Free Tarot readings (for practice)

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  1. I'm learning Tarot with a friend, and in order to learn I have to practice. So! I thought I'd offer up readings to you all. Take them as you will. This week's theme is Career, so I was hoping some of you have some questions I can answer regarding your careers. :D Anyone? Anyoooooone?

    The questions this week are yes/no questions ONLY, so please make sure that your question can be answered with either a yes or a no.

    In order to give you a reading I need your age and Astrological sign. Some guidelines on the question:

    You can either send it to me in PM or ask a question here. I'll send readings via PM.

    It'd help me a lot if you ask questions, so please do! Obviously take my answers with large grains of salt - I'm still working on how much I believe this divination thing works, but I want to learn the meanings anyway. XD
  2. I want you to read the fuck out of my tarot.
  3. That was neither a yes/no question nor related to career. NEXT! :P
  4. I'm always willing to help when i can Elyd. Here's a simple one (though i think i know the answer :p but it'll give you some practice either way ^^) :

    Will I be happy with my career?

    Age: 22
    Sign: Scorpio
  5. age: 26
    Star sign: Cancer
    Question: Will my broken back negatively affect my career chances in the future?
  6. YAY! Thanks, guys! I'll get these to you first come, first served but by the end of the weekend.