From a Planet in the Stars

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  1. On an unnamed planet amongst the Andromeda Galaxy, there is a war being waged. Not a war of men, nor a war of mice, but a war of the sexes. The Torians- the female inhabitants and the Kroul- the males, have decided that each other's ways of living are a threat and have decided that it is a fight to the death.

    Meanwhile, almost to the surface, a rocket looms, carrying newly arrived humans -Both scientists and Military personnel- come to inspect the planet, for they have found it is the closest replica to Earth. Same atmosphere, same water content, but they wanted to know if there was life.

    Unnamed Planet:

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  2. James Matterson felt so lucky to be here. He looked out of the window of his quarters at the distant planet as they neared it's surface. It was beautiful. It's vast seas and the distant view of green foliage reminded him of home, not to mention a similar cloudy atmosphere. There was certainly a strangeness to the planet. He was far enough to see a larger and smaller continent. They didn't resemble those on his planet at all. It gave him a strange heady feeling to be looking at something so similar yet so different at the same time. So James turned his head away and looked back down at his logs. He was keeping track of how his journey here went. How he was able to meet his dietary needs, forms of exercise, the moral and level of sanity of his crew on this long journey, how the tempers had cut short near the end.

    The space shuttle was much larger than they used to be. The advanced technology afforded them this luxury at least. It still wasn't great though. The men and women on board were trained for this, so they nearly thrived. James was impressed. He didn't have as much training as them at all. He was a renowned biologist and botanist on earth. Exactly why he was chosen for this mission. Space travel was something new and frightening for him though.

    It would still be many hours until they reached the planet they were going towards. James wasn't liking the approach they were taking. He was almost sure there would be some sort of life on this planet, maybe even billions of species like their own. They had no way of knowing just how intelligent they could be, or how dangerous. They were just gonna go down there in person to get this information? He sighed and shook his head, then decided to try and get some notes down about how this planet looked from so far away. He was growing exhausted though. He spent many nights lying awake afraid of where their journey would take them.
  3. Kitsura looked up at the sky as the large silver orb rose in it. She had named the thing 'Luran' For she thought it was beautiful, but the others in her clan had shunned her and made fun of her for liking something so inanimate. She was an outcast among her people, for she saw the good in everyone, even the Kroul. Everyone, even her parents, had begun ignoring her, casting her from the village. She now had no one to talk to, so she talked to the 'Luran' at night. She was often found by passer-bys hanging in a tree whittling or drawing with the blood of any animal she managed to kill. She was secretly a very skilled combatant, but no one ever gave her the chance. She had been in an arranged marriage with the son of a rich Torian, but she had ran from it, promising herself to find someone she truely loved, whether it be her own kind or not.

    She was the first to see the glittering dot in the sky, but she brushed it off as a myth that her elder mother (grandmother) had told her. It was named a 'star', and it brought luck to anyone who wished upon one. Kitsura's eyes fluttered chut and she made her silent wish up to the 'star' as tears of silver fell onto her cheeks. Her only wish was to have someone to love her, to have someone who wanted to hold her and keep her safe. She wiped the tears from her cheek and slid from her tree to the hard cold ground below her.
  4. Luvenia was walking in the direction of her village after a hunt. She carried a bow and arrow on her left shoulder and on her right was the body of a fresh kill. It was not a large animal at all, it's head dipped to her mid back and it's waist rested on her shoulder. It was a difficult kill, she shot it three times. Her first arrow hip the animals hip but it continued to run with a limp. Her second shot had hit the animals shoulder, and at this the animal fell crying in pain. The sight made Luvenia sick to her stumach but never hesitated in taking the final blow with an arrow to the heart. On her walk home she thought of the animal, anyone with that much will to live shouldn't be killed, she thought to herself. It was now, holding the animal that she cringed, the male, dog like animal appears to have just entered into adult hood. Her parents would be glad with her selection, large enough to feed them, but still young and tender. When she was little she had made a agreement with herself that she would hunt for her family, but only if she killed to old with not much life left.

    When she made it into the village the youngest of her sisters had run to great her "Welcome back!" She called running and hugging her side. Her mother came and looked at the medium sized animal she had brought back. It was obvious she noticed the three wounds. "Well your technique needs some work but this will do." Her mother took the cadaver and without a word she turned on her heels inside the house to clean the animal. Luvenia knelt to the ground and smiled to her younger sister "I am, did you learn anything new today?" Her younger sister Kavya took a moment before shaking her head no. She was being school by their mother just like Luvenia was at her age. "I see" She said steightening up. "Well I have to go, why don't you be a good girl and help mum with skinning dinner?" She said as she turned and began walking away from her home. Kavya went inside their house and you could hear the pitter patter of her little feet as she ran inside.
  5. James awoke, only to realize he had fallen asleep. His head rested on his notebook, and his neck had a god awful krik. He stood and groaned, just in time for a knock to be heard on the door.

    "Yes, yes, come in." James said groggily. A soldier burst in, quickly saluting. "Sir," he said in a voice to loud for James' liking. "I'm glad to see you ready, we were worried you had slept in when we did not see you in the mess hall."

    "Of course I'm ready," James answered, not wanting to admit he had just fallen asleep in his clothes.

    "Well, I'm glad you are prepared. We need you to head out immediately. Our probes have made a shocking discovery. there's a village only twenty miles from here. There's some intelligent life after all... We'll be sending a few soldiers with you, but you are needed to do a discreet study on them so we can determine if they are friendly or not."

    James blinked in shock at all this information. He wasn't even aware that they had landed. Intelligent life? He cursed himself for falling asleep. James gathered up his notebook and pen. "I'll leave right away," he said, adrenaline coursing through his body. Worked better than any coffee he'd ever had.

    Only fifteen minutes later, James was standing in the open air of the planet. He took a long, deep breath. The air was almost exactly like theirs. Maybe even a little thicker, James found he was able to take smaller, fewer breathes.

    "Sir," one of the men said from atop a small ATV like vehicle. "We will be able to take you fifteen miles closer, but the rest of the way will have to be on foot so that we do not give ourselves away prematurely." James nodded, and boarded the vehicle with four soldiers in tow, two men and two women. They took off, nearing the village in the distance.

    It took a while for them to reach their destination from the drop off point. When they made it, they moved quietly and tried to hide among what foliage there was. When James saw one of the creatures for the first time in the distance, his eyes went wide and he dropped down. She was... beautiful really. Almost resembling a human in form. She was carrying her kill, an animal that resembled a dog from his planet.
  6. Kitsura had been watching the strange animals since they had arrived in her area on their metal horses. She climbed skillfully from tree to tree, watching them with a very skeptical eye. There were almost stalking her younger sister, Luvenia. Luvenia was learning to hunt, but she was appearing as of then to be the hunted. Kitsura followed the men silently for a few moments, then soundlessly dropped down on a larger male in back, wrapping an arm around his throat, a knife she had carved from bone pressing against the soft flesh. These animals were... squishy. And their breathing was so off. She growled in his ear, more of a low clicking sound, and muttered to him.

    "Qui sunt vobis? Ubi a te? Dico me nunc!"

    She could hear the creature's heartbeat speed up as the fear swept through him. She had been so silent that the rest of his people hadn't noticed the change.
  7. James was so enraptured by the strange creature in front of him, he didn't notice one of his men being taken by one of the same from behind. One of his other soldiers did, though. She smacked his back hard to alert him, and turned to aim her weapon at the alien who had the soldier. The other two did the same. Clearly the alien was outnumbered, at least for the moment. And if she killed the man, they would have no choice. They had little now. However, James pushed the ends of their guns down, toward the floor. "wait," he hissed. "There are far more of them here than us... We don't want to start a war. They're intelligent, maybe they aren't too violent and we can establish some sort of communication." It was only one now. So if anything went wrong, they could probably take her out. She was only armed with a knife. The soldiers grudgingly lowered their weapons, but still kept their hands on them, in case the alien woman tried to make a move.

    James' mind was turning. How was he going to convey some sense of 'We come in peace'? He closed his eyes in frustration, than an idea stuck him. He reached for his notebook and if he had time, drew a quick sketch. He tried his best to draw a picture of what these aliens looked like, and then drew a non-descript human. He drew them both shaking hands. He hoped this would convey a message. He would hate to have to fight these creatures, and put even one of them down. He showed it to the woman, waking just a bit closer. "Peace," he said, pointing to the picture.
  8. Kitsura glared at the man, the strange sound he made as he stepped forward churning in her mind. She needed to adapt to their language. In a flash, she had nicked the cheek of the soldier in her arms and she licked the blood from the end of her knife. She gasped as his memories and thoughts of understanding flooded her mind, leaving her mute for a moment as her eyes widened then she looked at them and let the man go.

    "Wh... What are you doing here?"

    The odd language fell from her lips awkwardly, her voice soft and shaking. She was scared, but not that much.
  9. Luvenia was in the middle of a hunt and about to attempt to shoot an animal when she heard her sisters voice. She spoke in their native language and after a moment of silance she could hear a strange sound comming from what seemed to be a few differant people. She followed the sound with a little fear. Though trying her hardest not to make a sound she was not a light on her feet as her older sister so she made soft crunching noises of brush under her feet. When she reached a close enough distance to see she noticed her sister looking defensive against some of the most guresome creatures she had ever seen. When Kitsura took a step back from the creatures she looked scared.

    To see her sister in such a way made her stumach churn. Luvenia dropped her bow and arrow from her shoulder and raised it directing it on the man closest to her. Luvenia pulled back the bow and held it their, luckily there was not alot of movement comming from the man or she would not even dare letting go of the arrow for fear it would miss or even worse stike Kitsura.
  10. Kitsura glanced into the bushes and saw the glimmering bow of her sister. She silently shook her head faint enough that only the girl in the bushes could see. She kept the sight of the men around her and she smiled weakly.

    "Please repeat after me loud enough that anyone around you could hear because as of now you are an inch from being shot... 'Pax nostra tuis.' Yell it, please."
  11. When she nicked the soldier's cheek, everyone reacted. The man in her arms would step away and level his gun at her, the rest going to surround her. James was the only one who remained. The alien had acted violently now... though he sensed there was some reason behind it. However, if his kind were in danger he would not stop these men from doing what they came here to do. Protect him and each other. When she spoke their language, Jame's eyes widened. How did... What she said made him jump in fear, and suddenly two of the soldiers turned their guns on the bow woman.

    "Pax nostra tuis!" He cried, mouth stumbling around the words.
  12. Luvenia blinked her eyes confussed by what the strange creature was saying till he spoke her language. She put down her bow and stepped out from the bushes. Though she was surrprised by the men before her she glared at them for acting with hostility towards her older sister. She looked to Kitsura for an explanation of whats going on. Obviously she must know even the slightest but more. She kept her eyes on her sister wondering if they were going to try a surprise attack when the men were off their guard or what they were going to do.

    She guess what her sister had done to be able to speak the strange creatures language. She wasn't quite ready to try that herself, she didn't what to know any horrible thing the creatures were thinking. She wanted to remain oblivious to their intent and have them gone soon.
  13. Kitsura wandered to her sister, taking her hand. It had been so long since she'd let the girl see her, and they both knew, no doubt, that if they were seen together, they would both be put to death. Kitsura had been banned and her sister's love had put them both in danger. Quietly, she explained to the younger girl that the strange creatures were humans and they came in peace, searching for a safe haven, for their world was falling apart. The whole time Kitsura's eyes were locked on the leader, who was staring at Luvenia with an odd expression. Kitsura stuttered a tiny bit.

    "I'm s-sorry... for making you bleed, kind soldier... I d-did it to learn you... To learn from you... Please, shoot me if you must, if I have offended you or your kind, death is the only apology I can give. But please... Let my little sister go back to the village... She has done no wrong."

    Her hand tightened on Luvenia's as she spoke, her heart breaking for she knew one of the odd machines in the soldiers' hands would be used to kill her. She bowed her head, her hand slipping from her little sister's, and fell to her knees, ready to accept her fate. She had done wrong, and she knew she must pay.
  14. Luvenia looked to her sister wide eyed and spoke in her own language "What are you doing! Get up off the ground! What ever it is you are thinking there is no reason for you to be like this!* Luvenia pulled out her bow and eyed it for a moment, she wasn't one for blood, and it took all her willpower to not let a hunt go free. She took a deep breath and helth the small stone arrow in her hand. One of the men spotted her and he was the one she decided to get. She made a small slash acrossed the mans face and licked away the blood. Her eyes dialated in shock of the mans memories, some scary, some beautiful. In a moment she looked at her sister and stood by her side "I don't know what this is about, but if you dare lay a hand on my sister a little scratch will be nothing compared to what I will do to you" She glared at the men looking between them all to see if they understood her words or if she happened to have found the wrong language and it was french or so the man had called it that they understood. The words as they spilt off her tounge tasted as rusty and salty as the blood so she gulped both in fear and in hope to clear away the taste.
  15. The whole team looked at Kitsura in shock. It was all enough to make the soldiers lower their guns. They stood a little awkwardly, uncomfortable with the thought of killing this woman who was currently posing no threat to them.

    James shook his head and exclaimed in frustration, approaching the alien woman. "Look," she said, directing his speech to all those around him. It was then that Luvenia snatched up another of his men. Everyone stirred, "No! No, let her... She's just trying to understand too." James said, holding his arm out. The soldier grunted as his cheek was slashed, but made no hostile movements other than to back away disgruntled. The other woman's words were harsh, but they were in the correct language. They all spoke English. English, not American, as they would commonly say.

    "Look," he reiterated in pointed anger, turning toward Luvenia. He'd had about enough of this. Being a biologist and a botanist, he'd grown used to working with things with little intelligence. At first he was excited about the thought of finding and studying another sentient species. Now they were too much like... Well, people, for his liking. He took a calming breath, than started again. "It is an amazing skill you have that allows you to understand us... Really, this should make this all easier." The soldiers looked from James to the one who had threatened them all last. James approached Kitsura and offered his hand out to her to help her up. He hoped this gesture would not offend these strange creatures. "We are not going to kill you. We didn't come here to kill anybody. But we will do what it takes to protect our own." He knew that the level of intelligence these people had should make them equals. That's how he wanted to treat them. He wouldn't let them go around hurting his crew though.
  16. Before Kitsura could speak, a black arrow whizzed past the men and landed deep in her chest with a sickening thud. She fell to the ground, a bright blue liquid seeping out around the wound nd she coughed, gesturing to Luvenia.

    "Get them out of here it's the Kroul! Get them to the village! Warn everyone!"

    She stood, flinching as she took another arrow before breaking the ends off, the head still imbedded in her chest. She let out a war cry like no other and disappeared into the bushes. It would be extremely unsafe for the creatures to fight the Kroul. It would end in death for their kind. Kitsura had to protect them.
  17. luvenia was torn between helping her sister and doing as she said. She stood for a moment dazed before she looked to the men. She sighed and made a 'follow me' motion and ran to the villiage. She knew her sister was strong and a skilled fighter, she could easily hold off the men till Luvenia could get back and help with a few others. She wished she knew just how many Kroul there were, she knew few in the villiage would come save Kitsura because she was a bit more imaginative than everyone else. She took a deep sigh, she knew that if she sent the men to the villiage and left them the grandmother would beable to understand them and for the most part treat them fairly. She looked behind her for a moment. She could see the men clearly but slowed a bit as she neared the villiage, if she would be able to get out quickly she needed to enter as if there was no rush to get back to her sister who she was forbidden to see.
  18. Kitsura ran at the rogue men, dodging and striking as often as possible, but still taking a few deep gashes. She cried out as she felt the weakness rush over her. She was losing too much blood to go on this way, but she had to. There was no other way.

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  19. James was uncomfortable leaving the woman to fend for herself. Though the way he saw it, she was already dead. He also found it weird that Luvenia would save them rather than her sister. He didn't want to push his luck though, so he kept his mouth shut. They had their guns, these aliens seemed only to have primitive weapons. Right now they were outnumbered. Truthfully though, if they wished to pick a side they could probably turn the tide of the war. Especially with their ship, which was also well armed. James and the other scientists, meteorologists, microbiologists, anthropologists, they had all sorts, and they all agreed that if intelligent life was found, not to interfere with whatever it was they were doing. No one wanted something like what happened to the Native Americans to happen here. "Where are we going?" James asked, after a length of silence.
  20. Luvenia looked at him, "To the villiage of corse, you can stay safe their before I go back to my sister," She said firmly turning back into the direction they were heading in. She now felt like she was in a hurry and said "Just continue steight and in a few secnds you should reach the villiage. Keep your wepons down and they should be very hospitable. She turned in the direction they came from and counted the arrows she had on her back, "Kin" She mumbled feeling the four. It took three to kill a small animals for her and her bad aim and god knows how many it would take to kills a Kroul. She gritted her teeth if it came down to it then she would just have to fight with her bare hands. She ma cause less damage to them but at least she could be more accurate. Luvenia began to run back to her sister.