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  1. Years ago, a war raged throughout the once forested sanctuary of what is now deep India. It shredded the country, and it's invaders left little to ruins following relentless raids. Not to mention, many locals believe the land to be cursed by the spirits who fell amidst the chaos. Demi, a researcher who's been aching to dive back into the field, was privately hired by an org called SHAW under suspicious circumstances to investigate one particular ruins' site. She figures it's probably just a political ploy to begin developing the area after centuries of being left untouched. Now, Demi's latest archeological investigation has unearthed an ancient tomb that may be the key to unlocking a dark, long forgotten past--not just about the war, but about her own family's history.

    Demi: female; 25 years old; obsidian black hair and peridot green eyes
    -reasonably athletic, observant, and well-connected


    The darkness was more suffocating than the dust as I worked my way down another hall. The walls were once decorated with a elaborate inscriptions, which were now merely braille beneath my shaking hands. Thoughts of being trapped down here entered my head, and I began wondering if I should ever find my way out--if what I held in my mind's eye should be permitted to resurface after all these years.

    My eyes scanned the abysmal blackness, searching for any hint of light until a faint glow caught my attention. Just enough hope to shatter thoughts of becoming another lost artifact myself. As I worked my way closer to the source, the hallway began to open up into a generous chamber, laced with a strange luminescent lichen. It looked as though the very stones I walked along now were alive. Then--My radio flared to life, breaking the silence and causing me jump out of my wits before scrambling to adjust the frequency. I must have been walking up in elevation through the last passageway. I tried every channel, but nothing. Static. Still too much interference.

    Still shaking, I pulled out the excavation map trying to orient myself, and using the soft light of the lichen, cross checked my approximate location with a GPS. This must be the central chamber. A couple cave mouths offered passages to other unexplored areas, but the dig crew would be navigating down from the north entrance soon to convene here. They're the ticket out, but they'll expect a full report of my findings.

    A sudden head-rush demanded that I sit down. All those soldiers... "The people of the forest sacrificed themselves to protect the heart of the jungle in their last stand", Grandad's story echoed in my head, "some say they succeeded even if they lost everything else". As my head settled I finally noticed the lichen glowing almost in rhythm, like a heart beat--as if the lichen were the veins of the cave. Then a low rumble found me in the main chamber. My heart knew exactly where it was coming from before my mind caught up. This is one secret that doesn't want to stay sleeping...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.