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What does the word 'freedom' mean to you?

Most of us live in a society where we are free to do as we please. Our ability to freely achieve our goals in life, as well as our pursuit of happiness is something that is pretty much a given...but is that really all freedom is?

What say you, Iwaku?


Freedom is the ability to make mistakes and learn from them, the knowledge that I can fail and will still have another chance to make right, and the ability to love without holding back.

Fel of the Eternal Forest

Freedom is the ability to boast your ignorance as a country and say, quite ironically, that we indeed are not free, and that those who live in impoverished, pro-slave nations are the free ones. It's the ability to be african-american and call that cracker ass motherfucker that he's racist just for saying hi. Freedom is the ability to bitch because you don't have cable, but you've got an X-Box 360 with Netflix on it. It's the ability to love, and be loved little restrictions, to smoke that cigarette, to drink that beer. To watch that late night Cinemax skin movie.

Freedom is the ability to take the idealism of Freedom for granted.


Freedom is to be able to do something without the restriction of what you can and cannot do. Freedom is living - and living in the sense of the utmost lifestyle that you desire, not hindered by any sort of rules or regulations aside from those that protect your safety as a citizen.

I think Iwaku is also freedom. To write, to read, to muse, to think, to imagine. Whatever and however we want :]


Freedom is the ability to own something, to claim it as yours. No matter if its your house or car or chair, you can climb up on it and scream as much as you want, letting out the emotions that constitute what makes up a human. I guess it's just the ability to be you, rather than someone someone else wants to be.