Friendly Rivalry!

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  1. I've recently thought of a plot I rather enjoy the sound of, and I'm hoping someone else would be willing to play the other role for me ^_^

    Basically, my character plays a serial killer, who one day finds the next house he targets is already full of corpses

    So, I need someone to play a female killer, personality is up to you, of course

    There'll be a bit of light fighting, a lot of bloodshed, and maybe, if things don't end with death, some sex XD

    So, I was just thinking, anyone who enjoys darker plots, a little violence, maybe some implied necrophilia...stuff like that
  2. I'm a bit 50/50 on the necrophilia but I could definitely give it a shot. I need a bit of a violent rp as a change of pace for once.
  3. Well, I already have a partner, but of course, I could change how we play the characters if you would still like to do it
    And the necrophilia wasn't ever going to be written in, and we can leave that out, if you'd like...I just figured it was a darker concept ^_^
  4. Ooops. Didn't know you already had a partner but since you're sticking your hand out for me so willingly I'd still like to do it
  5. ^_^ Alrighty then, if you'd like to PM me, we can discuss how to play these characters :)
  6. Oki dokie