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    Alright, so let's just get right to the fun! That beautiful man up there is Sousuke Yamazaki, one of the newest characters in second season of Free! Eternal Summer. The show is only going into it's fourth episode, but I think we've seen enough of him to know his basic personality: dorky, protective, intimidating, kind and gentle...I think on the last two. I wasn't sure where to put this, in Mature or Fandom, but it's going to have sex and stuff in it, so I figured Mature would be the better place.

    So here's the plot idea:

    Following Sousuke joining Samezuka Academy, becoming roommates with Rin and all that, at the mock competition, both the Iwatobi boys and Samezuka boys run into an old friend from their past who is actually American, along with his younger sister Sinclair, who is actually closer to Gou's age. Sousuke remembers this old friend and his sister very well, more so the sister because he had a crush on her before she and her brother went back to America. Now, meeting years later, those feelings he held for her comes rushing back to the matured Sousuke, even though she seems like a different girl now. Regardless, Sousuke still loves her and plans to everything he can to win over his friend's younger sister, overcome the trials and errors of their relationship, and help her overcome her fear of swimming.

    Alternative Plot:

    American born Sinclair is involved in an exchange student program from her school and has been sent to Iwatobi high school where she becomes involved with the swim club, something she's decided to do in order to feel closer to her older brother still in America. Accompanying the swim club to a joint practice with the Samezuka swim team, she meets a boy by the name of Sousuke Yamazaki. She is drawn to his quiet manners and playful, teasing smiles that he directs at her; she is completely captivated by his tall, muscular swimmer's body, his striking blue-green eyes, and dark hair. She finds herself wanting to spend more time with him and falling for him at almost every turn, hoping that this infatuation wouldn't end in heartbreak.

    So both ideas are kind of rough summarizations of what I'm thinking is really going to happen, but the story could always change later on down the line between myself and my partner. The one thing that stands though is that it's a definite romance. That means there WILL BE and I EXPECT there to be romantic gestures, hot and steamy kisses, kinky sex, and the like. With that said, I also expect there to be hardships, pain, tears and growth just like in any relationship.

    If you are not familiar with Sousuke Yamazaki or Free! Eternal Summer, then please do not reply to this only to ask me to explain it all to you. I expect my partner to know who Sousuke is and to be able to play him accordingly. What I would like to avoid is someone figuring that this is a show about a swimming club, which it is, and then coming up with their own character to pair with mine when I'm asking for Sousuke, please and thank you.

    With that said, I am looking for a partner that will actually be active, meaning that when I write the first post, they're not going to disappear. Oh, the irritation I feel when that happens. I'm also looking for someone who can contribute creatively to the story, not just wait for Sinclair to make all the decisions or to dominate at every turn. Add your own flare, your own twists as long as they don't involve changing my character completely or controlling her completely.

    Please no one-liners. I can understand a small paragraph, but one-liners is not an option for me. If you're someone that can't come up with at least 2-3 paragraphs each post, then we're not going to be very compatible as partners.

    If you are interested, have any questions or want to discuss the plots, please send me a PM! Thank you.
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