Frightening fiction

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  1. We've all heard of Stephen King and HP Lovecraft, and despite their popularity and awesome talent, they are far from the only authors that write fiction with strong horror themed elements.


    Who are some of your favorite writers who specialize in Horror?
  2. Dean Koontz has ALWAYS been one of my favorite horror/suspense authors. Since the night my thirteen year old self sat down alone (save for two sleeping toddlers) in a dimly lit apartment in the middle of a storm and read False Memory all the way through.

    I had a heart attack when the kids' parents came home. I jumped right out of my skin.
  3. Edgar Allan Poe. Definitely him. I loved him when we were reading his stuff during High School and I still love it. I don't normally read Horror because it's not my genre (also because I am a wuss) but his is just the right of amount of terror for me. >.< I can get creeped but still sleep.
  4. I only read one horror book but I fell in love with it. It was by Brian Keene and the book was called "Urban Gothic"