From the north he cometh!

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  1. Well i was gonna make a nice long entrance post but on an empty stomach thinking is a little hard so i will keep it short. I am Krolik, kro to most people. I have a fair amount of experience in forum, live action, and tabletop role-play I hope to find a nice home here after my last role-play spot went to hell and after trolling around here for a little it seems to be filled with skilled and very driven players. Although i have experienced i am not the most gifted writer so don't break me! And it is a pleasure to meet you all, i hope we get along.
  2. What news from the North!?

    Welcome to Iwaku. I am October Knight. Although this month I am 'dressed up' as the Pumpkin Lord for Halloween. People usually call me October or some variation of it...Octy, Octo...Oct, stuff like that. Durring the October months people change their names, so It can get a little confusing. So if you are confused next month when every one changes back to their 'real names', not to worry cause everyone will be confused.

    If you have any questions or need some direction on where to start, feel free to shoot me a message.

    Filling out the Roleplay Resume on your profile page is a good place to begin, after that check out our Sign up section to see some of our currently active games.

    Have a good one, Neighbor from the north *Raises fist in alliance*
  3. *returns the gesture in kind* Thank you for the warm welcome my northern friend! once i figure out my profile i may need to join in these hollows-eve festivity's And i have filled out my RP resume in part and begun to check and see if there are open spots in ongoing or new RP's in the sign up forums, i hope that something comes of it.
  4. Hello and welcome to Iwaku!
    As Pumpkin explained, for October we "dress ourselves up", so you'll see many different names once the month is over.
    I'm Kitti, dressing up as Nissa Revane, nice to meet you.
    October has pointed you in the right direction for roleplays, but we also have a fun place to get to know one another with OOC banter - the General section! There you can find fun topics to talk about, like this one about the Guinness Book of Records!
    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask~
  5. WELCOME. >:D
    -Bows and offers over a candy cane machette wraped in bacon.-
    I do hope you enjoy it here. I know I do. c:
    and YAY MICHIGAN. I've found since coming here for school, it is so beautiful and makes me feel wonderful inside. *- *
    Everyone tells me here that I'm crazy because I can't wait for when it'll snow. >:D. . . I love snow. But apparently it's different here?.. >.> -newb to michigan.-
  6. a nice big thank-you to everyone, and Knives sometimes it snows sometime it slushes, depends on where ya are in the state.
  7. Hello person of K name variety! :D Welcome to Iwaku!
  8. Welcome to Iwaku. I hope you find this a second home like I have. Please PM me if you have any questions.