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  1. Thanks to everyone who has view and reached out to me to rp! I currently have this request filled, but if you ever wish to rp, hit me up and maybe we can work something out. <3

    Hey everyone, F0X here. Just thought I would make a new thread in search of new wonderful roleplays. I must admit, I got REALLY busy over the holiday, but things have seemed to slow down in life for me a bit, thus allows me to get some more rping into my schedule! So, if you're reading this and we lost touch before, please, send me a PM, I'd love to reconnect and continue or make new stories with you.

    That being said, hello to all who are seeing me around for the first time! I love to write, I am very passionate about it, but at times life can get busy, I work quite a bit but I still love roleplaying when I can. So, what do I like to RP?

    Well, right now I am really itching to do some modern fantasy settings with a variety of female characters. If you wish me to play a male, the story would have to be good for it, for I do prefer playing females. None the less, I would love to flesh out my character Akasha more.

    Akasha (open)

    This is a very basic character sheet I made for a modern fantasy setting for her
    Name: Akasha Tirial
    Age: 25
    Sex: Female
    Race: Kitsune
    Abilities: Magical abilities which include evocations, illusions, restorations, and shapechanging. Her primary and most apparent skills however is that she can push emotions of lust and desire to people. Like a succubus except she doesn't feed on them or anything.
    Personality: Loyal, dedicated, cunning, loving, and very caring.
    Likes: Bondage, luring people in with her magic, feeling wanted and desired, pleasuring her partners.
    Dislikes: Intense pain, seeing others hurt, spicy food, being spat on.
    Reference Image: Akasha 1 Akasha tied up (Bonderline NSFW)

    So, Akasha can be used in a variety of settings or plots! I'd love her to try new things, experience all sorts of new people and experiences, so by all means, suggest away if you have any ideas. But, if you want some examples, here are some pairing ideas that we could work with.

    Knight x Noble
    Boy/girl friend x girl friend
    Cleric x Knight/mage/anything fantasy
    Celebrity x Fan
    Apprentice x Teacher
    Kidnaper x Kidnapie
    Survivor x Survivor (For something post apocalyptic or perhaps characters on the run?)

    So there you have it! Feel free to PM me any ideas! I love RPing via PM's, Skype, and in Bordello! I can do one in threads if you'd need me to, but its not preferred.

    Thanks for reading, and can't wait to hear from you. <3

    *Leaves you all with a hot, steamy kiss.*
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