Freaky Friday Anyone?

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    Mid casual-High casual writer

    Hey there, I'm Lady Sweeds and this is a few things you should know:

    ~When it comes to storylines I enjoy having a romantic element, it's one of my weaknesses and cravings with writing as well as having a bit of smut thrown in but not enough to overshadow the plot!
    ~I am a casual to low advance writer but I tend to write more based on how much my partner is giving back to me. A sentence or two just won't do it for me but writers block can be understandable so if you feel the story needs to be changing or you need a break just let me know.
    ~I only write via private messages
    ~I will try my best to reply as soon as possible!

    If you couldn't tell from the title I'm searching for someone to do a Freaky Friday like roleplay with me. The main idea will be that our characters will switch bodies and in turn switch lives. They attend Brookwell High, a school dominated by the good looking and popular where the intelligent and creative are seen as outcasts. One character will be popular and the other the opposite. After their switch they will have to live in the others shoes and discover and learn things they would have never have otherwise, all while trying to switch back.

    If you're interested in this idea please give me a shout :)
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  2. I miss writing with you my dear and this sounds phenomenal :(!!!
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  3. I'm always looking for a partner and if you'd like to try this out together just let me know <3 :)
  4. Pm me so we can rp
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