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  1. Name: Jeroph Killagni
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    Age: 24
    Occupation: Mage
    Personality: Flamboyant, confident, but a good person underneath. He will do what he sees as right and follow his heart. As such he's not the most logical person.
  2. Name: Sephira Lithron
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    Age: 22
    Personality: Kind, gentle, and polite but Sephira also can have quite the temper if she has seen someone being mistreated in any way or form . Even though she is Princess of this kingdom, she doesn't let her title scare people away as shs is kind to evveryone.
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  3. Jeroph rose with the sun, excited and nervous about the day to come. He jumped out of bed and walked over to a bucket of water on his dresser which he cooled with a flick of his wrist. He splashed the now icy water on his face and wiped it off with a towel that was next to the bucket. Feeling more awake but no less nervous he moved into the bathroom of the inn he was staying at where a bath of water had been prepared the night before. With another flick the water was heated to a nice hot temperature. Lowering himself into the tub he began washing.

    Twenty minutes later he climbed out and dried himself off before quickly dressing in the clothes he had laid out on the end of his bed. A frilled red silk shirt with black pants patterned by golden silk in the shape of arcane runes and a flowing black cloak with golden edging. He pulled a brush through his longish hair to straighten it. Though he had no mirror he still posed and imagined what he looked like, an impressive figure in his mind. He would have to look good for today would be his first day at the kingdom's court. He wanted to strike a good impression with the king after traveling so far from his homeland, Dravilyc, to come to him. And with what he had heard of the princess's beauty he wished to look his best for her as well.

    Satisfied with his appearance he walks back and sits himself on his bed trying to calm his jitters. He had been commanded to arrive at the castle gates three hours after sunrise to meet the royal family and not even an hour had passed. But he hadn't been able to sleep any longer, as ridiculous as the thought was he didn't want to miss this. He wasted the two hours until he had to leave by performing minor magical tricks as a bit of a warm up. Finally with half an hour before the deadline he rose and headed out of the inn to the castle.
  4. Today was going to be a big day in the kingdom. A mage was going to be present in front of the royal family and the King and Queen were eager to meet the new arrival. Their daughter Princess Sephira, although she had many just refer her as Sephira, was curious as well. She had seeb many mages throughout her life but many said that this one mage was the best at what he did.

    Having the maids run the bath, Sephira rose from her bed and once the maids left she dipped herself into the bath tub with a soft sigh as the warm water came in contact with her skin. Washing up and soaking for a few minutes the woman got out after about 15 minutes and got dressed. Her dress was a rustic red with bronze tinge around the neck. She wore long diamond earrings and her hair styled up a bit.

    Her little pet, a fuzzy squirrel like creature climbed onto her shoulder and began to nibble on her earring causing her to giggle. The fuzzball's name was Devion, and he was the Princess' best friend. Humming softly she read for the time she had before the arrival of the mage, and as soon as it was about time to meet him Sephira made her way to the throne room with Devion still on her shoulder now standing next to her mother, she smiled up at her parents who returned the smile before she folded her hands in her lap as she sat down in her chair, the King and Queen doing the same.
  5. Jeroph arrived at the palace gates promptly on time and presented himself to eh guards. It only took them one look at his sealed letter to know who he was, the runs on his clothing probably helped with that too. A pair of them were assigned to show him the way to the Throne room. They led him up through the large gardens and down the entrance way until they stood before the throne room. The mage was quite impressed by the castle's size and splendour. The land of Dravilyc was quite austere especially in ornamentation.

    The guards bade him wait before the doors as a servant went through them and the mage tapped his foot impatiently. He was tempted to throw open the doors himself and write his name in the sky with fire for his own dramatic entrance, but it was best to observe the courtesies. Fortunately it wasn't long and the doors quickly opened as a servant called out, "The High Mage Jeroph Killagni of Dravilyc, Master of Fire's Three Sparks."

    Holding his head up high Jeroph strode forwards into the throne room, his cloak billowing out behind him in a magic assisted wind. He looked around the room as he walked forward, noting the King and Queen and their assorted servants and knights who were to either side of the centre. His gaze lingered on the princess as he looked around and in one glance knew the tales of her beauty had not been exaggerated. It was an effort to pull his eyes off her.

    A few paces before the thrones he went down to one knee and bowed his head, "Your graces. It is an honour."
  6. With Devion settled in her lap asleep, the Princess gently pet his head as they waited. With the small creature cooing in its sleep, the announcement of the Mage was heard and the King and Queen stood to there feet as they saw the man walk in.

    The King smiled warmly, seeming impressed by his small trick as he opened his arms, "High Mage, welcome to our Kingdom!" His strong voice bellowed through the large room as he motioned for the man to stand, placing a hand on the Queen's shoulder, "This is my most beutiful wife, Elizabeth, and our daughter Princess Sephira." Her introduction made the girl sigh softly before turning a small yet kind smile toward the man, "Sephira. Don't mind my Father. He still has to accept that I am now a grown woman." Grinning at her father she chuckled as the old man laughed, "Ah, but you are still a Princess my dear."

    Now turning his attention back to the Mage, he spoke up, "So! I hear you are the best. Care to demonstrate this rumor?" He asked curiously. Sephira continued to stroke Devion's head as she looked at the man quietly. He was quite handsome she must admit, soon she avert her eyes down to her pet.
  7. Jeroph rose when the king indicated. He gave a small, understanding smile to the princess when she smiled at him and enjoyed their small exchange. "It would be my pleasure to give you a demonstration." he continued. He lifted his arms up to shoulder level on either side and stood as still as a rock. His skin grew orange in colour and a luminescence shone through. It was a nice display but nothign too special. But it was only the start. Jeroph has spent enough time showing his skills off to know it was better to let the audience believe there was a disappointment coming, then surprise them.

    And so after a few seconds a sapling of fire sprouted from his head. Its lines were smooth yet there was no mistake what it was made of thanks to the burning orange colour. Quickly the sapling grew, roots tumbling down the mage's cloak and body as branches sprouted above. Leaves like torches burst along their lengths as the trunk thickened into a blazing inferno trapped within his power. The roots spread across the floor until they reached the bases of the thrones where fire flowers grew from their tips.

    Having noticed the squirrel in the princesses lap a trio of them sparked into life and ran down the root to the edge of her throne and began dancing around each other. Despite the fierce fires burning to create the tree they gave off only a mild warmth that was comfortable for the day's temperature any any who touched the flames would not be burned when their hand passed through.
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