Framed for Murder: A thief roleplay [Title subject to change]

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In a futuristic dark metropolis, Rosston City, there is an election going on for mayor. The two candidates are John Moore and William Miller. They are both pretty popular so far, and one is taking greater measures to get in the lead. This guy is Moore. He tries to convince the people that he will be able to handle the criminal problem in the city with little to no problems. With this being said, he has framed a thief famous for not harming anyone with murder that he really committed. His popularity went up drastically.

Moore hired another thief to take care of the 'good' one to cover up the murder of his wife and kids, who turned out to be against him running for mayor. His wife didn't believe he would be the right one for the job, and tried to talk him out of it.

The 'good' thief must clear their name with the help of their techie friend, all while avoiding arrest and the hired thief.

I've added details that everyone but the 'bad' thief wouldn't know about until the 'good' thief is able to uncover the truth to clear his/her name.

Character Sheet

Code Name: (For techie and thieves)
Rank: (For police)
Name: Ian Matthews
Age: 22
Gender: Male

<img src=" images/police_122574_750x1179theAnimeGallerycom-1.jpg" width="100" height="150"></pre>

Personality: Although fun loving and an avid party-goer, Ian is very serious about his job. He takes his role as a keeper of peace quite seriously. Even outside of uniform, he is apt to flash his badge when he sees illegal activity. Mostly it's just to help others, but part of it is that he actually enjoys keeping the city safe.
Rank: (For police) Officer