Framed Bounty

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    Framed Bounty

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    Brande Grace Sorrel

    Kyte Fynn Nelir

  2. There was nothing like a warm fire at then end of a cool fall day. Kyte was absolutely certain that it was one of the best things in the world. But that was most likely because he had spent three days up in the snow dusted mountains looking for a missing caravan. One broken axel, three whiny merchants, and a several hours kneeling in the snow and Kyte was certainly looking forward to being warm again.

    He took his time cleaning his dinner, a boar that had decided to pick a fight with him earlier, before cutting the meat into small pieces and setting on the makeshift spit he made over his fire. Working alone all the time certainly had made his cooking better, even if better for him was only passable for everyone else. Kyte didn't really care if it was burned a little.

    With his dinner cooking, he straightened, and started setting up his tent. In all truth he was very pleased with his little campsite. It wasn't too far the a creek, there were a couple of trees for cover, and a nice clear patch for the firepit. The sun was just starting to set, and hopefully he would have a peaceful night before he reported his job the next day in town.
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  3. Brande Grace Sorrel

    Chewing listlessly at some berries she had found earlier in the day, Brande leaned back, her back hitting the trunk of the tree as she balanced herself whilst she sat upon a sturdy branch that supported her weight. She had searched for hours to find a way out of the forest, but to no avail. Unfortunately, in the wilderness, she was useless. To say she was directionally challenged in situations where everything looked the same was an understatement. Okay, so a thief who was directionally challenged wasn't exactly the best one, but she could navigate through a town or city very easily. Throw her in the wilderness however and you were on your own. Follow her and you would be bound to get lost. Sighing heavily, she let her head fall back until it thumped gently against the bark of the tree. She listened to the animals that hid amongst the trees, hearing a faint trickling of water in the distance. The sun hadn't yet gone down, but a dark shadow was cast over the forest as the sun sank lower in the horizon.

    Taking in a deep breath, the smell of smoke reached her nose and her eyes snapped open in alarm, thinking a bush fire had started. But she looked over the tree canopy and saw only a small amount of black smoke. It wasn't spreading. A camp fire. So that meant someone was here. At first, she didn't really care. They could stay there. She may go out later that night to see what was worth taking, but there was no reason to present herself to them. That changed, however, when the smell of cooking meat reached her. Inhaling deeply, her stomach gave a soft growl of anticipation. she was sick of eating berries. They didn't do anything to satisfy one's hunger. Dropping down almost silently from the tree, falling into a crouch, she inhaled again and glanced to the sky, seeing the direction it was in. She shook her head, running a hand through her bright red hair before she tied it into a high pony tail and then made her way towards the fire.

    The sword strapped to her side clanged softly and she put a hand on the hilt, silencing it. It was only a short sword and she only had it on her mostly for intimidation, to keep nasty people away from her. Though she was quite capable of using it should she need to. Not that she hoped it would come to that. It didn't take long before she saw the camp fire and the self made spit over it, cooking some meat. Her red eyes brightened and she crouched low for a few moments just behind the tree line, staying hidden. She saw the man and the bow and arrows strapped to his back. She could see no sword or anything of the like on his person so she guessed that this man was an Archer. And if he had no other weapons, obviously he was confident in his ability to use it. She studied him for a moment longer, shifting her weight slightly. He had tanned skin with black hair and what looked to be light brown eyes. She could tell he was quite muscular. He could easily over power her if it came to that.

    Taking her chances, seeing as he didn't look threatening, nor was there anyone else around. Brande straightened herself out and stepped through the tree line, watching the man as she slowly approached. "Hello," she said, a little nervous. She didn't want to upset this man. He was obviously strong and she didn't know his skills as an Archer. She was hungry. And she wasn't at full strength or speed when she was hungry. "Sorry, but I was wondering if by chance I could have something to eat?" she asked him as she took a step closer before she paused. "I've been out in this forest all day and all i've eaten are some berries.." she gave him a slightly sheepish look, "I got lost," she added, hopeful he would allow her to stay and eat. Her bright eyes danced in the fire light, the same astounding red as her long hair.
  4. It wasn't a fancy campsite, but it suited him. Kyte actually preferred simple things. He had a shelter, food and warmth, what more could he possibly need? He settled down close to the fire, hunched nest to his spit to watch the food, bow resting on the ground but within close reach. The sounds of the forest always seemed slightly louder in the early morning and evenings than during the day or the dead of night. It was honestly, his favorite time of day.

    There was a slight rustle behind him, and he made a note of the sound, but didn't take his eyes off the cooking meat. The slightly hesitant voice and the appearance of the woman, though, drew his complete attention. She was slight, armed with a slender sword, but there was nothing threatening about her manner. When she mentioned being lost and hungry, Kyte offered a smile. "Lost eh? Well, I see no reason to turn you away. You'll have to wait a bit for the food though, even I know it's not cooked yet."

    Surprisingly this was something that happened every now and then. Not all travelers were as skilled at hunting as he was, and he had met many people over his own campfire. "Goddess knows that berries aren't that good for filling a stomach. Please, sit."
  5. The man looked up and offered her a smile before he spoke, saying he could see no reason to turn her away, but she would have to wait as it wasn't cooked yet. Brande smiled broadly and when he offered for her to sit. she said "oh, thank you!" and she moved closer to the fire and sat down, enjoying the warmth it provided. She preferred the heat over the cold. She did not looks forward to next season. It was Winter and in this land it got very cold. She didn't cope too well. She was always too cold. Stick her in Summer, however, and she was in heaven. The heat she could handle with ease. Staring into the flames as they danced, she played with her red hair absentmindedly as the smoke billowed up into the sky.

    A thought suddenly occured to her and she looked over at the man. "What brings you into this forest?" she asked him, "you're the only person I have come across in the area," she watched the man, studying him, seeing if she could come up with any idea why he would be here. However, she came up empty. She had no clue, so Brande would have to wait for him to tell her, if he wished to do so. "Oh! How rude of me. My name is Brande, by the way," she told him with a smile.

    She leaned back slightly, putting her out on the ground behind her and leaning her weight back on them. She glanced at the blazing fire for a moment, almost entranced by the ferocity of the flames, before she looked back at the man sitting across the fire from her. He seemed nice enough at the moment.
  6. It was strange to see such a slight woman running around in the forest, but then again there were adventurers or all sizes and for all he knew she was a highly talented mage. Still, it was cool here in the shadow if the mountains, and sharing his meal, if nothing else, earned him good karma. Picking up a nearby twig, he poked that the cooking meat, turning it slightly, in a useless attempt to keep it from burning. Kyte always managed to burn some part of whatever he cooked. At least it got it honestly, both his parents had been the same way.

    "Oh, I was up in the mountains helping a caravan that had a broken axle. It was a job from the job board." He offered a shrug. They were an excellent source of income, and usually the jobs were straight forward and easy, complaining merchants aside. "Nice to meet you, I'm Kyte."

    Shifting his feet underneath him, he rose and turned the meat again before digging around in his bag. "What about you? How long have you been lost out here? Did you need a guide or something back to town?" It would have been kind of rude to not at least offer to help her out. He knew his way well, having spent a lot of time out in in various types of terrain.
  7. Brande watched as the man spoked at the meat with a stick and turned it slightly, seemingly to stop it from burning. Which was useless, at it was already slightly burnt. Not that she minded. Food was food to her. If it was edible, it was good. He soon explained he had been helping a caravan with a broken axle and she nodded slowly. She tensed slightly when he said it was a job from the job board. The job board had many kinds of jobs. From helping people get somewhere, help them fix something, or, the part she was worried about, to hunt down certain people. Many people put up bounties for people they wanted caught or killed for a certain sum of money. She always steered clear of those boards so she had no clue if she was on it, but she wouldn't be surprised if she was. She was a thief and she wasn't exactly small time. She had been stealing for most of her life, starting when she was about 7 when her family was killed. She could barely remember why, but she did know it was a noble who ordered the execution. Or maybe the king. She could remember if she wanted to, but she preferred not to think about that time. Not that the nightmares of when they were executed didn't plague her most nights.

    But yes, Brande had become an orphan at that point. Homeless and unable to work, she took to thievery. She reached 10 and moved towns. She went from place to place after that. And it seemed she earned the named the Red Rat when she was about 15. That nickname had plagued her since, following her around. She wasn't sure whether she'd be up on the Job Board, but it wouldn't overly surprise her if she was. Even if she did avoid rich nobles and royalty.

    Relinquishing her thoughts, she smiled as the man introduced himself as Kyte. "Nice to meet you too, Kyte," she said lightly. She watched him closely as he rose to his feet before searching in his bag for something. He spoke again and she gave a soft sigh. "Since early this morning," she told him honestly, "when it comes to forests and such, i'm pretty useless with directions. And it's nearly impossible to hunt anything to eat when your hair is so bright," she told him and gestured to her red hair, "they spot me from a mile away and flee," she groaned softly and brought her knees to her chest, hugging them as she rested her chin on her knees. But he offered to be her guide and she perked up. "Really? You wouldn't mind!" she asked excitedly and then gave a deep sigh of relief, "you really are a life saver!" she told him with a smile.
  8. Pulling out a small cracked bowl from the depths of his pack, Kyte passed it over to Brande. "Here, I only have the one." Moving back toward the fire, he turned the meat one last time before settling back down and pulling a small knife from a pocket. He talked a bit while he worked the meat off the spit. "No, I don't mind. I'm heading that way myself. I have to report that job, you know. Buy a few things that I've been needed." He smiled a bit as he said it.

    He kept most of the really burnt pieces for himself, giving Brande the slightly better looking chunks, as she was technically a guest. "You know, a hood or one of those scarf things might really go a long way toward helping on that hunting problem." He studied her for a moment, before nodding once. "You shouldn't have too many problems, well.. except for the weather. That is why I plan to head south for a while."

    He didn't exactly mind the cold, but it wasn't really his favorite thing in the entire world either. But, it had been a while since he had ventured into the southern lands, and if he was ever going to find his father's sword, he had to make sure he looked everywhere. Although, he absolutely hated the idea of crossing the ocean... Kyte and boats were not friends.
  9. Watching as he pulled out a small cracked bowl from his bag, she reached over and took it gratefully, thanking him as he gave it to her. She watched with mild interest as he worked the meat off the spit as he spoke. "Well, thank you for the offer," she said to him, "I really appreciate it. Not sure how long it would take me to find my way out of here without you," she said with a chuckle. After a few silent moments, he handed her a few pieces of meat and she smiled again, "thank you," she said sincerely as she leaned back, biting into a piece. So it wasn't the best meat, but it wasn't terrible. And it was substantial food. Not measly berries. They did squat to help hunger.

    Kyte spoke about wearing a hood or a scarf when hunting and she thought for a moment. Alright, so that was a very logical idea. She had no idea why she hadn't thought of that. She looked down at her knapsack for a moment and then opened it, searching. She soon pulled out a dark cloak with a hood. "You know what..?" she said with a frustrated groan, "I can't believe I never thought of that. Some times I really am clueless," she huffed at herself before she shoved the cloak back into her knapsack and looked back at Kyte.

    "South, huh?" Brande pondered, thinking. She couldn't really think of anywhere of interest down south. She fell into silence for a short moment, eating the pieces of meat that the man had handed her before she thought of something. "So, is there a certain job you plan to take on once you get to the next town and call in the one you've just completed? Or not sure yet?" she asked, more so curious than anything else. And she preferred conversation. Out in places like this, the forest, it got too quiet to quickly for her. Usually, it would be fine, with the calls of the wildlife, but with the fire going, animals didn't dare come near the area.
  10. Taking a couple of minutes to chew his own bite of meat, Kyte, tilted his head a bit, thinking over exactly what to say. "It's been a while since I've gone that way. I might pick up one or two more jobs, but, this one should pay pretty well. I dunno yet." He offered a shrug as he popped another bit of meat into his mouth.

    It was kind of cute, he decided, that she hadn't even thought of using a hood. It was rather obvious that she was more used to being in a town as opposed to a forest. "So, what brings you out here?" He kept his tone casual, not really wanting to be rude, but instead enjoying the company. While it did happen every now and then, company, especially friendly company like Brande, was pretty hard to find. It was especially refreshing after the overly whiny merchants.
  11. Chewing on her meat, she listened as he said he may take up one or two more jobs, that he wasn't really sure and she gave a slow nod of understanding. When he asked her what she was going in the forest, she gave a slightly nervous chuckle, glancing away for a moment. She tried thinking of a way to explain it properly before she looked back at him. "To be honest, I have no idea," she told him with a light laugh, "I was on the path taking me towards the next town one minute. The next, I was being charge at by a boar. I avoid fighting when i'm able to and I just ran. Didn't even think, really. It looked really ticked off and I didn't want to mess with it. Lost the boar but ended up getting lost in this forest. And yeah.. That was before the sun had risen this morning. When I couldn't find a way out after an hour or so, I kind of just gave up. Figured i'd wait until I heard someone and hope for the best," she explained to him and then grinned sheepishly.

    She finished her food a few minutes later, "Thanks for that," she said to him as she handed back the bowl he leant her. Leaning back on her hands, she studied Kyte for a moment from where he sat across the fire. She could not deny that he was quite attractive. She guessed he was probably around 25 or 26, but she wasn't certain. Sighing ever so softly, she pushed her thoughts away and then tilted her head back, gazing up through the tree canopy and staring at the stars above in the sky. The sun had since vanished and the moon slowly rose higher in the sky. A crescent moon. Which didn't provide much light at night if one had no fire.
  12. Kyte couldn't help but smile when she mentioned being chased by a boar. "That's kind of funny... That was actually how I caught this guy. He decided to pick a fight with me." It would be pretty funny if Brande had just eaten the same boar that had been the entire reason for her getting lost. Well, Kyte found it funny anyway. "Well, no sense worrying about it now, right? I'll make sure you get back to town." That was something he was confident about.

    He stood after she returned the bowl, moving a little bit into the shadows and using a bit of water from a waterskin to clean it out before returning it to his pack. he even added a couple more bits of wood to the fire while Brande appeared to be stargazing. She was a pretty thing, with her vibrant hair and eyes, but she was a complete stranger and Kyte had more manners than to actually say anything. "Do you enjoy stargazing?" He knew several different legends behind them, but most people found that kind of thing boring.
  13. Brande grinned at Kyte when he mentioned that's how he caught the boar they had just eaten. Wild boar were so aggressive, it didn't really surprise her that one tried to pick a fight with him. He went on to say it was nothing to worry about now. That he was sure he would get back to town. He sounded pretty confident about that and that put her mind at ease. Hearing as he stood up and moved off somewhere, she kept her head back, staring at the small twinkling stars in the sky beyond the trees. They were so far away, yet they looked as if she could trap them in her hands if she just reach up and tried. A silly thought, really. It was impossible. That would never happen. But the thought was pleasant. She continued to stare into the dark sky as her thoughts wandered, enjoying the night. The fire crackled nearby, greedily swallowing the wood that Kyte just fed it to keep it bright.

    When Kyte spoke, asking if she enjoyed stargazing, she looked at him momentarily, "Hmm?" she murmured lightly before she turned her full attention to him. "Yeah, you could say that," she said lightly, studying the man for a second before she looked at the fire. She watched as the flames licked the air, like they were trying to grasp a hold of something. But, instead, all that they managed was to release smoke into the sky. "I like imagining what's up there, compared to down here. I heard a couple legends about them when I was a child by my parents, but I can't remember them any more, unfortunately," she told him and then fell into silence. She didn't mind talking about her parents. She couldn't really remember much about them, though it did make her feel slightly melancholy when she spoke of them. The main thing she remembered about them were her father's hands as he'd lift her onto his shoulders. Strong and rough from hard work. And then her mother's voice. Sweet and gentle, like a lullaby trying to lull you into sleep. She sighed gently and looked back at Kyte. "Do you know much about the stars?" she asked him, curious.
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