From Fire to Warp

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  2. Esa had just recently ventured outside the borders of her home village again, the sun was just barely peeking through the trees, she was scavenging around as per usual for some mosses, herbs, and perhaps a few berries and edible mushrooms to bring back home. Their Shaman did need his supply of those things replenished, and unfortunately he wasn't so courageous when it came to venturing too far out of the village, so there was that too, plus, perhaps she might get lucky and run into a good beast to hunt or something. As time progressed, she started to move further and further away from the village making sure to remember her path through the forest as she did so, she'd never gotten lost just yet since she was taught to always keep track of her surroundings; even the littlest things can become the greatest of land marks in times of need.
  3. "Did the spirits speak to you, Great Master? Are the hunters going to be successful?"

    The old shaman looked at Moko sternly. "Patience, young Moko. Coming back from the spirit world presents certain... difficulties, especially for one of my age."

    Moko looked down at the ground. "I'm sorry, Great Master. Still, I want to know what the ancestors told you."

    "This will not be a good hunt. The elk have moved to the land of the Ash-Spear tribe, and the mammoth will not come here for another moon. Still, the hunters should bring back many deer, and with luck, a buffalo. But they also brought me grave news. Three days from now, I shall join them in the Endless Forest."

    "But Great Master, you can't die! You're still healthy and strong!"

    The old man glared at Moko. "Do not presume to question the spirits, Moko. All things go to the Endless Forest, even I. You shall be our shaman, and you shall make us proud."
  4. Out In The Forest:
    We marched out to get our game. This is our trial, whoever gets a big game, gets to eat of the Big Shroom, and become big like it. Sooner or later, when I get to the Biggest Shroom, I can take on the Great Orc, and I will then be Great Orc.

    I marched along with the other Youngspores, we need to work together to take something big down, but afterwards, the battle begins, and I will win and take the prize as my own. The blades of grass are tall today, hard to see over. I hate being small. It's so... not big.

    "Hey you, this is our grounds, go away!!!" I immediately retort. "No, our land! You go away!" We then collide with those redcaps, and war then begins.
  5. As Esa continued to walk, she stumbled across the strangest sight she'd ever seen; small sized Orc's who seemed to be preoccupied with taking down a bigger target; this was definitely a new sight for her.... At the same time it intrigued her, and excited her a little, as this meant new prey to hunt and perhaps even take home as trophies, the fight wouldn't be easy no doubt, but she didn't care. This was something she had been looking for all along, new and unique prey that might even lead her to new lands, lands where perhaps she could find some exotic herbs to bring home to her shaman as a bonus, only if she was really lucky though...
  6. At the Village: @daird

    I am a wandering Shaman. I have dipped into the Endless Forest, and I have learned to call it's creatures. Because of this, I have been casted out of my village, and left to wander. I then died.

    But I woke up, and I walked again. I am the vessel of the Endless Forest, from me, they shall see what the Endless Forest really is.

    A village, blind of it's purpose, and I sense a recent death within. I now walk there, to show them the secrets of the Endless Forest. Soon, all will know of it.
  7. In the Ice Capped Mountains.

    I walk along with my fellow giants. We have seen a dragon flying about these mountains, a huge reptilian thing which breathes fire. It must be taken care of, and this will be a good opportunity to show that I am a true and great heir as chief.

    As we walked, we began to feel things becoming warmer, we are getting close. "For those who wish not to go further, leave now. From here, is the point of no return." My people showed their loyalty by staying. I told the eldest to go back and tell the others I'm at the mouth of the dragon den. I then move forward.

    I am here, the cave is bellowing with smoke, and the dragon sleeps within. I go forward, to claim my kill.
  8. Krothak, one of the watchmen, called out from the western hill. "Rally the village. Something comes from the north, bearing no markings of any clan!"

    "Go, Moko. A shaman should be there, and I am still too weak."

    Moko raced off to the hill with all the haste and eagerness of youth. When he got there, he saw a corpse walking towards the village. It had grey, rotting skin and a shuffling motion. Moko reached into a small bag and pulled out several herbs. "Give me flint so I can light these. I will attempt to talk to the spirit inside that body and ask it to leave. Should this fail, we'll need to spear it. But I shall go first, in hopes that nobody of this village must die today."
  9. In the Forest: @york

    We swarmed the redcaps, and cut and stabbed anywhere we possibly could. They were tough, and one of them bit off my arm, but I'm not concerned, it'd grow back anyway, unlike his head, which I'm currently sawing off. "Big game!!!" said a Youngspore. We all turned to the human, and just stared. Then all at once, we forgot about the redcaps, and charged at the human, yelling our battlecries and weapons held high. It didn't matter if the redcaps survived, this is big game here, and I will hold its head as my own.
  10. At the Village: @daird

    A young Shaman came to me cautiously. I continued forward as usual and stopped in front of him. "I have sensed a death here, and I am a guide of the Endless Forest. I know of it's ways, and I can show you of its ways. Here is an example."

    I raise my hand and a storm of spirits begins to form. I then pick a spirit out, and summon him to this world, to prove my mastery over death.
  11. At first, Esa stood still looking on with interest as the tiny creatures waged war with a few of what looked almost like their own, but had red caps on, then a younger one of the attacking group yelled out "Big game!!!" causing the entire group to turn towards her. With a menacing glare, Esa glared back as they started at her for a while before they all charged at her, knowing she couldn't take on all of them head on, she sprinted towards a tall tree with multiple vines hanging from it's branches, effortlessly scaling it with the help of her spear until she neared one of the vines. With her free hand she grabbed it and swung towards the still advancing group crying out herself, just like any other hunter would do in battle with her spear raised hoping to kill a good number of her attackers.
  12. Moko was awestruck. He'd never seen a shaman with such power. "Even my teacher can't bring a spirit back from the Endless Forest! What are you, stranger, and why did you seek out my clan? Have you come to teach us, to conquer us, or for some other reason I cannot yet fathom?"
  13. @york

    We jump to face the giant vine-swinger, with utmost ferocity and bravery. Some of us were speared, and others were bashed far away, but I managed to grabbed on the giants foot, and, after digging my ax blades in to get a good grip, begin my climb across its leg to kill the game, and claim it as my trophy.


    I simply smiled, and spoke. "I felt your father's spirit begin to wander within, I may guide you in its ways, so you might be together. I ask you, may I enter?"
  14. Esa felt one of the creatures grab onto her foot and begin scaling her leg, she even felt a slight prickle of pain as it seemed to have dug into her left shin attemtping to get the rest of the way up her leg. Dropping down from the vine into the forest below for a moment, she managed to scrape the little pest off her leg with the tip of her spear before climbing another tree; this time she knew she had to be more carefull.
  15. Moko looked at the stranger, extremely wary of him. "You may enter, as long as you do so under guard. I ask this of all those who enter our village for this first time, purely as a precaution. These lands can make one savage, and there is no such thing as being too careful."
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