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  1. Corrine had met Nikolas through her job at a bar. That night was very eventful and changed Corrine's life for the rest of her life by drinking a vial of beauty from a mysterious chest. After finishing off the liquid a voice came into her head telling her what drinking that would cost her - she would be young forever and watch her loved ones die in front of her. She thought drinking the vial wouldn't cost her anything great... has that thought changed?

    Now, she and Nikolas has a slummy apartment in the almost projects of their city. This living situation definitely didn't make her the happiest since she considered herself the most attractive woman there, but she couldn't wear designer clothes. Yeah, Nikolas tried to make their life decent, but it wasn't enough. Would she ever tell him that? No. Was she still happy with him? Yes. Would she consider leaving him for someone who was richer? Honestly, maybe... then again.. she still isn't entirely honest; he doesn't know she drank from that vial.

    It was now morning. Corrine was in the only pajamas they could really afford which was a pair of sweatpants and a tank top. Her hair was up in a messy bun. With a soft groan, she walked into the kitchen... the tiny, dimly lit, kitchen. Dishes were still in the small sink from dinner; she had to wash them. There was no dishwasher.. which sucked.

    When they first moved in, the apartment wasn't all that bad. Maybe it was because she was with her man, and they were finally starting a life together. The apartment was like her baby but now it was just a burden. Everything was so small, and they didn't have all the up to date technology in the house. At first, the sounds of police sirens and screaming from their neighbors didn't bother her, but, like everything, that changed too. All those sounds now just added to her stress.

    "Nikolas," she yelled through the apartment. "What do you want for breakfast?"

    She began to work on the dishes then placing them to dry on a towel spread across their counter to dry. I guess I could just make eggs. She opened the fridge then furrowed her brows. If we had any eggs. We do have milk! So... pancakes? I think we have mix. Corrine went to a small closet that they used as a makeshift pantry. We have pancake mix! She shook the box. Only enough for him.. which I can live with.

    "Are pancakes okay?"

    Of course she didn't wait for an answer. He would eat the pancakes, and he would like them... since that's really all they had. Shopping day was today so soon their teeny pantry would be filled up. Once again Corrine would at least feel like they had some wealth.
  2. Nikolas was happy; he could probably even use better words like overjoyed and ecstatic even. Waking up alone but with the bed still warm from the other body that had been there overnight, he smiled softly and sat up with a yawn. Even if it was rare for them to stay in the bed together in the morning, he never slept too long once she'd left the bed. And on the rare occasions he woke first, he usually laid there until she was awake unless he needed to get up.

    There were also nights that he was gone, off on some job or another. Usually he didn't stay out all night if he could avoid it, but there were times it was required. Most of the details about his job were still kept from Corrine, including some of the finances. He lived on what was necessary, simple, and put anything else aside. It wasn't a lot that was put aside, but he could have easily upgraded to a nicer home even before Corrine, something he knew Corrine would prefer, and he still struggled with adapting to having to make concessions to make her comfortable. But here was where the work was, and he couldn't leave the area without potentially losing customers. And, who knew if he would have a dry spell between jobs? For him, staying where they were was the best option, and he was afraid Corrine wouldn't agree if he told her the truth about his payments.

    Standing in just a pair of shorts, he walked to the kitchen and leaned against the wall as he watched the woman prepping something. When he realized how much she was cooking, he frowned; had they really run that low on food again?

    "Are you shopping today?" he asked curiously, glancing in the pantry quickly. If she wasn't, it was something that needed to happen. With a sigh, he walked up to her and put a hand on her waist. "Why don't we go eat breakfast uptown? The last job was a little more generous than those in the past. We can go out and I can treat you to something. You deserve it," he added, kissing her temple.
  3. "I am." She followed his gaze to the pantry and let out a soft sigh. "I didn't realize we were that low until today."

    For a moment, she stopped cooking when she felt his hand on her waist. Corrine leaned against him a bit and continued with the pancakes until he mentioned breakfast. Should we? We could save that money for something more important than a breakfast, but I do work so hard in this slum of an apartment. Without another word she turned off the stove top, leaned her head into the kiss slightly then slipped from his arms to go change.

    Of course girl's don't change fast. She stared at the closet for a few minutes. What do I want to wear? Of course I want to look good. HAH! When don't a look good? Corrine smirked to herself then picked out a simple pair of skinny jeans and a shirt that was a close imitation of a Vera Wang shirt. These clothes weren't designer anything, but they were close enough. At least this outfit look decent with a pair of boots that looked kind of close to a pair of Mark Jacob's slouch boots.

    "I think I'm ready," Corrine mumbled as she stared at herself in the mirror after brushing her teeth, her hair and applying make up. I'm surprised he hasn't complained about me taking too long yet.
  4. Happy that he'd managed to do something for Corrine, he took care of what was in the kitchen and then went to put on his own clothes while she was in the bathroom still preparing for the morning. His own clothing was simple - black pants and, not wanting to embarrass Corrine, the nicest shirt he owned. It was merely a button-up deep blue shirt, but it was without any signs of work and made his less-than-clean-looking black pants look a little less messy.

    Now dressed, Nikolas sat down and waited for Corrine to emerge from the bathroom. He knew she'd look beautiful in whatever she had chosen; he couldn't imagine that she'd be anything less than that even if she tried. At least, not to him, he thought. It didn't bother him that she took her time today, because he wanted to make her feel appreciated. If that meant her taking a few extra minutes before they could leave, he'd take it.

    However, even Nikolas has his limit on patience. Standing, he walked to the bathroom and tapped the door. "Corrine? Love, are you nearly finished?"
  5. "I am." Her voice was stifled through the door, but he should have known she really wasn't. There was probably another 10 minutes or so before she came out of the bathroom. "Now, I am really ready. I promise you."

    Corrine's smile was bright as she stood on her tip toes to kiss him. When she was younger she used to tell herself that she would never be with someone as tall as Nikolas, but she is, and she likes it. Something about his height and his build makes her feel safe. Well, as safe as anyone could feel in this neighborhood and in his business. "The real question is... are you ready?"

    A light giggle escaped her lips as she trotted towards the front door, grabbed her purse from the hook, and ran out of the door before him only to stop on the other side and pull the door close, trying to use all her weight and strength to keep it closed when he tried to open it. Of course she needed to stop giggling in order for that to work since each giggle distracted from her focus on the door. This was actually a game she played quite a lot with him. Each time she was determined to keep the door closed longer than the last. Sometimes she did.. sometimes she didn't. It all really depended on Nikolas' mood; he also probably let her think she was doing a better job at keeping him in, but she didn't care.

    "Are you coming?!"
  6. "After all the time in there, I'd certainly hope so," Nikolas teased as he stood up from the bed and wrapped an arm around her waist to kiss her. "I'm ready, as well." He watched her leave, pulling the door closed behind her and giggling. Chuckling, he reached into his drawer to get out his sidearm and shoulder holster, putting them on and grabbing a light jacket to wear over it. It was a necessary piece of equipment, but he didn't like Corrine to know he had it on him.

    Walking to the door and still hearing the giggles, he gave the door a slight tug. Hearing her taunt, he laughed. "I would be, but someone seems to have me captive. How can I possibly get free?"
  7. She didn't play this game for too long. Shortly, she let the door go, allowing him to walk out into the hall where she jumped on his back. "I'm exited to be going to breakfast,"Corrine murmured into his ear, lips grazing over the cartilage then kissing down his neck. "You sure know how to keep a girl around your finger." Once again she giggled while nuzzling her cheek into his hair.

    Once they got out of their apartment building, she jumped off his back and attached herself to his side, hand slipping into his back pocket as they walked. Her nose wrinkled up as she looked at her surroundings. All the gross, crumbling building, trash along the side of the street; she wanted out. This wasn't where she was suppose to be. Everyone says home is where the person you love is... but is that true?

    "I love you, Nikolas."
  8. Nikolas chuckled and stroked her cheek. "I think it is you who has me around your finger," he told her before walking by. He stumbled just a bit when she jumped onto his back but laughed and took it in stride, carrying her out of the apartment and to the street. When she slid from his back, he paused until she was attached to his arm again. She looked deep in thought so he let her have her time.

    "I love you, Nikolas."

    He paused and smiled down at her. "I love you, too, Corrine," he said reverently, leaning down and kissing her slowly before pulling back. "We should get to a diner before the morning slips by. Why don't we go uptown?"
  9. "Uptown sounds grand!" She giggles lightly.

    They finally got to the diner, and she slipped into the booth, asking for orange juice. She absolutely loved juice; it wasn't something that they kept in the house a lot. Sighing, she looked over at Nikolas, losing herself in thought. Of course it was her normal thoughts of... what if they lived a better life... what would it be like to actually be a couple of status... how would things be different if they lived somewhere better... That's when someone cleared their throat and brought her back to reality.

    "Excuse me."

    Corrine looked up, meeting the eyes of a pretty attractive man with dark brown eyes. The intense feel of his gaze caused her to blush slightly. Biting the inside of her cheek, she looked over at Nikolas then squirmed slightly before looking away an down at the orange juice.

    "This is going to be an odd request, but I am a man with a lot of wealth, and I have fallen in love with this woman at first sight." He smiled down at Corrine. "I will give you... a million dollars maybe more, if you would allow me to have her for one night."

    He looked at Nikolas and nodded, a serious but soft look on his face.
  10. Nikolas scowled at the interruption, and his eyes narrowed further as the man spoke. At the mention of money, though, his scowl fell and eyes narrowed further. Whether it was in pure anger at the man even suggesting such a thing, or in contemplation of the offer, he wasn't sure anyone could figure out just by looking at him. In face, even he wasn't too sure what he felt about the offer. On the one hand, there was the money that they could definitely use. But this was the woman he loved.

    "I-" he started, the words catching. He looked at Corrine and remembered how sad she'd looked lately because of their financial situation. His shoulders dropped. "It is up to you, Corrine. If you want to go, you can."
  11. Corrine swallowed hard. Why couldn't he say yes or no? She hated this feeling. It was as if her heart was being split in two. There was money.. it would set them for life. She could have brand name clothes placed in a nice big house where she could have parties. What about Nikolas? The man she loved dearly. Who tries to make her life as good as it possibly can be, but its a million dollars.. maybe more!

    "If I said yes would you take me now?"

    "I would take you now and bring you back here at this exact same time."

    Would it be that bad? But... the money. She nodded slowly. The man offered her his hand, and she took it as she slipped out of the booth. Corrine thought it would be better if she didn't say anything to Nikolas as she left. In fact, she almost made it to the door, but she couldn't walk out without saying bye. Pulling her hand from the man, she ran back to Nikolas and kissed him, tears actually started to sting her eyes.

    "I love you, okay?" She nodded. "Whatever happens tonight will not change that." Corrine nodded and kissed him again before going to the other man, placing her hand back into his and walking out of the diner.
  12. Nikolas nodded, but didn't say anything. He wasn't sure what to say, if he were honest. Waving over the waiter, he ordered some food and contemplated the rest of his day. Groceries would still need bought, for sure. It meant less time on the streets, but he supposed he could do that. With Corrine not with him, he didn't really feel up to hitting the streets for work.

    Eating quickly, he paid the bill and left. Groceries were bought quickly and stored properly in their place in the apartment. That was all he knew to do, and now he just stood in the middle of their small apartment pondering his options. Corrine had said she loved him. And the money was enticing. He closed his eyes to try and clear his mind, but his mind immediately went to what was happening with Corrine and they popped back open quickly.

    "Dammit!" he snapped, clenching his fists. It was pointless staying inside! He left the apartment to start scouring the streets for work.
  13. Where did she find herself all night? Sitting in fancy restaurant's in a little black dress, drinking expensive wine. This was the life she wanted. Later that night she was on a yacht, drinking more expensive wine, in a designer bikini. Then... she found herself giggling at another man's jokes, leaning into another man's arm, enjoying another man's touch.... falling into another man's bed.

    The next morning she woke up and looked around the room. She was still naked from the night before, the man still laying next to her. That's when it hit her. Slipping quietly from the bed she went into the bathroom and sat on the floor crying. After composing herself she went back into his room and put on her own clothes, not the ones he bought her.

    It seems like forever, but she was finally standing in front of the diner with him, waiting on Nikolas. Would he even show up? Did he still love her? Would he be mad at her?
  14. Nikolas didn't go back to the apartment during the night. He only found one job while he was out, and it was far too simple - a wife had him looking for her husband, whom had been missing since the evening before and Nikolas caught in a tavern feeling up some of the women. The husband paid him to keep the information to himself, the wife paid him for finishing the job.

    Not having anything to do, he merely walked the streets. Going back to the apartment would have been the first thing he would have done if Corrine had been there. Instead, she was off with... some man. Scowling, he punched a wall and made his way across town. His hand hurt, his pride hurt... He was pretty sure he could even claim his heart hurt, as corny as that sounded in his head.

    Just as corny, he found himself heading to the diner at the same time as they'd been there the day before. His hand was swollen and bruised, his clothes rumpled and dirty, and his overall demeanor just ragged. Seeing Corrine waiting there for him, he couldn't stop the small smile.

  15. Her whole face lit up when she saw Nikolas. Dropping the bag that had her new clothes, she ran to him, jumping into his arms, wrapping her legs around his waist. With a soft giggle she pressed her lips into tenderly. God... it felt amazing to be back with him. His lips seemed to fit perfectly to hers, causing tingles through her body when they touched. Why did she ever agree to let this other man take her.

    "I miss you so much," she whisper, fingertips gently grazing over his cheek as she leaned back down into a kiss.

    The other man was forgotten. He just stood there like a gentleman, ignoring the scene... trying to ignore the scene playing out in front him. The check was already made out, and he was trying to decide whether to just slip it into the bag she dropped or wait for this reunion of lovers to be over. He decided the latter. A moment later Corrine was standing in front of him, firmly holding Nikolas' hand.

    "Well, sir, Corrine is sure a joy." The man nodded, handing the check of to Nikolas. "I suppose you deserve my name now. I am Jared. Jared Demarco. I hope the amount on the check is to your liking. I also apologize for any inconvenience I have caused you. You are stronger man than I to allow your love to be known by another man."

    Known by another man.... Corrine hung her head. What had she done?
  16. Nikolas sighed against Corrine, happy to have her back with him. At that moment, it didn't matter what had happened the night before at this particular moment; they could discuss it later. Right now he was able to hold his love and feel her against him.

    And then the moment was ruined when the man spoke, handed him a check, made him wish he could draw his pistol and shoot him between the legs for evening looking at Corrine. But Nikolas knew he couldn't, because he'd had a chance to prevent it yesterday and merely stood down. He wasn't a stronger man, but a coward.

    No words were said as Nikolas took the check and the man left. Nothing needed to be said, he decided. Setting Corrine down, he pressed his lips to hers roughly, and then stepped back. A glance at the check showed a very nice seven figure number, and then it was placed in his pocket.

    "Let's go home, all right?" he told Corrine, walking to her bag and lifting it to his shoulder. There was an awkward pause, and then he took her hand in his for the walk home.
  17. "Yes! We need to go home."

    She held his hand tightly and practically wanted to run home. It was almost refreshing being back in their slum neighborhood. All the things she turned her nose up to just the day before now felt comforting. Her heart jumped with excitement when she saw the crumbling brick building that held their apartment.

    "We are home..."

    A huge smile broke out over her face as she ran into the building and up the stairs to their apartment. She still had the key in the pocket of her jeans and fumbled with it slightly in the lock but finally succeeded in getting it open. Once inside she flung off her shoes and jumped on the couch, spreading herself over it. This small place was her home. Why did she ever agree to that stupid agreement? For the money? That was stupid... but maybe.. just maybe they could get a nicer apartment?

    Then she sat up.. making her mood a bit more melancholy. She began to look more childlike as she hung her head, squeezed her knees together and clasped her hands in her lap.

    "Are you mad at me?" She said in a barely audible voice.
  18. It was good to be home with Corrine this time. He watched her fall into the couch, closing the door softly and standing there almost awkwardly. He loved this woman, with all of him. If he hadn't been sure before, the night had shown him since. His eyes wandered over her and his shoulders dropped. She had been known- He shook his head; such thoughts couldn't come up right now. He had her back right now, that was what was important.

    "I'm not mad, I guess," Nikolas answered softly. "I'm not sure what I feel right now." He could hear the uncertainty in her voice, and took the few steps necessary to the couch, kneeling down next to her and taking her hand, kissing the top of it. "I love you, Corrine. I'm still working through what has happened. Give me a little time." He pushed her hand against his forehead, wanting to feel her but not ready to hold her just yet. "Do you need anything? Food or a shower or something?"
  19. That was almost heartbreaking. Squeezing her eyes shut, she willed herself not to cry. It wasn't time for that. Now was the time to be strong. He was being strong; he was accepting her. Corrine just need to accept herself. How can he tell me that he loves me? I just broke a commitment to him. Instead of voicing anything at the moment, she just nodded, placed a soft kiss on his forehead then stood up, slipping passed him and going to the bathroom to start a shower.

    With a soft sigh, she stepped under the flow of the warm water, tears starting to mingle with the water running over her body. Tightly, she hugged herself then squatted down in the shower, slowly making it to a sitting position with her knees up to her chest. Why is this so hard?
  20. It was heartbreaking to know he was hurting Corrine in some way, even if she did choose to hurt him before. It didn't feel like that right now though. Right now he felt less than the man he was, because he was hurting the woman he loves. Still... Nikolas pulled the check from his pocket and moved to place it on the table. They'd have to talk about what to do with it, what they wanted to do with it. His eyes scanned the apartment. They didn't have a lot here, and the place looked a little run down. He wouldn't want to go all the way uptown, but if he would compromise for a better place, would Corrine be happier?

    They didn't have to live in the grunge neighborhood. Nikolas only stayed here because this was where he did most of his searching. His clients were all over town, though. He could easily choose a more centralized location, and most of his Intel wouldn't blame him. He'd still have people to count on around the area to keep him posted on things and send work his way.

    Sighing, he stepped into the kitchen and got a glass of water, gulping it down.

    When Corrine returned to the room, he would shower away his own nightly activities. And then they'd talk about what they would do.