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  1. Frazier High School. A school known for it's great programs and promising students. What it's not known for, is its troubling secrets. Too many kids with drug problems, too many creepy teachers... Not to mention the fact that 75% of the student body is homophobic, which wreaks havoc on the LGBT students. In school filled with bullying and messed up kids, what will you do?

    • No god play.
    • Roll a 10 sided die to determine your character (this is how everyone else sees you, not who your character really is. Make sure you give them their own problems [i.e. The "popular kid" could have a drug problem, the "jock" could have family issues, etc.
    1 = POPULAR: everyone either sees you as a prince/princess or that asshole who always gets their way.
    2 = FOLLOWER: you follow the "it" crowd, dreaming of being popular. Everyone thinks your brainless.
    3 = JOCK: star of the sport you play. Everyone sees you as a total meathead who can't function without sports.
    4 = BAND GEEK: you spend most of your time in band. Everyone thinks you're a total dork.
    5 = NERD: you're naturally smart and you love learning. Everyone seems to hate you.
    6 = OUTCAST: everyone thinks your some depressed emo.
    7 = WHORE: everyone thinks you sleep around.
    8 = THEATRE KID: everyone sees you as that overdramatic person
    9 = TEACHERS PET: all the teachers love you, therefore the students hate you
    10 = ARTIST: everyone views you as crazy
    pxnkaudrey threw 6-faced die for: Total: 24 $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice
    pxnkaudrey threw 10-faced die for: Social standing Total: 4 $dice
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  2. Would love to give it a try ^^
    Got a CS or anything?
  3. Seems interesting
  4. Sounds interesting, I'd be up for it. Seconding MaskedMyth's question, is there going to be a CS, or what?

    Just noticed how old the post it, is this thread even a thing anymore?
  5. Sounds fun :)
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