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  1. (This is a romance rp. Please post at least 3 sentences. Your character must be a boy at least at the age of 17. He will be Mikayla's best friend. The plot is that they have been friends for a long time and are suddenly beginning to fall in love. Please post a form for your character like mine)

    My Character

    Mikayla Dawn Crowfield: Mikayla
    About: She is a natural brunette but puts blonde highlights in her hair.She is a party person she loves to go partying although she doesn't go a lot being she doesn't find very many to go to. She is pretty out going but she can be shy at times. She has a pretty low self esteem but doesn't show it. She is sassy and sarcastic sometimes but fun to be around. She is flirty but never really has boyfriends. Her parents died when she was 7. They died in a fire when she was at a friends house. She was put into an adoption center until she was 11 when she ran away. She enrolled herself in school and lived alone in an abandoned apartment until she was 16 and bought a new apartment with her best friend. She got a job as waitress in a nearby diner.


    I woke up in the bedroom I shared with my best friend. Sadly we could only afford a one bedroom apartment. It never really bothered me though I didn't mind sleeping with my friend. We had been friends since we were kids. I met him in an adoption center when my parents had died. We have been best friends ever since. I climbed out of bed trying not to wake him. I changed into my waitress uniform. I pulled at the collar on the dress making it lie correctly then flattened my apron. On my way out the door I grabbed my light blue 50's themed car hop hat and my phone.
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