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  1. From Fire To Warp is a Fantasy which spans the time beginning from Prehistory to the Far Future. We begin at the very beginnings of society, small nomadic hunter gatherer tribes, and progress through history, to the stars above.

    Things won't be that easy. I'll make sure to hurl some curve rocks to make this straight and narrow path harder to balance, along with the others probably doing the same thing for who knows why. The story is yours to make. Go forth, and make history!


    Iwaku rules, of course.

    No character death unless it's with permission of who will be killed, and my knowing of it.

    Stay within reason for the time. If it's caveman times, and you want a medieval society, we'll get there eventually.

    No negativity OOC! Conflict is great, but there's no reason to be angry over what someone did on here. It is just a game. If there is an actual issue, I'll set up a PM discussion for both of you, along with me and an unbiased viewer.

    Have fun.

    Character Sheet: Explain what you feel need explaining. If I don't understand something, I'll PM you with my questions.

    Name: What you are called.

    Gender: Male/Female/None

    Race: What are you.

    Age: How old.

    Description: How you look and act.

    Skills: What you are good at. Innate abilities and learned experience

    Inventory: What you have with you. Only notable things.

    Period of history so far: Prehistoric. Basic tribal technology. Shaman magic.
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  2. Name: Knuser Ansitker

    Gender: Male

    Race: Frost Giant

    Age: 23

    Description: Albino, stocky,muscular build, glowing blue runic tattoos on the sides of head, arms, and chest. White mohawk and lambchops, with icy blue eyes. Teeth sharpened to fine, sharp tips.

    He is a young chieftain, who feels like he needs to prove himself to his people. He is volatile, easy to anger and always ready for a fight.

    Skills: He is a fearsome and intimidating leader, who is able to quell most uprising, and sow fear into those who dare try, along with rallying his fellows for a fierce fight. He fights in a berserk fashion, and wields two axes with wild abandon.

    Frost Giants stand tall at 12-14 feet, have the strength to hurl large boulders like shot-puts, and have a natural sheen of ice covering over them. They have a chilling aura, which causes the air around them to become very cold.

    Inventory: Wields two axes, with a jagged blade edge. Wears his fathers amulet, which symbolizes his position as leader.
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  3. [​IMG]

    Character Sheet: Esa is a hunter gatherer (of course) living with her tribe, even if she's a little more prone to wandering off to scavenge or hunt, often spending her time away from her home camp when she can. (Sorry about how minimalistic this is >.<)

    Name: Esa Cleasby (XD this is as primitive I could get... Sorry!)

    Gender: Female

    Race: Human

    Age: 17

    Description: Esa wears minimal leather clothing for extra speed and maneuverability (armor isn't a thing yet anyways), her skin takes on a slightly dark tan color due to the amount of time she spent in the sun. Esa tends to be curious and cautious, often a little hostile/reserved to most people unfamiliar to her at first.

    - Stealthy
    - Fast
    - Skilled with spears (can throw them or use them without doing so, typically for hunting)
    - Knows her own territory well (is familiar with what can/can't be eaten, good hiding places, places to avoid, etc)
    - Charismatic (unless angered)
    - Almost never gets sunburnt

    Inventory: Spear, basic healing herbs, small amount of food and water
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  4. You might want to make a banner ad for this. It's too crazy an idea to let languish without players.

    Oh, and @york ? The easiest way to get a caveman-sounding name is to use a grunt-sounding name

    Name: Moko Lork

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Age: 23

    Moko wears robes of elk fur. He is short and scrawny, with black hair and hazel eyes

    Skills: As an apprentice shaman, Moko is somewhat skilled in communing with the spirits. He can guide deer and small game into the hunters, and can predict minor storms, but influencing large game and controlling the weather is beyond his powers.
  5. XD I can't think of any grunt-sounding names other than "Ug ugh"... If I had any artistic skill though, I would make a banner.
  6. I'm thinking that for @york, you are going to be caught in the middle of a fight between two orc hunting parties while your out grabbing herbs. These are young orcs, they are only the size of your average mushroom, but they are mean, and tend to gang up on anything larger than them. For @daird, a Frost Giant, not me, is going to come and check out your village. It wasn't seen by them before, and a Giant was sent out to see what you do. Thoughts? I'll get it typed up soon.
  7. Sure :3 I think that should be good o.o (my character will love the action and hate those orcs :P)
  8. Wrong page o.O
  9. mind explaining how the timeline thing works?
  10. I was thinking that what your previous character did would affect what happened afterwards. For time movement, I'm not sure, I'd probably stay in a certain time period until people wanted to move forward
  11. Er... Speaking of which, are you still waiting for a response from @daird ? Because I kinda wanna see things moving o.o
  12. Name: Akka Nok

    Gender: Female

    Race: Human

    Age: 19

    Description: Tan , lithe, bit of muscle, has long ragged black hair with face paint. wears some furry clothing

    Skills: stealthy, good fighter, shanistic magic and finally good with staff and spear. plus

    Inventory: Furr of wolf cap, medical pouches for minor stuff, strapped to her back a shaman staff and a spear.

    Period of history so far: Prehistoric. Basic tribal technology. Shaman magic.
  13. Here o.o not sure if the person who wrote the thread is though XS
  14. I'm still here.
  15. Gonna work on this when I have my own computer, and not using someone elses.
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