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Free! Iwatobi Ship Club

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by KittyKiero, Aug 11, 2015.

  1. It's like a dream I never knew I had...

    I ship all of them together XD Pick a pairing and we shall do it! I'm serious, I like... really really really want to do this.

    This is straight canon/canon yaoi... so no OCs. Even so, I would consider allowing OCs IF we agree to double up... or whatever the term is (I roleplay a canon of your choice and my OC; vise-versa). But try not to expect it 24/7. I really want to do some canon romance right now!
    Here are some of my guidelines:
    • Smut is welcome, not mandatory. Just no extreme kinks please.​
    • Must be literate. Good grammar, sentence structure, etc. Let's have at least 2 paragraphs minimum, but the more the merrier! Juuuuust don't go overboard with it. I'll feel ashamed.​
    • This is yaoi, soo... Yeah.​
    • If you have any ideas, you're free to shoot!​
    If you're interested, feel free to reply here or shoot me a message!