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  1. The world is Irsa.
    Within Irsa there are four kingdoms, each commanding an element of great power.
    Appi, the kingdom ruled by a burning fire.
    Eveun, the rocky kingdom of earth.
    Cethin, land of the unending darkness.
    Irund, where the skies crackle with lightning.

    The kingdoms have a tradition where all four of their heirs take the throne at the same time. It is a symbol of truce between them, and only ever occurs when they are all at relative peace. The heirs gather at a palace located in the middle of all four kingdoms and there they are to be crowned king or queen. The location is relatively secret and well guarded. The heirs arrive dressed their best and are more or less shoved into a room until the ceremony. Once it begins they each take their place and are ceremoniously named queen or king of their respective kingdom.
    "May we meet here again." Are the final words, said with hope that some day down the road when the kingdoms have new heirs and their queens and kings are ready to let the next generation take over that they will all still be at peace, and that the ceremony will happen again.

    This upcoming ceremony will be quite unlike the others.
    Fire is weak against lightning but strong against darkness
    Lightning is weak against earth but strong against fire
    Earth is weak against darkness but strong against lightning.
    Darkness is weak against fire but strong against earth

    Fire and earth are neutral
    Lightining and darkness are neutral
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  2. Appi

    Appi is the kingdom where fire rules.

    Ally: Irund
    Enemy: Cethin
    Neutral: Eveun


    While power varies, most Kie can to some extent summon a flame. Actually being able to control the fire is a bit less common. Rarely can one not at least make things hot with a touch. Often as an artistic way of using their powers, Kie will breathe it from their mouth or mold it into brief shapes to help tell a story. It is not exactly uncommon for Kie to be able to do some sort of cloak with their powers- even if it is simply making a film of heat around themself, they can use it as a defense. More powerful ones can engulf themselves in flame, taking advantage of their fire-proof scales.
    The royal family members have significantly more power over the element than average people. Members related to the royal family can often summon and control large amounts of fire and throw it as if it were a weapon. However, only the direct royalty has absolute fire power, the heir being stronger than everyone else. Heirs have been known to create firestorms, spread raging wildfires across several kingdoms, and make flames rain from the sky.

    The People

    The majority of Appi is made up of people called Kie. Kie have scales, tales, and sharp claws. They are no taller than any other race, but they tend to be physically stronger. They are also known for having fairly good balance and being particularly stealthy. Their scales vary in hue, being anything from purple to red to silver, duller colors being rarer and considered less beautiful. Their eyes are usually a bright color similar to their scales. They usually have hair that goes nearly all the way down the back of their neck, almost like a short mane. On each foot they have three claws, two being in the front and one in the back. Males have an extra claw on the back of their leg. Kie have five fingers, each tipped with sharp claws. Their teeth are somewhat more pointed than most races, but not to the extent of beasts.
    Kie attire is usually made up of light leather and cloth, their scales providing most of the protection they need from weather or battle. In general it is custom for shirts to show the back but cover the front, with pants coming down just past the knees. This goes for both genders, though for guys it is not uncommon to wear full shirts.
    They have a fancy for silver things and often use it to adorn themselves. They also wear a variety of piercings, most notably nose ones. It is not uncommon to see Kie- especially women- with piercings down their back(they go through the tips of scales), worn like artwork.
    Kie are very creative, brave people who tend to be extremely reserved with outsiders, but outgoing and boisterous around friends or their own kind. They value various forms of art work, most of which is not permanent(such as a painting), but lasts only in memory. Examples are: Storytelling(this is almost like a sport for them), sparring, using fire. More permanent examples are: Body art(tattoos do not work on their scales- only half-Kie use tattooing as art. It's more piercings and adornments), crafting, weapon making, tailoring. All of these are looked upon with a creative eye and are thought of as art.
    The Kingdom

    As one of the four major kingdoms, Appi is fairly large. Its landscape is mostly open plains, with the northeast area being arid and dry. There aren't many trees, and isn't much water. The main water source is from a large spring near the palace, a bit south of the kingdom's center. The palace's iridescent spires are built around the spring. Most of the trading activity happens here.
    There are roads everywhere in Appi, many of them no more than dusty paths worn through the grass. You can get lost and wander for awhile, but it will never be more than a few hours before you find some sort of road. The citizens like to travel within the kingdom and most of them know the paths by heart, as they have probably walked them dozens of times. Since the palace is the only place to get most goods, the people have little choice but to take trips along the roads frequently- even if they don't like to.
    The people of Kie mostly eat meat and, when it comes to food, produce a sustainable quantity. It is common to see farm after farm when traveling through Appi. Most of them are dedicated to raising various animals. This is also how they get their clothes and many of their materials. On the other hand, Appi is not known for being a plentiful source of metal or paper, which is two things they require for several of their arts. Especially silver- which is, and has long been, a symbol of beauty and wealth. Citizens of Appi tend to be very prideful, but sometimes they will set that aside to obtain silver.
    The kingdom of Appi is ruled by one person- either a queen or king. They may have a husband or wife, but that person is not significant when it comes to ruling. Usually the firstborn child is considered the next heir, but if a younger one proves to be more powerful they may at one point take over the title- through force or agreement, it depends. The parents of the current ruler often act as advisers, and it is perfectly usual for members of the family- even extended family- to give advise and opinions to their queen/king about certain advents or happenings. This often helps the queen/king make decisions.
    Appi is a kingdom that prefers to do its own dealings, doesn't particularly enjoy having to look outside of their boundaries for things they need. However, if it is with friends, they are happy to trade. The kingdom as a whole values friends and enjoys helping them. The only thing they'd ever consider trading with non-friends for is silver, and even that is iffy.
    Upon death, the people of Appi are cremated with the power of fire and the ashes are used to make a stone. The stones become part of the castle. Every wall, floor, and structure in the castle of the lizard people is literally made of their people.


    Most people in Appi do not follow a religion. Kie are not known for considering things past what they can see and touch with their own hands. They live in the present, thus do not really think about what may have happened to create everything or what may eventually occur. They find the gods and goddesses of other people strange and don't really understand the point of such a thing. While they are usually respectful of others' religions, they are often confused when someone is trying to explain a religion to them.
    While Appi's general population does not have a real religion, they do believe in wild spirits that roam the plains. Their stories often include the great spiritual beasts who travel the vast grasslands. They basically think them to be great creatures from the past, when the land was ruled by very different beasts. They are respected beings, though some are malevolent and dark. Often when significantly bad things happen, especially things that involve large scale destruction, it is thought to be the spirits' anger erupting into the physical realm. It is thought only people who ever see the spirits are lost, desperate people that cannot find their way home. Royalty has also been known to see them, but only rarely.
    There is a mix of other minor religions that exist in Appi, mostly from immigrants who brought their beliefs with them- and these people are usually not Kie. Almost all Kie share the common non-religious mindset.

    The Heir

    Appi's current heir is a member of the "Sunstone" family, which has ruled for several centuries. Their family is known for the orangey-yellow of their scales, their control over fire, and their parties. Almost their entire family is fiery in color, which makes them recognizable when they are among others. Their power over their element is brilliant, and they are very skilled at using it for artistic and battle purposes. The royal house frequently throws parties- sometimes open to all, other times more private. Often these are in celebration of something important, even minorly so. Kie tend to celebrate when they can, and the Sunstone parties are the biggest and best of them all.
    For many generations they have had female heirs; this is the first time in a long while that the
    heir is male. Thus, he is looked upon a bit oddly, but not too much.
    The heir is named Keahi. He is nineteen years in age and the eldest child of three. True to his lineage, his scales are a bright orange with yellow accents. His eyes are bright red, and his hair is a duller orange-red. He is known to be a bit more reserved than most Kie, and it is rumored this is because he was kept inside more as a child due to his mother not knowing how to handle a son- since the family had been primarily female until his arrival. It's not exactly true, but most of the kingdom thinks it. Despite his quieter nature, Keahi is a skilled individual with extreme control over his element. Where Kie traditionally fight with blades and use their power only occasionally, he completely fights with flame. Rarely does he even touch his enemy. Fire is his weapon. Naturally, despite his skill, he was made to learn to use other things too- just in case fire was ever at a disadvantage. His preferred weapon, other than his power, is a short blade and stealth. He, like most Kie, is very light on his feet and can creep around almost silently.
    He prefers to spend time on his own, which is strange for a Kie since they tend to be very social among their own kind, but he also enjoy his mother's parties and is often the main entertainment. He uses his fire to tell stories and it has come to be expected that he will at least tell one at each event. Like most Kie, he has a love for silver and enjoys bargaining for it and other random things(in short, he likes buying stuff). While reserved to strangers, he is very open with friends. While he tends to stick closely to friends, he stays far away from those considered enemies and usually will not even speak to them.
    Keahi looks forward to his days as king and has always dreamed of the time when he'd be able to sit on his mother's throne and look down at a kingdom that is finally

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  3. Extremely sorry for the wait, finals and school finally caught up to me, so I will be editing this as I can -I plan to have it done by tomorrow-


    "Expanses ridden by mystery and darkness"

    Ally; Eveun
    Enemy; Appi
    Neutral; Irund


    The realm of Cethin is expansive, consisting of a mountain range that is surrounded by dense and dark forest. Very few dare to enter their shadowy expanses due to the confusing terrain and dangerous forests, knowing the kingdom of Cethin is protected by dark entities who would surely put them to rest if given the chance.
    The weather of Cethin is normally complete cloud cover, it often rains and storms, the winter season is a snowy one, and usually makes it very difficult to travel even for the natives. Cethins castle is not visible from the outside, because its built in the center of the mountains. The Cethins use the mountains as a last defense against bandits and thieves.
    There are posts station on the outer sides of the mountains with skilled archers that shoot down before they can reach the castle and villages. Scattered about the whole territory are mysterious crystals that emit a muted light, this is to guide Cethians to specific places within their territory.


    The people of Cethin are quite odd, to say the least. Their natural behavior is quite independent, they mature quickly and go off into the world as adults at quite a young age. They are physically very pale when not in their 'Cloaked' state. The sclera of their eye are always black, the iris usually being any color that stands out amongst the black in slits, and their sight at night time is extremely advanced. However, since they dare not tread into the sunlight on a regular basis, their eyes are dangerously sensitive to the suns rays, if exposed without proper shading, a Cethian may become blind. When needing to travel long distance out of the safety of their shadowy expanses, they wear a heavy cloak with an over sized hood to completely cover the upper half of their face.

    The Cetherian population all major in four area's, magic, stealth, speed, and defense. Their normal attacks are not particularly strong, but due to their speed, they can deal a great number of small attacks per second to inflict a good amount of damage upon their opponent. One Cethian shouldn't be hard to fight off, but in spite of their independent nature, they never travel alone. Wherever you see one, there are sure to be many more you do not see, so normally they can be a pretty difficult match on the road.
    A Cethian who uses magic is a Cethian who is sure to out wit you.
    A majority of their population only know 'petty' magic, which means they can only cast an illusion to get past an enemy, or scare him off. These creatures are masters of illusion, so they can create pretty convincing ones. Though, those who focus more in magic than others can cast trap spells, where the opponent is actually trapped in an illusion for a time, which is a perfect amount of time to escape and get a good distance. Naturally the more practice the more advanced, the highest spells consisting of time space alteration physical transformation spells.

    The Cethian surround themselves with dark entities, or creatures, whose bodies quite literally consist of a dark mist. They can take many forms, humanoid or feral, and are actually much more powerful than the Cethin themselves. The dark entities are what protect the entrances of Cethin from unwanted guests. About one of eight people that escape the forests alive have a minor entity clung to their back, and are haunted until the being is expelled from their lives. This is simply their means of defense and warding off pesky thieves and bandits who decide its wise to disrupt them.
    The Cethin are extremely aggressive towards their enemies, the Appi, whose flames disrupt their dark expanses, creating a light to chase off the shadows. However this is not beyond their behavior towards other elements, they are usually very cold but do not pick fights mindlessly, they know how their powers match against other elements.

    The people do in fact have a habit of keeping pets, they are called Spades, and are one of the only creatures who live in their forests undisturbed by the dark entities. To obtain one a Cethian would normally just travel out into the Darkwood forest and domesticate one, its really that simple. Though domesticating has become a task for those who do not wish to buy them from breeders, or those who want to put the effort into domestication


    ๑The Heir๑
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  4. Irund
    The land where the skies sing
    • • •
    The Kingdom

    The castle lies on the largest mountain (Mount Ivalle), and obviously the largest structure among them.
    This is where the royal family lives, but they also have smaller houses compartments for the labor units, such as maids, guards, etc. Close by would be the messenger tower, which most people visit sooner or later, as this is where they can send mail, no matter where it is, as long as it is with allies; unless you pay just a tad more, someone craftier can probably get that delivery done even in forbidden places.

    As for the rest of the land, the land basically goes from highest to lowest class the further south you go. While no one is really poor there, it's more job based. Towards the middle is your more business or trade people, with cafes, eateries, or again, messengers perhaps. Even people working with the kingdom.

    The southmost area towards the plains is primarily the more labor based jobs, like farming and such.

    Terrain and Resources
    • • •

    The land is huge, and surrounded by water, under technical terms it'd be called an island.
    The levels rise and drop at random, hills and small mountains scattering the place, apart from the southmost area, where they have some plains. The further north you head, you'll eventually hit the most treasured area of the land, and also the place where their castle lies, it is the largest mountain in Irund.

    Surrounding Irund is small beaches or cliffs, the only way on or off the island is by flight or the huge bridge they built on the southmost side, connecting to the bigger Kingdoms.

    They have scattered trees just about everywhere, but also three individual forests, though only one is notably big. These forests have survived due to the adaptation in certain specimen of trees, though upon a closer glance one may noticed some are a bit charred. Somehow, they do have a abundance in herbs however, used in their medicine or dishes.
    As for the weather, it's always storming, there is almost never a sunny day among them. However, they get rain quite frequently, and the occasional rough wind storm (tornadoes, etc).
    Despite this, whether it is hot or cold varies, and pretty much matches our general weather from Spring to Winter, except with constant lightning, frequent rain, and no snow.

    The wildlife there mostly consists of smaller species, especially in muskedines or rodents, making them also the more favorable pets. While there are also dogs and cats, they just aren't quite as popular or abundant. There are many reptiles as well.
    However, there more food based animals, like cows and chickens, but they received those from other areas.

    • Clothing

    Small, tight,and light, clothing among the Irundese is generally never much.
    This is all because of their abilities require more freedom, which heavy or ore more clothing prevents. As you know, they can fly, and if you've got elemental powers you may even be able to travel by lightning.
    Boys will commonly just wear something over the groin, but sometimes they are flashier and wear extra pieces, like perhaps drapery, arm-wear, ankle bracelets, or even head-gear. Girls are identical, but often keep something tight over their breasts, of course. Even there none of them are usually ever busty, it is quite obvious why to keep them in place.

    However, when not needing to fly or go anywhere, they usually go topless. This is normal for them.
    The only true separation from the boy and girl clothing is usually the colors or style of the clothing, more masculine and feminine.

    Tattoos are also something some of them tend to enjoy.
    • Features​
    They aren't really compared to others, generally light. Their skin is usually light, with pointed ears and a big set of wings and a tail. Their hair can range from bleach blonde to black, though, while the black/grey can be in many hues, the blonde really only comes in light tones (bleach/platinum).​

    • Gender​

    In Irund, guys are the more looked up to gender, and it all comes from a simple reason. Less chest made flight easier for them, and without any pregnancy, they were always able to work and go out. Plus, in general they seem to have that heroic look everyone is fond of about them. Though, the men generally aren't even bulky or muscular, they're actually agile, sometimes tall, and light. Other areas think they look a bit feminine on some cases.

    This however, does not make the women less valuable, just more sheltered and watched over. They frequently end up with the more at-home jobs and work, while the men traveled. But thanks to some fixations made years back, girls have been spreading their wings and traveling further than they used to. They are shorter than the guys of course, light, and quick.
    • Sexuality

    Heterosexuality is the most common sexuality in Irund, so of course most of them happen to be it.​
    But, they don't really mind homosexuality. In fact, it's perfectly allowed there. Though, usually it's two males that usually want to be together. Two females is a rare occurrence.


    In Irund, families are generally a bit small, and most don't usually have beyond two kids. However, if the wife decides to move in with the husband and his family, it may seem otherwise. Though in most cases, they move out and start a new home. Because of this, the population rate is rather low.
    • Behavior

    While everyone has their own personalities that make them different and react in a way that may not relate to another, this just happens to be more common things.

    With People:

    Among themselves, the Irundese are quite the humorous lot, and treat each other rather fondly, pranking, teasing, and tricking is a normal thing. Though, they also like to stick to their own groups if possible, since they can be quite solitary.

    Among new people, they might be rude, demanding, quiet, or just shut them out as much as possible. They value their relationships, and making one with them is hard, they lack trust in strangers.


    Among themselves, they can be a bit touchy or intrusive when it comes to personal space.
    It's considered a sweet thing there, and shows the effort you put into seeing the other person. But again, this usually isn't around new people, depending on the occasion. If it's important, they're more willing.

    Upon greeting, they will actually rub their face upon the other persons. It's usually a more loving or friendly gesture though, with more familiar people. It sometimes includes a little kiss if they feel like it.

    When leaving, generally you'll get a kiss to the forehead.

    But on a more broad note, hugging, cuddling, or getting close to each other is quite normal to them, it's a display of trust, and for some it makes them feel safe.

    Religion and Customs

    The Irundese believe in three goddesses, Ibba, Irri, and Immi.
    It was said that they created the whole world to fill in the lonely void within them, but soon everyone forgot of them, so they ran off to a island to be alone, but the urge took over them to try one last time, to create a new life, one that would uphold and protect their belief, and remember them forever. A young boy was created, one of a new race, graced with wings, so he could fly above all. He was named Ivan. Born to the land, he too kept it protected, and safe, living happily with his mothers.

    Every year, they celebrate the day the goddesses first arrived, and the birthday of the hero, Ivan.Of course, they pray, usually for good things to happen.

    (I may add more to this...)

    The Heir

    The heir has always been tied to the story of their belief. It is said they are the blood relatives to the young hero, which is why their family has made sure to never stop continuing their line. There has never been a female recorded that actually took over the kingdom except for now, with the new heir, Itsuri.

    As every heir known has had issues with producing an heir, it's only normal that she's an only child, no siblings to speak of.

    Her birth was quite normal, she was a small healthy baby. Though, now that she's grown a bit, her true colors are now arising, personality and all. Despite most of the normal people not being very tall, she is actually shorter than even the common size, but no one makes a note of it, to avoid making her upset. She's rather harsh, stubborn, rude, and can be very demanding of others. With a love for causing trouble, she can be quite mischievous as well, loving to pick and tease at people sometimes. However, she can be nice, sweet, and even loving, but it has it's limits. To those close enough she can be a bit clingy.

    Rather than addressing them as 'prince' or 'princess', the royals are usually addressed by 'lord' or 'lady.

    (Drawing here)​
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  5. Eveun's realm and heir lay here.

    "queens crowned in golden-jeweled halos, rule like angels among demons. their eyes shine like ethereal emeralds and stunning sapphires."

    - Eveun -

    Eveun; the land of plenty and prosperity.


    It is a very open minded nation, with innumerable traditions and many colorful, unique cultures. Despite this range of differences, the country itself and it's people are very unified and like-minded in that the most important things are family, friends, and the land they love so much, Eveun. Many see serving the Sovereigns and the Heir as a massive honor, whether it be as servants or as knights. Although respective trades usually run in families (a blacksmith will usually pass on their trade to their eldest, for example), this rule is not very strict and if the child chooses to diverge, it is viewed as positive. Many of the individuals of Eveun also tend to be very experimental, sexually wise. This is viewed as the norm, and is even encouraged. The inhabitants of Eveun are, as a general rule, bound to whom they marry for the rest of their lives. Divorce is one of the few things looked down upon, since they take marriage very seriously. Exceptions to this rule are if one of the partners are abusive the other, or their offspring, however this is very rare. If this happens, it is declared as a severe crime, and the abuser will be sentenced to death. Due to these severe penalties for offences of this like, rape, abuse, violence, and overall aggressiveness towards others is rare- nearly unheard of. Taboo.


    The people of Eveun are very humanoid. They are dark-skinned, although the color ranges through all sorts of brownish shades. Their orbs are often green, with the whites of their eyes being instead, black. They are tall people, and firmly built- like trees. However, they are not so heavy a people that they cannot hold their own in speed. Their built also assures a certain inborn potential to be a well-off fighter. Their strength, however, lies in defense. Their nature does not do well with violence, but they do not fear or avoid death either. If they have to fight to protect, they will. They are entirely selfless when it comes to protecting kin, kith and country. They call themselves the Children of Eve; referring to each other commonly as "brother" or "sister".
    Outsiders refer to them as Eveans.
    Eveun is called on occasion "the land of eternal spring". This is due to the temperate climate that allows their crops to grow splendidly, even without the help of their caretakers. During winter, there is slightly chillier climate, but never so much as to cause more than a shiver. The wonderful weather and the liveliness of the land is often credited to the country's Sovereigns, though they merely shrug it off and say it is not them, but the blessing of Eve. Because of the warm weather, most of the people rarely wear more than one or two layers of clothing- all easily removable when needed to be. They adore gold and green gems, and both are often found decorating them- whether male or female they be. They are a humble people, but do not deny themselves simple pleasures. Decorating themselves is one of the many things they enjoy. Because of the bountifulness of gold, silver, iron, and all sorts of gems beneath the land they tend, they never run out of things to spoil themselves with. Out of all the things they trade, they are touchiest with this. Especially when the trades include having to make deals with the lizard people of Appi, who love silver as much as they adore gold. Although they are friendly towards most foreigners, most individuals personally dislike the frightful fires of Appi and it's lizards, and though open to trade with them, they are on edgy terms.

    Traditions, Customs, and Religion

    Because of the varied cultures, religions, and traditions, the country seems to always be in a festive mood. Children are raised around their parents chosen life-style (the holidays they choose to celebrate, and their religion, etc.), however they are taught early on that they have a choices when it comes to what they believe in. Although parents play their role in raising their children and have a very profound bond with them, they are not overly controlling and constantly persist on giving them choices. Although, like previously mentioned, there are many religions, the most common and usually practiced by the Royal Family is called Everul. Everul is the belief that the universe came into existence by the will of a Goddess called Eve, and that though there are many other gods both like her and not, she is the one who specifically created the planet Irsa and it's sister planets. It also states that an individual's soul is a piece of the essence of Eve, and once you die, your soul returns to her and provides her a story. Your story.
    The country of Eveun was formed with the purpose to serve Eve with the gift of life that she had granted them. However, time passed, and opinions evolved and other religions came into play. They thought it best to avoid conflict. To war over the belief in a benevolent Goddess, whose main purpose was to spread life and peace would be hypocrisy. This is how the country rapidly developed into a place of open-mindedness and dedicated to protect peace within their own borders.

    Although they themselves do not commonly diverge from the Everul religion, the Royal Family is usually present at large festivities, even if they are not of Everul origin.

    Politics, Trade, and Relations

    The Sovereigns of Eveun hold most of the political power. They make the alliances, monitor trade, and call the shots. They have a Council of the Elders, concluding of the wisest, closest advisers of the Sovereigns. The Council has at least three members at a time, and never more than twelve. When an Heir steps up to become a King or Queen, the Council will be replaced with whom the new Sovereign deem fit. Often, the member of the Council are distant relatives of the royal family, or children(or grandchildren) of past Council members. However, previous relation to the royal family is not needed to become a Council member. They only need to be trusted by the Sovereigns. The Council's purpose is to serve as a sound voice to their ruler and offer, as their name suggests, council.
    Eveun is on best terms with Cethin- the country of darkness. They are allied with them, as Appi and Irund are to each other. Although Eveun is known for openly trading with all countries, it does not especially like to deal with Appi.
    Eveun primarily trades food of all sorts with the other countries- both meats and vegetation. It's alternate income is from it's bountiful stores of gems and metals, which is easily traded to the lizards of Appi and the black-eyed folks of Cethin for a pretty amount. Trade is managed by one of the Council members, but monitored by the Sovereigns. The bustling trade creates many jobs for the thriving economy of the ever-growing nation.

    Sovereigns and Heirs

    Sovereigns of the nation of the Earth are known for having many children. The current Queen (who was the Heir to the throne, later marrying a distant cousin whom her parents had chosen for her as a groom) had many siblings and was the youngest of her brothers and sisters. She, however, was the strongest. She could make of what was a seed, a forest, with a flick of her hand in her youth. Her husband, the King, who had not been an Heir and only distantly related to the royal family was strong as well, but he could not hope to compare to the power the Queen held. Queen Silvae of the Forest and King Urian. The Queen had been bitter at the fact she had to forcefully marry a man whom she barely knew at only fourteen, two years before she was placed on the throne. It wasn't for many years that she even consented to bare a child. Urian was handsome, but Silvae did not love him. She didn't hate him either, however, and knew her duty in birthing an Heir. However, the pregnancy went wrong, and after that, she didn't even want to look at Urian, much less think about pregnancy again. Despite this, a few months later, there was another bump in her belly. When it was brought to light that she was pregnant once more, Urian seemed surprised, and confused, but this was ignored and hidden behind smiles and kisses of the new soon-to-be happy family.
    Silvae had a smooth pregnancy and an easy labor- a baby girl was born.

    There were no other children born after Versailles. She is the sole Heir to the throne. lmao.


    The kingdom is mostly made up on forests, with mountains to the north and the west. Many work, mining the mountains and uncovering endless riches. Gems, metals, silvers, and golds beyond imagination. Past the mountains are largely uninhabited deserts. At the feet of the mountains, before the forestation breaks into desert, there are a few villages which do not really partake in much that has to do with the rest of the country. At the very center is Eveun's capital city, Luriam. This is where the Sovereign and Heir live. There are four other major cities throughout the country as well as several smaller cities and towns, but none as splendid as Luriam.


    (although not especially in touch with magic in a combative sense, the people of Eve practice the art of the Earth to benefit them in different senses. Earth varies so much, no individual is gifted in an identical version to another, nor can use their powers like them. Some are more talented, and some less. Again, it varies.)
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  6. charrie.jpg
    (by the amazing me)

    Earth's Heir

    Name: Versailles Silvaen
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24
    Sexuality: Pansexual
    Magic: Earth- she can control nearly every aspect of it's oh-so varied self. Metals and jewels practically beg to be uncovered by her. Trees hum her to sleep. Forests grow with a snap of her fingers, and the earth bends itself to protect her. Under the guidance of her mother, Queen Silvae, the most powerful Heir that the country of Eveun had ever witnessed, Versailles has evolved to be the embodiment of the earth and the heart of the country.


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