the kingdom look like a squire. It would be an understatement to say that he was a good swordsman. But that was a long time ago, in his prime. He put the sword and shield life behind him for a lifetime of leading his house.
    The lord is a very understanding man. In his late thirties, he has been through plenty that would cause many to consider him wise and understanding. He tries to stay away from being considered a tyrant but makes the decisions he needs to when they truly need to be made. Even if that means making a tough life or death decision. ​
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  7. By the way, this roleplay is still open for characters.
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  8. Name: Trystane DeWitt

    Surname: Wintersun

    Nickname: "The Dread Hawk"

    Age: 20

    Coat of Arms:
    The Coat of Arms (open)

    The formal coat of arms was granted to him upon completion of his training and has swiftly become a well-known insignia among the ranks of the Wintersun family despite being of humble importance to the house. It includes a crimson hawk insignia emblazoned upon a black shield stretched between two crowned lions all beneath a snowy field overlooked by a single sun. The closest example is provided above.

    Favored Weapons:

    Longsword (open)

    A perfectly balanced longsword that is simple and unassuming in comparison to most. The pommel is unadorned with any form of jewel or modification and yet shines brightly due to being polished and resharpened often. The scabbard that accompanies it is of leather and steel make and is designed to match the grip of the longsword. It too holds no special design except a small red hawk stitched in towards the sheathe point.

    Twin Daggers (open)

    Twin daggers to match the sword are worn mostly out of sight beneath his equipment, but close at hand where he can reach them if his sword becomes disarmed. They are normally attached in the region of the chest, but he has been known to clip one of the two on the backside of his sword belt when not in combat situations. They are normally worn at all times and kept close at hand when he sleeps.

    Hunting Bow (open)

    A single 40 lbs recurve hunting bow with a heavy draw in order to take down small game on the hunt. The string is made of a secret recipe of which the only known ingredients are flax, horsehair, and candle wax to produce a stiff string meant mostly for his own hands. His arrows and quiver are mostly standard for the local countryside and the only embellishment is a pair of pressed hawk feathers that are woven around the quiver and bow. Though he is proficient at it, he rarely will choose the bow as a weapon for battlefield type situations and only if it is necessary.


    Trystane Wintersun (open)

    Standing at roughly 6'1 and weighing in at 160 lbs, Trystane Wintersun appears roughly average in stature compared to others in the profession. His build is solid and lean, a rippling display of martial discipline with no excess fat to speak of. He is mostly clean of scars except for an ominous looking tear below his right eye and three grisly looking arrow wounds around his torso, all souvenirs from an assassination attempt gone awry. Even without the presence of scars, his features are formidable with jet-black shoulder length hair and winter grey eyes that are often compared to ice in the dead of night. Like most of those belonging to house Wintersun, he has a fair complexion that looks as though he has never seen the sun. Only the thick calluses upon his palms and the strength and hardiness of his constitution mark him as a warrior over an average book-dwelling scholar.

    Role in Family: Legitimized cousin

    History: Conceived upon the eve of battle long ago after a drunken night of passion, Trystane grew up for several years without knowing his true heritage and having no surname to go by. He lived in the village on the cusp of lands controlled by the Wintersun family in which he was the only child of his mother, a well-renowned beauty local to the area. It was by mere chance at the age of six that he encountered his real father as he rode through the village with the king. After trying unsuccessfully to pick his pocket on a dare set up by several older boys, Trystane was caught and sentenced to be flogged by the guards watching over the king. His mother vouched for him before this occurred, however, and after having a discussion with her in private, the Lord took charge of his unruly son and had him legitimized as Wintersun within the year. It was a scandal for awhile, but it faded overtime as scandals often do when the penalty is cracked skull or jail time for bringing up dirty laundry unwisely in the presence of both father and son. Soon after arriving, he was provided with the means for an education as well as training in the art of swordcraft. He was an apt pupil and flourished in the strict environment where he had never done so in the village. He was soon good enough to presented his own colors at the age of 15 after defeating a well-known knight in a melee tournament hosted at the castle. But being a solitary individual by nature, he lacked in close friends and stirred up envy in the hearts of those whom were now suddenly beneath him. At the age of 18 during a skirmish with a band of raiders who attacked his home village, his lack of close friendship turned in against him as the men turned their backs on him and tried to offer him as bait for ransom. Inflamed by the cowardice of the men as well as the attack upon what he considered to be his home, Trystane plowed through a hail of arrows and cut both traitor and raider down with a surgical precision. His actions that day earned him the nickname of the "Dread Hawk" for the colors of his insignia and the skill he exhibited in slicing only the weakest areas of the armor without making so much as a dent anywhere else. Now at the age of 20, he remains a loyal member of House Wintersun and is frequently spotted reading alone in the library, training in the yard, or otherwise hunting when the opportunity arises.


    If anyone wants to play a half-sibling of his on either side, let me know in a PM. :D
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  9. Last Name: Wintersun

    First Name: Damien

    Middle Name: Garnimin

    Age: 23


    Weapon(s): Two Shortswords

    Role in the Family: (Not sure)

    Brief History: (Will update when role in family is decided)

    Inform me if there is a specific role that needs to be filled
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  10. Last Name: Wintersun (Mandatory to keep it that name for now)
    First Name: Áine
    Middle Name: Éadaoin
    Age: (10-90):
    Her armor (open)

    ~This is her armor, do not include the weapons~

    Áine has a fondness for poisons and venom produced by nature.
    Her greatest weapon is her knowledge on the subjects and the ability to use both.

    Gauntlet (open)

    ~Anam Cara~

    Blowpipe (open)

    ~This is usually her weapon of choice when the need arises. Stealth and poisons. Seek out and take out the target without causing to much of a scene. This is her goal when using this weapon.~

    Shorts Sword (open)

    ~She is not an expert at using this weapon. She began training with this weapon only 5 years ago. An incident occurred that required her to carry something of a more intimidating physic.~

    Role in the Family: (Unsure)
    Brief History: (When I know my role, I will post.)

    Is there anything that needs to be changed? I am not sure on her "role". I am willing to be both good and bad.​
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  11. All characters have been approved!
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  12. Name: Freya Amarielle Wintersun


    Age: 27


    Fair and flawed is how people outside the family usually see her. She stands tall for a woman, 5’ 8,” and has a frame built for a warrior of the House of Wintersun: strong and toned, but still feminine, bearing only a few scars from her battles. One of these scars is rather small and vertical on her lower lip, and one is horizontal across the left-hand side of her neck (a rather fun story, and one which she subsequently hates talking about). A few other small nicks here and there from constant training, but nothing of note like the previous two. Her hair is long and dark brown, usually partially braided or pulled-back into a ponytail. A rather curious condition of some interest is a heterochromia that seems to reflect the House of Wintersun: one icy blue eye, and one orange eye.


    Freya is known for her love of blades, but perhaps her favorite weapon to bloody in combat is a customized war hammer, with its weight and length suited for mobility, precision, and impact. The head of the hammer is flattened with teeth-like grooves for tenderizing the flesh of foes on one side, and a large spike for piercing skulls on the other. This deadly combination of steel and iron has the Wintersun emblem etched into the weapon-head, and has one blue gem and one orange gem embedded into the shaft of the weapon near the center.

    A short sword is her standard fallback weapon. The pommel, like the war hammer, is decorated with one blue gem and one orange gem, making it easy to figure out who it belongs to.

    She can use a bow, and is fairly accurate, but rarely uses it except for hunting. With practice, she hopes to get better skilled in its use, so as to beat her brother, whom she hasn’t seen in weeks . . .

    Role in the Family: (Unsure, will think on this, and if anybody has a suggestion, please message me!)

    Brief History: (Not too sure on this, as some of it may depend on family role, but will include what I know of her personality so far.)

    Always competing since she was a girl, Freya is headstrong and passionate, though she CAN be seen laughing on occasion, despite what the rumors say. Not often one to shy away from anything, she has a habit of speaking her mind and “calling it like she sees it,” which sometimes gets her into trouble, especially with outsiders who aren’t already used to her nature. She doesn’t often show sadness or tears, but she can be surprisingly empathetic when someone comes to her with a problem. Despite this, she is fairly well versed in the art of wanting to be alone when it comes to having her own problems, as she prefers being seen as the strong, capable woman that she has grown into, and not a worrisome fool. Not wanting to risk growing complacent, she can usually be found training and 'accidentally' chopping the heads off of archery dummies, or endurance training by running or climbing on Wintersun grounds fully clad in armor. Recently it's become more of the latter, as her random dummy maiming left more than a few people annoyed with her, and her increasingly standoffish behavior has made it difficult to determine the cause. If there is one. Maybe she just likes beheading training dummies . . .

    (Hope this is okay, let me know if anything needs changing. :D)
  13. If anyone wants to, I'm looking for two or three people to play half-siblings in the cousin route ... or maybe even a fraternal twin if I can wrangle it. Just as a suggestion.
  14. I wouldn't mind trying either one of those out, cousin or fraternal twin. I already mentioned a brother in my post (was going to have a second character that shows up later, if I was approved), but I can always tweak that to say cousin, if you'd rather have a twin more than another cousin. :) Would obviously need to edit her age too, if that were the case. But like I said, either way is fine with me. I'm fairly adaptable.
  15. I meant to say that I wanted the siblings and myself to be cousins to the King. I've put his full history down so it's up to you if you want to play a possible twin and fit in somewhere (and I can tweak it to add you in addition). Or you can play a half-sibling there before him. Either works for me.
  16. Character Sheet
    Last Name: Wintersun
    First Name: Gwyneth
    Middle Name: Anne
    Age: 19
    Appearance: 5 foot 2 inches; pale with no freckles; mass of curly light auburn hair that much to her maids chagrin she leaves lose or in a quick braid if shooting her bow; large luminous blue green eyes in heart shaped face. She is slim but has a fair amount of curves.
    Weapon(s): Words, Bow
    Role in the Family: To be determined
    Brief History: Orphaned cousin that was taken in at a young age. She is sarcastic, witty and honest to a fault which is probably why she hasn't been married off yet. She idolizes her cousins Freya and Aine desperately wishing she was better at more than just archery in the way of fighting. She has yet to find a man that measures up to her standards, after all she has her Uncle Keilla to compare everyone of them to.
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  17. I'd prefer for Gwyneth to be a ward from a different family but was never told and so grew up thinking she was a Wintersun, only to find out that she's not part of the family.
  18. It is, yes. I've just been waiting a little.
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