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  1. In a little village where nothing happens called Foxtale but they are part of a kingdom country. Now the kingdom has declared war because the king wishs to marry the queen of a neighboring country but she won't marry any king who isn't willing to wage war for her. In a outrage the king decided to crush her soldiers and take her kingdom and her by force. Now every man who is 14 years old or more must join the army for the king's cause. In order to escape being recruited for this senseless war. Grim needs to find a land where they cannot reach him because of course they pass a law to recruit above 14 when he just turned 14, that was just his luck. Many were thinking the same but couldn't leave their families and homes behind for the soldiers to take advantage of.

    There were stories told in the little village of Foxtale of lands were magic and witchcraft was practiced, places where creatures who roamed the country that would have to be seen to believed and of other races of people even! Yet, no one in Foxtale had seen any of these things but they had heard and told those stories over the years. One of the stories said if you had magical talent you could even claim sanctuary from your country inside the land of witches. Whether Grim had talent or not he was going there or anywhere he could to get as far away from this senseless war as possible.
    It didn't matter what was out there so long as it wasn't the kingdom of Arcindawn, his home.

    Grim was an orphan child working as a craftsman shoemaker. He lived and slept in the backroom of the smallshop at the east end of Foxtale. The owner Gregor and his wife Alure took Grim in and so long as he worked in the shop and did errands to help out they didn't mind. Gregor was friends with Grim's Father before he was killed by bandits in the woods nine years ago. He didn't know anything about his mother. No one ever told him why she wasn't here, it didn't matter though Gregor and Alure had always been around to chide him when he was creating mischief when his father wasn't there to see. It was worse when they took him in because they were around all the time. He had to sneak out to do anything fun around here.

    This was his life now and he was alright with that, boring though it may be but he knew every inch of the place and it felt like home. He was just glad he didn't wind up in the orphanage at the capital, Fort Dawn. There were no happy endings there.

    "GRIM!! STOP DAYDREAMING AND GO GET ME WATER FROM THE WELL!" Alure shouted that from her house while Grim was lost in thought again. Oh well, back to work. I'll think of something entertaining to do while I get it.

    "GETTING IT!!" Grim shouted back. Yup. This was life and it wasn't too bad if you liked peace and quiet...
  2. The sun was reaching its mid day peak, causing Rilind to squint and raise his arm to block the rays from obscuring his vision. He was laying on his back, just above the horizon on a small hill that rose over the surrounding fields and property of farmers within the town of Foxtale. His features were slim and somewhat clouded with a small layer of sand and dust, as if he had been running through a dust storm for a day. Black hair that seemed unable to bear its own weight matted his head and was cropped to his eyes, presumably so he could see. His face was sharp, holding a thin nose and two gleaming light blue eyes. Upon a close look, one might notice that he was very freshly shaven, though it did not appear he might be able to produce a full beard yet at this point in life. Rilind was 16, wearing a tan duster-style cloak over his simple traveling garments, a white shirt, dark brown hide slacks, and hard leather padded traveling boots.

    He had only stopped for a moment the previous weak, intending to continue to move on to another village soon enough, but Foxtale had developed a quick grasp on his thoughts. The soldiers were few and far between from the King's army, it seemed almost plausible that the village would not be screened at all for those to join the royal ranks. Still, habits were hard to die, and upon the sound of a young man approaching from the shoemakers house, Rilind reacted quickly. His movements were jerky in plain sight, he sat up and laid eyes upon the young Grim, heading for the well not too far from the small hill. "Another false alarm.", Rilind sighed with relief under his breath. The flight instinct leaving his core, he rose his left hand to block the sun, waving with his right to the young man, whose attention he had clearly drawn through Rilind's overreaction.