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Science or Smuggling?

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  1. SCIENCE! I want to invent a ionic pulse rifle, that will pre-emptively save someone's life later!

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  2. SMUGGLING! I want to barely survive and constantly risk my life smuggling on backwater worlds.

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    In the year 2122, the height of built up tensions between powers of a globalized world economy resulted in the start of a third World War. The resulting nuclear exchange could not be stopped by any side, and all exchanging nations were utterly obliterated. Out of the ashes of the USA came the Terrans, a de facto government devoted to uniting and protecting the survivors of the nuclear holocaust in the Americas. With time, the Terrans grew larger, regaining and recapturing assets that survived the nuclear blasts which decimated the US.

    By 2355, the Terrans had grown over the the majority of North America, spreading to the UK and outwards into Europe. During this time, It reformed as a legitimate nation under a new banner and a new name: The Terran Republic. By 2375, the Terrans were spacebound, re-exploring and rediscovering the hidden secrets of their solar system, long abandoned by nations no longer alive to maintain humanity’s celestial colonies within their home system. It was during this era that civilization began to re-emerge, and humanity entered a golden age of space travel, starting in 2414 with the invention of space tunneling warp drive, a form of non-physical “FTL” travel devised by the Republic. This was coined warp drive, and allowed humanity to expand far beyond Sol, and into the deep reaches of the Milky Way, the first and most prominent colonies established at Proxima Centauri and Arcturus.

    After completely colonizing the Kapuli System in 2504, the Terran Fleet came into it’s first contact with the Zerg, an extremely adaptive and animalistic race. After losing thirty percent of the Terran’s Civilian Ships to Zerg attacks, the Republic made the decision to bolster its military, with the creation of the Space Marines. The Space Marines were purposed for the Zerg, as to perform large scale extermination using high powered explosives and pure manpower. The combination of the newly constructed troop carriers and the system wide drafting for the Marines resulted in a force the Zerg could not prepare for and after a seventeen year conflict the Zerg were pushed back into the reaches of the Milky Way, never to be heard of again.

    It is now the year 2641, you are a crew member aboard the Horizon, a transport ship frequented by yourself and various other smugglers. You now survive day by day, job by job and at the back of your mind, is the constant fear of being stranded out in the black, where no one can hear you scream.


    My RP Points(I'd call them rules, but some of it's just blabber.).

    1. Don't powergame, I call it powergame because of where I am from. Don't force an action that can't be done by your character, obviously your characters are not bound by a constant set of limitations. But by regularly doing this that would be classed as an Audi Murphy style will lead you to losing your character through a tragic set of events(I space them). Take a bullet once in a while and if you fail to pick up on some danger, let your character die. You can have a new one be introduced into the crew not something more then 3-6 posts later, you wont even have to make a new character application.

    2. If you feel like having some erotic roleplay, keep it MA15 +. No one here wants to see explicit scenes of sex, you can fade to black and you can go as far as foreplay. I understand how romance and specific erotic scenes that might revolve around FTB or just making out might add to characters(Washburne and Zoey from Firefly are a good example.). But in the same sense that TV shows such as Firefly did not force us to stare at anything specific, we should not see you explaining in detail what kind of sex you are having. The moment someone is naked, it's FtB and not a single detail is to be presented about what happens next.

    3. Roleplay is determined by you and the GM(Me). You can force actions on antagonists I create and I can also force their actions on you, you'll come to an understanding. For example I have an antagonist character firing at you, I say you are clipped in the shoulder, to essentially push the roleplay forward, then you react to that. Or you say that you shoot and hit one or two antagonists with your weapon, I will react to that, so to speak.

    I could also just say be realistic, that's really it. I should of started with that, be realistic with your actions when they involve other people, specifically in combat. Realism actually would of made it less necessary for me to have Rule 1, as it's kind of a no brainer explanation of R1.

    4. You kind of write the RP like a story, so always try to progress it and be realistic. But always remember to never complain about what has happened to your character, unfair things happen and sometimes things you don't expect to be possible can happen too. Not that I would ever be such an asshole to do this, but IRL, you could fire a bullet at a metal wall and have the bullet come back, pierce your eye socket and kill you. You'll all get use to this different way of RP, as I have come to get use to it over my four years in different types of RP games/forums.

    5. Death will happen, suffering will happen and unfair shit will plop on everyone's plate. It's what the roleplay is for, giving you a taste of a smugglers life, where you will get shot, burned, tortured, stabbed, bashed and then die at some point through all this stabbing and bashing.


    When you create a character, they are a member aboard the smuggling ship, HORIZON. The theme and roleplay is very similar to that of Starcraft II and Firefly, a sort of mix between the both. Key characters would be a mechanic, smuggler, medic, pilot and whatever you might think attributes to the ship. It is advised if you get a job that might not be involved heavily aboard smuggling operations or just generally involved in the thiefing, that you also have a second character that would be. Please don't feel limited to choosing only the jobs that have been listed, they are the most important, but not everyone has to choose them.

    APPLICATION FORMAT(Feel free to create your own, although it's advised against putting too much detail into the backstory. Leaving some mystery to your character is what makes them interesting, the less we know, the better.)

    Character Name:






    THIS is an example of what you might expect in terms of roleplay, although it wont be exactly like this. Just so you get a sort of feel to what it would be like if you get involved, what I wrote below, has not happened and has no specific attribute to the story itself. I'm just jotting down some words for fun here.


    Dust kicks off about the ground as Blaire steadies both his feet, his duster catching some of the dirt spinning out of the engines onto the ground. Not far would be a shuttle, made of ceramic and steel parts from the looks of the outside, probably big enough to house one or two people. Around the ship, etching on for miles would be the blistering desert of the planet which both Blaire and his ship would accompany, although there was a reason why he'd set down on this rock, he had a job to do and one that he was doing alone.

    Blaire trekked for a long hour through the desert, kicking up rocks and sand with his boots, sparking up a boredom. The sun making the metal in his holster hot to the touch and the outer layers of his clothes like a miniature fire. Eventually though, he'd find civilization in a backwater town, way out in the desert not more then three and a half miles from the shuttle. On approach though, he'd know something was wrong with the town, to what it was, he couldn't place it.

    As Blaire neared the town he'd find himself pondering up a conclusion as to what was going on in the area. Every window shut, every door closed and not a single soul outside. Then it hit him, quite literally, as a hail of rock came from a storm not too far out behind him, something he failed to notice while walking towards the town. Turning around Blaire stared forward at the monster sand storm before him, quickly dashing forward and spearing himself through a door and into the home of a very, VERY, paranoid family. Two seconds after meeting the ground of the home, the door behind him would be shut and his head would meet with a smith and wesson magnum.

    "H-hey! What the fuck?"

    Blaire would say in a sort of annoyed tone at the gunman in front of him, before etching his head left and right, noticing his family. Two kids, a wife and in front of him, a man, clearly in his late twenties, the type you'd figure for a central planet, paper pusher. Rigid, clean and across his eyes would be a pair of glasses.

    The man of course, would only respond with a quick movement of his thumb as he'd pull the hammer back on his revolver, before saying.

    "You risked our lives by opening that fucking door. Sandstorm kills someone out here every year or so and all it takes is an open door or a hole in the wall for everyone inside to die. Just be lucky I didn't put a bullet in your knee and send you out the door.".

    - I think this is enough, I'll leave it here.


    This is a LINK to some information about technology and how things might work on a mission. It's going to possess information highlighted below in a comment as well as other things. Sometimes I can be forgetful of the fact that not everyone understands 100 percent what is going on with the universe, like I somehow expect you to have all watched the TV Series Firefly or played SC2:
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  2. If I have time, I'll write up an app for this. Looks good.
  3. Might be interesting, might not. I can't promise anything since this is a modded version of my RP game mode, sort of adapted to a cowboy like style. Expect to be shot at constantly and then most likely die from something silly like a breach in the hull. It should be rounded out that even if everyone is a gun slinging badass, they can die in other ways if they are not careful.

    In any case, very subtle hints will be provided by yours truly to indicate danger, picking up on those hints will be VITAL to your characters survival. Of course when I post I'll make it clear what is directed to who and by making this quality over quantity, I'm going to LIMIT who can join up. This is no power play, I don't want to have 15-20 people involved here, I want a small crew of people who will be at the mercy of my GM'ing. Also I like to be picky with my roleplayers, I'm not specifically going to get anal about your grammatical skills or your ability to write out a story. What I will be picky on is if you bothered to READ the whole thread and if you actually have any interest in being involved.

    In any case, see you folks out in the verse.
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  4. Hello Malak. This seems interesting, since it is a bit different from the usual, but I do have some questions.

    According to you we will be playing in the 27th century, yet you mention bullets. This obviously mean people are still using projectile weaponry. Have they not yet invented more advanced weapons in your world or are regular firearms just easier to come by? What exactly are your limits to tech in general? Also I am unsure of what you would like in the "position" option at the CS. Hope to hear from you soon.
  5. Position: This can mean engineer, smuggler, whatever. It's the job you want on the ship. You can be the Chaplain or the ship's creepy janitor, although I'd prefer if you didn't choose the latter.

    Laser and Plasma technology exists for weapons, but ammo is ridiculously expensive and so are the weapons. Smugglers can barely afford actual food or fuel for their ships, so they rely on projectile weaponry which is cheap to buy and use. These people have to eat nutrient paste to survive, there's no budget for anything good. Although if you would so happen to do a smuggling op and steal a certain someone's AER-7 laser rifle, it'd be yours. There's very little limitation on tech though, it's just being able to afford it or steal it.

    The only things I can say defenantly don't exist is teleportation or nukes capable of destroying entire planets, anything else you can imagine is basically available in terms of stealing. Whatever you decide to have for your character is fair, although obviously if you say they have some kind of advanced laser weaponry or power armour, I'll leave a comment saying they wont have it, but accept the application anyway.
  6. Character Name: Piper Jenner

    Backstory: Daughter to a mechanic who's wife died giving childbirth, Piper grew up pretty tomboyish. Her father taught her everything she knew regarding mechanics and, even though it was the 27th century, she struggled making headway as a woman. This meant she had to work to the best of her ability to get anywhere. Finally she got a chance to live her dream when she received a job on the Horizon. A ship in sincere need of a fixer.

    Job: Engineer/Mechanic

    Inventory: Aside from her attire, which is usually complimented by a baseball cap, Piper carries with her a backpack with all the necessities of her job. This includes tools (Multipurpose screwdriver, wrench and other bits and pieces) and a plasma-cutter gifted from her father. From her neck hangs a small radio device.

    Position: This is basically the same as job so tell me if you'd like something specific.

    Basic description: Auburn haired and green eyed. A female in her early twenties of athletic frame and average height.

    [This is very bare bones, but as you stated "the less we know, the better". If changes should be made, please let me know]
  7. Oddly enough Position and Job are the same question, I mucked up the format when I made it. In any case, the apps accepted, I'll close apps in a bit once we get enough crew. Then I'll open up the appropriate RP thread.
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