Friends For An Eternity



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Jennifer shed a single tear, looking at the old picture of her and her best childhood friend; Danny. It made her so sad that she might have caused him harm, not to mention death. All because of that fateful night, which she remembered clearly....

Jennifer and Danny had been at the park for their usual walks. It was difficult sometimes being a vampire and all, but she didn't really mind. That was the purpose for going at night anyway.
As they walked over the bridge, both talking away, she heard something behind them. "Did you hear anything?" Jenna asked. Danny paused and listened. "shhh....." he said. He turned back and made sure nothing was there. "" he said. "but, why w-what's..?" she didn't get to finish before a huge mob of hunters came from under the bridge. Danny grabbed Jenna's hand and quickly pulled her and Hid behind a huge rock. "I told you we shouldn't have come here..I never wanted for this to happen, to put you in danger!" Jenna said. She sighed When she heard a twig break, she looked up as two men dressed all in black held guns to both of their heads. Danny swallowed hard. One of the men grabbed Jenna by her brown hair and whispered," At last, we got the bitch." the other man laughed. As he punched Danny in the face. He growled in protest. He carefully got up as the man grabbed him from his hair too. Without thinking, Danny kicked the guy between his legs; the man falling and clutching his stomach in pain. Danny then jumped on the other guy and pinning him down, pushing Jenna and making her stumble to the floor. "RUN!" he yelled at her. "I- I can't just leave you here!!!" she stuttered. "GO!" he yelled as the man he had kicked got up, running towards Danny with a glare that looked like he wanted to rip his throat out. Jenna hesitated and then quickly ran away, trying not to look back. Once she was safe, far away from the hunters..and Danny, she fell to her knees crying...helpless.
Two years passed, and there was no sign of Danny, all those search parties and trips to the forest, all worth nothing.

Jenna had tried to forget that
Night and block that thought out so many times, but it was basically impossible. She decided to go out, to get her mind of of everything and just try to relax for the first time in two years. She carefully set the picture down into one of her drawers and got up grabbing her car keys and heading out. She decided to go to town and see what was new. She figured that she could maybe feed on her little trip but was undecided.
Arriving she decided to go into a little coffee shop that was rumored to have delicious coffee. She ordered her coffee and took a seat at a table next to a window. She stared at the people walking by; a couple holding hands, a woman with a little boy. 'why can't I be happy, why do I have to be dealing with this constant pain?' she asked herself blinking back tears. She sighed and patiently waiting for her coffee, trying not to think about how she could have possibly killed her best friend.