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  1. We've all had our obsessive phases of apocalyptic RP's at some point; or at least thoughts of one. Well, this one is mine. I'm sure few have tried multiple-genre mash-up's, and this is my first time deciding to do something this... er... mixed up. Hopefully, I'm not going too overboard with this and you guys can handle the complexity of it. However, if it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out. Just wanted to give it a try.

    Earth has discovered the existence of other realms and found a way to travel between them quite simply. What scientists have found is that the future and the past aren't necessarily different times as they have thought for so many years. Rather, they are separate worlds in and of themselves. What the humans on Earth have not realized is that they have tampered with something they can never hope to control.

    The futuristic realm is known as The Trimension, a vast landscape with incredible technologies and science-fictional life forms. A world where intelligence and independence overpowers strength.

    The past realm is known as the realm of Raedelon, an equally vast land with castles and werewolves and powerful magic beyond belief. This world values strength and teamwork over intelligence.

    And of course there's Earth, which is exactly as we see it today. No creatures or magic. All they have is their exceptionally intelligent scientists who have found ways to create portals to these two realms. What they don't realize is that they have opened the gates to a war on earth, and earth is but a battleground for the two realms to hash out their problems. The humans have brought on the apocalypse, and the creatures of the Trimension and Raedelon will not stop until one realm or the other is defeated.

    How will YOU handle the the clash of science and fantasy?

    Acceptable races would be humans (of course), along with anything from a fantasy genre rp and anything from a science-fictional rp. For example: Werewolves, vampires, ghouls, zombies, elves, dwarves, aliens, robots, elementals, etc. I'm trying to make this rp as open as possible so that your imaginations won't have to be harnessed. Just please try not to godmod.

    One thing that seems to bug me though is very cartooney anime pics. You know the puppy-dog eyes and the abnormally large heads. When (and if, of course... I'm not requiring character pics) you post a character pic, try and go with something a little more realistic like fantasy art or real photos. I don't mind anime, but please use realistic anime for pics, if you must.

    All that said, enjoy!
  2. "I'm just a kid okay! I didn't want to be here! I'm not a bad guy!" A boy who had what looked like futuristic clothes on was now being cornered by three goons "Listen I really don't want to hurt anyone today," "We don't want anyone form another realm around here! But at the same time...we don't want you running back to your future friends to tell them what we did to I think we should kill you so you don't tell on us," "I really don't want to do this," as the boy said this a man took out a gun and pushed it up against rib cage. "What could you possible do to hurt us you little sh*t," The boy took the gun and disassembled it in his hands right before elbowing one man in his gut, sending him flying back into the brick wall of an apartment building, nearly making an imprint of the man's body in the brick wall. He then kicked the other man in the side of his knee cap breaking it harshly in half, the man collapsed to the ground and cried out in pain. The other man at this point was running, but he couldn't risk him calling for help, so he moved quickly to the man who had made his way to the street. The boy grabbed a rock and beamed it at the man's spine. He hit a certain spot where it would paralyze him. The man toppled over in the middle of the street, but quickly before anyone saw he dragged him back into the alley way. He then took out a device that would wipe their memory of the last 10 minutes. Once he was done he took the clothes of the broken legged man and put them on. They were a little big on him, but they would do. He had to leave quickly and not too suspiciously. He walked swiftly out of the alley way and down an empty street. He looked at a license plate on a car and noticed the name 'Hank'. I'll just assume that name until I can find someone else from my realm, he thought to himself.
  3. Name:Ryan Marward
    Race:Augmented Human(Human/Cyborg)
    Job:Head of Merc Tec Security
    Appearance/Back Story: Ryan stands 6 ft tall with blue eyes and brown buzz cut hair, Ryan was augmented with Cybernetic arms,Heart and pericardium implants,Knee-down cybernetic legs and a info Link system by Merc Tech in an successfully attempt to make better faster stronger Security and army Personnel. At a Young age Ryan was selected in a group of children to under go Merc Tec's Golden Gene Project of Which he was the only survivor and Carry the Gene for Successful Augmentation.
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Panic had filled the first floor of Merc Tech R&D Facility In Tokyo as Skeletons stormed Merc Techs Ground floor, Mean while at Merc Tech HQ In Detroit,Ryan was browsing through A magazine "Future Today" When his Phone on his desk rung and interrupted his flow of through. Ryan puts down the magazine hastily and fumbles with the phone receiver and puts it to his ear and says "Ryan Marward head of Security speaking." the voice of The Personal secretary of Mr. Voyant the founder and owner of Merc Tech replies "Mr Marward Mr. Voyant wants to see you please come Imminently". there was a pause then Nervously Ryan spoke "Ok ill come up right away". Ryan heard the click at the other end of the line as the Secretary put down the phone.
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  4. [​IMG]
    "I'd like to join your role play. The only problem is. . . I am an illegal alien."
    "I'm so ashamed, but as a single mother I needed someway to feed my ten thousand children, I had to come to America for a job".
    "We love Mexican! Also Chinese, Italian, French, Indian and German!"
    "Hell, we love Humans in general! They taste so ethnic!!"

    On the Hat Fields And McCoys:
    "The Hatfields had better give up!"
    "They better sit down and shut up. If they don't, me and my kids are gonna eat them alive!"

    Name: The Mother Queen
    Race: The Mother Queen of Alien Queens
    Age: Unknown, presumably centuries at least.
    Job: She's just a single mother, raising many millions if not billions of xenomorph aliens on her home planet, until the war brought her here.
    Gender: Female
    Appearance/Back Story:
    The Mother Queen is thirty five feet high, a blackish/dark blue colored, bug like monster with an incredibly durable exo-skeleton capable of resisting extremely powerful weapons, both modern and magically enchanted archaic ones, like arrows that could normally compete with heavy futuristic ammo. The Mother Queen is driven more by instinct and the purpose to nurture and propagate her young. An army of Futuristic mercenaries and soldiers made an assault on her young and managed to kill half a dozen Queens, which The Mother Queen views as some of her older daughters.
    Certain revenge driven warriors from their enemies tracked the mercenaries and futuristic soldiers to the Queen's world, and they also invoked the wrath of the Queen Mother when they ended up slaughtering many of her young in their escape. Ironically, the Mother Queen is bound to run into The Brood Mother, a Spider Matriarch from the Fantasy faction. Recently the two factions of the Mother Queen and Brood Mother have taken up residence in Canada. It won't be long until the rest of North America is next. On the other hand, there are the Futuristic Soldiers and the Wizards, Elves and others embroiled in their own war with each other, so BroodMother and Mother Queen will be distracted enough for an exodus of Humans to take place, at least for now.


    "Mother Queen McCoy's got it comin!'
    "Them aliens just not natural!"
    'Them beady little eyes, them double jaws!"
    "Even ther tongues have tongues I tell ya!"
    "That's just not right!

    Name: Brood Mother
    Race: Giant Spider
    Age: Unknown
    Job: A giant spider mother, she provides for her children.
    Gender: Female
    Appearance/Back Story: The Brood Mother is, true to form, a giant spider. She is the size of an Elephant, with six blood red eyes.
    The Brood Mother was in a vast underground city, once ruled by Dwarves. Eventually the Drow Elves took up residence after many years of war. Finally, the Drow were wiped out by numerous raids, and finally an assault by surface Elves, aided by Dwarven clans to retake the city, but everyone on all sides were wiped out completely. The Brood Mother moved in with her vast hordes of spider children and enjoyed the quiet and peace. For her spider children life was a playground provided for them to be nurtured, until they grew into large, vicious predators. The entrances to the city were closed off, with only a few openings to the surface available, which was just as well to the Broodmother since the world was frought with so many dangers, like adventurers, magicians harvesting poison glands, taking parts from spiders for their potions and spells, wild animals and such things. One day however, the Brood Mother discovered that thousands of her little ones had been slaughtered by men in armor fighting each other. Some were firing laser weapons, others were simply fighting the more traditional way, with sword and shield with back up from their sorcerers. The Brood Mother drove them out
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  5. When Ryan had put down the phone he walked out his office on the 2nd floor and took the lift to the Bosses office and was told to enter by the Secretary. "Ryan i have a problem,our R&D facility is under attack and i need you to go sort out the mess "Mr Voyant says urgently "But why me" Ryan retorts and Voyant looks Sternly at Ryan and say " you were made to be a top fighter and security officer right. Take the lift and got to the Landing pad and a Hornet will be waiting to pick you up and take you to Tokyo im counting on you Ryan" Ryan replies "Ok..sir im on it"
  6. "Research and development? ON MY BABIES! DIE APELINGS!!" The Brood Mother screamed in an inhumanly high pitched and thrill beyond belief roar. It was causing agonizing pain inside some of the researchers and guard's ears and head. Eventually, those not in a sound proof room who were too nearby simply died from not being able to breath. The Brood Mother was currently absent from her children. Only more. . . Humanoid caretakers were guarding the massive nests the Brood Mother had hastily constructed. A mother in anguish was frantically tearing through futuristic metal like the cliche'd knife through hot butter. Her corrosive acid spit was much worse than just a bit from her mandibles. Some of her victims were briefly defleshed into skeletons until their bones were literally liquidated in less than two seconds.

    Her babies were not animals to test on and kill! "DIE APELINGS! DIE!"
  7. Once Ryan Arrived In Tokyo He disembarked and the Pilot gave him a nod and took off again in to the night sky. Ryan walks towards the roof entrance and his radio com flickerd on and in the right corner of his glasses the HUD lit up with a small video feed with the IT Technician back at HQ "Ryan ive run a bio metric scan and can only pick up the first floor below you the rest is jammed you will have to unjam the signals at the R&D's Coms hub on the 5th floor from the second floor your going in blind". "Ok David thanks for the Intel" Ryan replied and David Sharply replies with slight sarcasm "Oh and Ryan don't get killed"
  8. ((Just so you know, if you mean to run into me I'm in Canada. I can't interact with you if the R&D department is in Tokyo)).
  9. ((i do have it planned that there is something to do with Canada involved with next for Ryan)
    Ryan enters through the roof entrance and smashes a Skeletons head open with his augmented fist then blocks the next sneaking past a group of them on the R&D 's Management branch and entered through the lift down to the fifth floor where an giant skeleton awaited guarding the Coms room, Ryan took a dive for cover as a shots from a mini gun demolishes a water cooler, Ryan hears a click and makes his move and sticks a grenade between the skeletons ribs killing it with the blast. Ryan gets a transmission from Dave once he disabled the Jammer "Good work Ryan now the security team can move in and clear up this mess you do realise there is a lift to the roof right" "nope" Ryan said as he took the said lift to the roof and got back in the Hornet and David spoke again "Ryan we need you in Canada some weird spider creatures are taking hold of the distribution centre" "ok of to Canada i guess" Ryan sighs and the Hornet files off again.
  10. The scene below was baffling. There were trees outside the massive complex that had been melted, leaving charred remains of what was once living trees. The front entrance was smashed in, and there were skeletons littering the ground along with other corpses. Limbs, spattered blood and other unpleasant innards were strung along as the Mother caught the researchers kidnapping over one thousand of her young. She was enraged to discover once she got deeper into the Complex that there were other experiments being done on larger numbers of her young, at least a few thousand more. Lasers weren't even singing her hair, and by now everyone was evacuating the facility. Some of the poor Doctors and security were caught in areas and surrounded, and were being eaten alive by the spidery young.
  11. Over Canada there was a lurch and the Hornet started to loose altitude and the pilot called in to his radio "mayday mayday this is Bravo 009 Merc Tech we are going down we are under fire may day may day. sir we need to evacuate take a para shoot and jump go go go" and Ryan follows his orders and jumps and a minuet later the pilot followed but was killed by a ogre when he reached the ground. Ryan ran through the streets gun at the ready a futuristic P90. The recoil on this was almost down to zero and it fired high velocity sonic rounds and could fire explosive Fletcher rounds, Ryan let off a burst of fire in to a orc who fell to the ground as the rounds impacted in to its chest, more orc's came and rounds of grenades and small rpg rounds were shot towards ryan who made a dash for the next road and took the directions to the distribution center.
  12. The Broodmother began to evacuate her children out of the complex, only leaving a few survivors who were stuck in turbo lifts, and a few sealed areas the Broodmother didn't care to reach. The Broodmother even ran across a few children, leaving them as they were comforted by adult supervisors during their swarm out of the Complex like a vast, multi colored sea of arachnids. The sound of the arachnids making insectoid sounds as they made their way towards the Webbing Broodmother built for the rest of her children was loud enough to be heard by Ryan long before he even made it anywhere near the Broodmother. The Broodmother then returned to the structure in order to collect enough of the dead bodies and remains to feed her children.
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  13. seing spiders swarming out Ryan walked calmly through and made sure not to squish any at the annoyance of David who was yelling in his ear "ew swash those horrid buggers there evil". Ryan just pulled a canister of insecticide and pulled the pin letting it roll amounts the spiders who died as soon as the gas leaked out filling the road with gas, Ryan's Augmented lungs helped him breath even with this almost toxic gas around him, when he had jumped out from the Hornet he had taken a bit longer after the pilot had said for him to get out so as to grab some weapons and the big gas canister of BugSeditive which he chucked out the hornet with a para shoot on it . he walked in to the Distribution centre and the corridors were utter chaos with body and bits of bug and blood every where. Ryan could hear Dave being sick in a bin "Dave are you still there im in the distribution centre ive turned of the live feed so you wont chuck up again its seriously not good for you, i need you to play the sound off a buzzing fly so i can lure this giant spider thing to me" Dave replies shakily "ok im on it" the sound of a buzzing fly plays loudly through the distribution centres speakers.
  14. ((Insecticide won't be able to kill the Spiderlings. . . they're gone anyway. Only Broodmother is left))
  15. The sound echos louder and Bryan hears over the sound the sound of spider feet on the ground the unmistakeable skutteling sound, Bryan follows the sound till he comes to a halt and the giant spider is ahead of him.
  16. The Broodmother turns around to see the creature in front of him. "Can't you let a mother alone in peace!?" The creature screams in a shrill roar. . . it was unmistakably an audible voice. The Broodmother hisses at Ryan and gnashes her mandibles threateningly. She was ready to defend herself if the evil kidnapper would attack.
  17. "Im not here to hurt you im here to prepose and offer. In Berlin there are a heck tone of those dumbass orcs holding Germany to ransom and we need something of a huge army to get rid off the bliters and in return we offer you protection and transport home with a resolve to your war in your homelands " Brian replies
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  18. "Why are you talking so fast? What's a Berlin? What's Germany?" The Broodmother asked. "Anyway, I appreciate the offer for the protection, I think.' She hissed in a much lower volume. "Why did you come here? Did you really come here to help us?"
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  19. a shrill Scream came from Ryan's comlink and he muted it and replied to the broodmother"I did come to help for both our mutual advantage sorry about my friend on my comlink he has arachnophobia , Berlin is a city in Germany a country in Europe across the Atlantic sea and also Merc Tech can provide your with high quality weapons for you and your brood"
  20. "Ah okay I suppose. . . Um, I'm afraid that I can't just leave for some country over the sea and leave my babies behind. They need me. "
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