Friends of a Different Kind (With Moxie)

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  1. @Moxie

    Name: Seiichi Rayashi (Goes by Sei for short)

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Height : 5,6

    Personality: Seiichi is outgoing even for a criminal, he enjoys doing stuff that harmless rebels would do like graffiti. Sei becomes deadly when his past is touched and he hates being told what to do.

    History: Sei comes from a broken family, his mother died when he was 10 and his father knocked up some teenage girl who he was forced to call mother, his little brother Kai, is 5 and he loves him and would never harm him. Sei got into shit since he was just a pre scholar, stealing, pranks all sorts of things, mostly to get money to do his excuse of a mother's job. Then he turned 15, his wanna be mother was sitting on her lazy ass again, drinking, doing drugs and not taking care of Kai. Sei murdered her that night, his first kill, he took Kai to an orphanage and said that he would bring some sort of money in, as began his criminal life.

    Appearance: [​IMG]


    Sei appears in public dressed in black jeans, black hood, black fingerles gloves and black shoes. He is only ever seen in day time when he goes to see his little brother.

    Sei was running again, the sirens of his capture getting closer. He just robbed some rich business owner, stuck a bullet between his eyes to, just for the fun. Now he was running through the alleys of the back streets of the city. "SHIT!" He yelled as he hit a dead end, he looked around him. He put his knife between his teeth and climbed the building with the skill of an acrobat, he already kicked the cops ass a few minuets back and wasn't going to do it again.

    He jumped a few rooftops untill he knew it was save. He stuffed all the stuff his stole back in the bag and jumped down the building into a dark alley way, he was far from where he lived and the cut on his side was gonna be a problem.
  2. 1331529-bigthumbnail.jpg

    Real Name

    Cedric Sunderland


    Matt Lyon






    Morning Star
    Baseball Bat studded with iron nails
    Metal Baton


    + Not completely insane
    + Great memory

    - Extremely Hostile
    - Selfish
    - Territorial
    - Somewhat Perverted


    Tasting / Drinking Wine
    Ridding the world of "nuisances"
    Singing (Sometimes)


    Stamping onto the lid of the crate to finally seal the container, a mild tune would emit from within his throat. A bright red fluid coloured the pale man's hands, and everything else in a one metre radius of the figure. His trusty bat lay upon the ground, directly to the side of his feet and half-submerged in a pool of another's blood. The smell of death lingered in the stale air, a scent that would make most people gag and retch but not Cedric.

    It did take some effort to shift the box a dozen metres or so towards the back-door of a nearby store, especially since there were still a dead body within it. Though, it would be worth it when Cedric thought of the surprise and horror that would run throughout the person unlucky enough to open the crate the next day.

    The man had just been about to finish up and head back to his secluded home when someone leaped down into the alley he currently stood in. Narrowing his vivid hues, Cedric strolled back towards his bat, which was now a couple of metres away. "...Who the hell are you." He questioned, once he had finally picked up his weapon because who knows, this stranger may be a threat.
  3. He didn't usually kill this way, no, he usually used his katana enjoying cutting up his victims but this night there was no time, before he knew it his the police was there how he didn't know.
    He walked further down the alley way he was in and put his small knive away and took out a larger one, he got it of a poor butcher, his customers sure enjoyed his new range beef, if only they knew.

    He focused on the person, he didn't take his mask off, he only glared "Get out of my way" he sneered not in the mood for stupid teens who thought they could mug him.
  4. Pressing the tip of the wooden bat against the hard ground, Cedric's face twisted into one of confusion. He remained silent for a couple more seconds, thoughts shooting through his head at 200 miles per hour. It couldn't be. Not him. But this man's voice. It's exactly the same as the young boy he used to play with.

    "...Sei..? Is that you?" Cedric muttered, glaring hard at the other's feet in thought. His arm brought up the weapon once more, moonlight falling onto the rusty nails embedded within it.

  5. Sei didn't have a very deep voice, still somewhat boyish "What" he spoke to himself, he was panicking inside, it could not be him, no he was gone or dead or lived far away, this guy was fucking with his head. He grabbed his knife and pointed it forward, he had not time he had a wound to take care of "How do you know my name..if your a cop and I love life...move like I said" he spoke wincing with every word.
  6. Eyes darting up suddenly as the glint of metal caught his eye, Cedric's hues widened ever so slightly at the sight of a knife being pointed directly at him. One half of mind screamed at him to simply leave the memories behind and end the boy right there, yet the other half was determined to rekindle their long lost friendship.

    "..Yo..It's me, Cedric. I'm no cop, far from one. If I was honest..I'm the opposite." The blonde stated, a mild fury forming in the back of his head as he heard the words the other spoke.​
  7. "Shut up" he said his whole body shaking in sadness and anger "Cedric left, he doesn't live here he abandoned me!" He felt like crying. He didn't know what happened but before they knew it their friendship was ripped apart, Sei at that time was too young to understand and thought that cedric left him for no reason, leaving him in his hardest times. Even tho it wasn't cedric's fault.

    "You can't prove it" he glared at the other standing in front of him.
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