From The Other Side: Parallel World RP

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    • Character death is a highly likely possibility.
    • It’s recommended that you play as multiple characters, or have backup characters in case your main dies.
    • This will be a long term roleplay. Please consider that when joining.

    From The Other Side

    ”Just as everything has a beginning, so does everything have an end.” -Alice

    The Parallel

    n a space separate from ours, there exists another world just like ours. It is a place none from our own world have ever ventured to, nor even know of it’s existence. A place where the sky is always a deep orangish-red, much like that seen during a sunset. As to be expected of a world parallel to our own, it contains all that our own does. A North America, a South America, an Asia, a Europe… Even the animals and plants that we love so dearly are present here. There are, however, various differences that exist in this parallel world. The governments, the large world population, and the people who reside there themselves… There is no United States of America for them. Only a template of what the United States of America is. Alongside that, there are much fewer inhabitants of this world than there are in our own world. Perhaps the biggest difference lies in the people themselves. Oh, these people are something quite special,

    The Inhabitants

    he people of this parallel world have no idea where they came from. All they know is that they existed since the birth of the Earth itself. Even before the Earth’s first humans, who this parallel’s inhabitants resemble exactly, they were there. How an inhabitant comes into existence is still a mystery. From what has been seen, one simply appears there, with enough knowledge to function and operate. Just like humans, they needed food, water, air, and shelter - and just like humans, they could die. Unlike Earth’s residents, however, the parallel’s inhabitants became aware of their world’s existence as the Earth’s alternate. This knowledge was gained using exactly what a makes these beings so unique and special - their abilities.

    Those that reside in this parallel world wield a variety of different abilities. Some can control fire, some can increase the growth rate of vegetation - some can even bend time and space itself. Much like the inhabitants themselves, where these abilities came from is a mystery. It was thanks to an ability to travel between the worlds that Earth was discovered. It was this same ability that revealed one certain shocking truth about the two worlds…

    The Earthly Reflection

    ver the years, some of the inhabitants began doing “evil” things. Destroying various buildings and greenery, they developed an addiction to destruction. Those who believed these actions to be wrong were quick to put a stop to the actions of the “wicked”. However, while the one currently with the ability to travel between worlds was on a visit to Earth, he noticed that the same buildings destroyed in their world were also destroyed on Earth. Testing their theory on old abandoned buildings in their world, they came to discover that damage done to this world was reflected on Earth; their worlds were connected to one another as more than just “twins”.

    Upon making this discovery, many chose to use their abilities to defend their world as well as they could. They knew that should their world or the Earth perish, the other would perish as well. Unfortunately, there were also those who would wish to see both completely destroyed. What bred such evil desires was as much a mystery as anything else. Much like they did before, those who believed in what was held to be “right” dealt with those who didn’t. Those who wished to do “evil” weren’t the only threat to the balance between the two worlds.


    hroughout this parallel world, there exist aberrations. One might call them monsters, or demons. They don’t resemble anything seen on Earth anyway. They only appeared within the past couple hundred thousand years. Like everything else, no one seems to know where these “monsters” came from, or why they’re so intent on destroying the parallel world.

    These aberrations range in both size and intelligence. Some of them are huge, while others are miniscule in size. Some are very low in intellect, and some of them surpass the intelligence of even humans. Regardless of this, none of the monsters seem to know of Earth or their effect on it, and even the ones with enough intellect have little knowledge to offer. All the same, it is the self-appointed duty of the inhabitants to take care of these monsters when they appear. Since their first appearance, many variations and new types have shown themselves. As of yet, all the ones they’ve encountered have known ways of being dealt with. What enemies will show up in the future, and whether or not they’ll be able to handle them, is yet to be seen.


    s of recent, an organization of inhabitants calling themselves “Nejire” has surfaced. While their leader is unknown, it is known that anything the organization is up to is no good. They often ignore aberration attacks and offer no assistance to those who don’t. Some of them even cause trouble for those fighting the monsters, or they even start attacking the environment themselves. While not a major threat as of the present, the lack of information regarding their motif is something that is a cause for worry, and many of the inhabitants have their eyes on possible members.

    Your Part

    our part in this is as one of the inhabitants. Whether you’re a veteran or an incomer (term used to those who’ve recently entered the Parallel) is up to you. Likewise, the choice to fight for world preservation, or to fight against it, is up to you. You could even be a member of Nejire if you so choose. What you do is up to you.

    The early part of this roleplay will focus on the day to day activity of the inhabitants, facing aberrations or causing trouble for those who do. As mentioned earlier, character death is very likely. If the only character you have is killed, you are free to create a new one. Likewise, you can simply create multiple characters from the start.

    After some time, the plot will start to unravel itself. A sort of arc system is in place, with the first one having its focus on the Nejire organization. There are many truths about the Parallel to be discovered and revealed. Hopefully you can come to uncover them before both worlds are laid to ruin.​
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