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  1. Hi I'm making another one of these threads but this time I actually have a scanner easily accessible so I have no excuse to not do this lOl

    I wanna get better at drawing, but there is only so many times I can draw slutty cat boys. Or, at least, my own slutty cat boys. I will draw your slutty cat boys if you would like me to. Or cat girls! I'm open to everything. So I am seeking to draw some interesting characters to help me branch out and improve.

    BUT! There is a catch! A very easy catch. All you gotta do is go to the internets and find a pose for me. Any pose! Standing, sitting, lying down; simple, complicated, whatever. As long as I have a reference for that pose (can be a picture of a real person or drawn pose references), I'll try and make it happen. I will also do nude/NSFW poses, so long as you are red star/over the age of 18. In fact that's probably easier 'cos then I don't need to draw clothes. 8) If you're struggling to find a pose, look through pinterest; there's a lot of 'em.

    This will not be coloured, please understand that. These will be pencil sketches. You can pay me if you want me to clean and/or colour them

    Anyway! It's all really simple. Give me a character (prefer characters with artistic references but I'll deal with detailed written descriptions as well) and a pose. Bam. That's it. Please only one character per request (if you want to, you can make separate requests down the line, but only one at a time, please!) This means no couples. I'm practicing those too, but not with other people's characters for the time being.

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  2. Oooh. OOOOOH. Opal, your art is lovely! :> Could I please have a shiny??

    Character: Jikei Narisawa
    Reference Link: [LINK]
    Please don't forget his cane. His left leg is the bad leg. He always wears a glove to cover his right hand, though it can be a fingerless glove. You have freedom with the outfit as long as it's something he can move and work in. His glasses are a sometimes thing.
    I wanted to give you several options. =D
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  3. ^just jacked that format aha

    Vehk (tHE mORTAL) (as he looked when he met Nerevar)

    I want you to draw it without any references if that's possible! I just want to see what you think Vehk would look like without looking at any of MK's sketches. Instead, here's a small text which describes Vehk's meeting with Nerevar (Vehk's quotes are unbolded). If you need pictures though I'll edit them in.

    I think 5 or 7 would look best.
  4. @The Mood is Write
    I can definitely get 'im done! :D

    The writing is fabulous and he sounds like an awesome character, but there's not really a lot of physical detail there which makes drawing a character from the writing a bit difficult. I'm guessing he's a Dunmer of some kind just because it's related to Morrowind (??) but that's about all I got, lol. If not sketches, then at least a physical description would be very appreciated!
  5. 1. Vehk is a Chimer but I guess they'd look pretty similar to a Dunmer sans colouring (which doesn't matter in this case). He is in Morrowind but you meet him as Vivec - years after this encounter.
    2. Vehk is a hermaphrodite.
    3. Vehk had something like a mohawk iirc. But I don't recall if Vehk had a mohawk when they met Nerevar or if Vehk adopted the mohawk after.
    4. Vehk's a prostitute when he meets Nerevar. He's fairly young at this point? Not sure.
    5. This is how he looks as Vivec (the one on the left; half-gold, half-blue). This is a long time after Vehk though, so he wouldn't look exactly like this. Have another Vivec. The problem is there really isn't much of Vehk LOL - but a lot of Vivec. Here's one where he kills Nerevar. Vehk is the one in the middle, impaling Nerevar. But this too is years after when they first met, so Vehk wouldn't look exactly like this.

    Tell me if you need more! :P
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  6. Yay! Thank you so much! <3
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  8. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You do guild wars art? Would you be willing to draw my asura?


    Pose can be as she is, or if you wanted to do the 'arms crossed' pose they always do that's cool too (but I couldn't find a ref picture online so it's not a big deal) and the clothes can be simplified too if you want, I honestly don't really care what they look like as long as it's still thief-y and she's got the cool shades on B)

    Thanks ^^
  9. This pose, I assume:

    Or for a different reference of the pose (with a person)

    I think that's what you're looking for?
  10. yeah, the first one. I mean, I didn't look very hard for the picture so I figured if they didn't want to do it without a reference (even though there's an example they had up with a drawing of an asura in the exact pose) they could just use the pose in the character reference. But thanks :)
  11. Oh I would really prefer if you posted on this thread, it's easier to keep track of!!

    HELL YEA I can draw your Asura! I haven't played GW2 for a while, but it's still one of my favourite games. :D She's awesome!
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  12. Will do. Our of curiosity how much would it cost to have it colored?
  13. Base colour (i.e. nothing too complicated, like this) for a full-body would be $30. For a clean, painterly style (like this), it would be $40 for a full-body. $15 and $25 respectively for a waist-up. The prices are a bit high because it's a lot of work for me!
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  14. @Opal

    Nude, but with covered genitalia please. If you need more info just let me know. Sorry for the sketchy description.

    Sex: Male
    Description: A man of one of the ruling houses, he is exceptionally handsome with masculine, yet not harsh features. He has a triangle shaped nose and a diamond shaped face. His hair is thick and goes to the base of his collar. His ethnicity is Caucasian. Basically he looks like the love child of these two men, Matt Bomer & Armie Hammer. Hair is similar to Matt Bomer's. Also, males of his species do not have nipples.
    Picture Refs:
    Expression: Slight smile
  15. Age: 16
    Sex: Female
    Description: Hotaru is 175 cm (5’9”) tall, but slouches a bit to hide it, and has an average build. She has a pointy face with sharp, narrow eyes and high cheekbones, and she tends to get mistaken for glaring at people. Her black hair is naturally curly, but the schools she’s attended have made her straighten it, so it has some heat damage. Despite the damage, she keeps her hair long enough that it almost reaches her chest, but doesn’t otherwise do much with it. Because of her height, she wasn’t able to get a girl’s uniform that fit and instead wears a male one, although it doesn’t seem to fit quite right either. Her casual clothes tend to be very plain.
    First on the bottom, maybe?