From Me to Your Heart (With princessyuna)

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  1. Lin's POV

    "Jesus Christ! I'm already late!" I looked at my watch as I ran down the hallway, frantically trying to get to class on time. Almost there, Lin. Almost there...

    Maybe I should introduce myself. The name's Lin. Currently stuck in high school trying to concentrate on my studies so I could get into a good university. Like 95% of students, I hate homework and the long, dragging hours of school. Thank god it's my last year at this crummy school.

    Just before my physics teacher shut the door on me, I slipped my hand into the small opening and pushed the door to open. Not paying attention to where I'm throwing or where I'll end up sitting, I chucked my books onto a random empty spot and quickly sat down, pretending nothing had happened.

    "Ughhh," I heard my teacher groaned, as he rubbed his nose and adjusted his glasses, "Please be more careful next time! And arrive on time!"
    "Sorry sir," I scratched my head, apologising for my actions.

    My friends, Marlene and Kaya, were seated right behind me. I wanted to sit next to them, but their row was already filled by the time I actually arrived in class. As I listened to my teacher going on and on in a monotone voice about the laws of gravity, I heard quiet laughter and speech in which I couldn't make out any of the words. It was obvious who was laughing, as they had this distinct noise that no one else made when they roar in laughter. Marlene and Kaya were covering their mouth seemingly trying really hard not to giggle loudly. I slowly turned my head back, giving them a raised eyebrow about what they were laughing about. They pointed their fingers in unison to the person next to me. My eyes followed them, only to quickly cower in complete and utter embarrassment.

    I was sitting next to Tatsuki. Also known as, my ultimate crush.
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