From the Ashes

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  1. I have an idea for a plot: In the middle of the town square one morning there is a commotion of interest. A man dressed in peasant's attire screams. His scream is not out of pain, but of joy. Upon a closer look a bone lay in his hands, half covered by a fine red silk scarf. Vaguely it looks like a skull of a bird. The vendor he stood at had a wide array of skeletons displayed for purchase. He had just been told that this skull does not belong to any native bird known to man kind.

    This takes place in a fantasy, medieval setting. Magic resides in this world as well as magical beings.

    This particular bone belongs to a phoenix. Through lore and searching we will be finding this phoenix's bones to make it whole again.

    I am partial to smut rp but its not needed. I do require an experienced rper however, I do not enjoy one lining at all. My character will either be a shapeshifter, or a demon, race called Starfallen.

    So anyone interested?
  2. I'm rather interested. I'm a person that loves doing paragraphs and I've been in the RP game for quite a while.
    PM you?
  3. Thanks for your interest.

    I also would love to start more than one rp with this, hoping to be able to fit in a different character in each, to see how it plays out.
  4. That's my cue, I'd be willing to run a parallel one with you.
  5. of course I will pm you.