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  1. I put together a little album and set it to people I follow only can view it. However, when my friend, who I follow, tries to view it in media and the album, she can't see it. Why is that?
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  2. This is kind of important...
  3. I haven't figured out what is going wrong with this one yet. o__o You need to give me the album link. Is you friend also following you, or not?
  4. She's following me and I'm following her. I'll give you the link in a moment.
  5. I can't seem to find any problems. So now you have to tell me which friend can't see them so I can see if something is wrong on her end. O_O
  6. User is @Rambunctious
  7. Still couldn't find any errors in the settings, so this is a bug I have to report to the official modders. @_____@ That might take awhile to get fixed.

    In the meantime, try switching the privacy settings to members you allow by name instead of just by Followed and see if that works.
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  8. Thanks Diana. I hope this bug gets fixed soon!