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  1. :bsmile: Hello everyone,
    While I am more of a darker sort of writer, I have decided to try a lighter side role play. The world is divided up into four different regions, each region is it's own faction.

    Faction One-Mountain Dwellers-Moon Chyldren

    The Mountain region is the coldest climate in this world. The snow covers the ground all year round. The government would be considered a monarchy in a sense but it has become corrupt with a hunger for even more power. The citizens are mostly recluse, hermits because of their unusual appearances. They are the winged creatures of the north. The origin of these creatures was a gift from the Elven kind before they migrated to a different planet. Unfortunately, the Moon Chyldren forgot about the Elves and the reason they were created, or maybe it is that they no longer felt interest in their purpose? They were created to help the other creatures of this world, to be a beacon of help and peace.

    Moon Chyldren:

    These creatures are magically empowered with telepathy, telekinesis, healing, flight, empathy, and night vision. They are weak to sunlight, the heat of the sun makes them ill. As they have discontinued socializing with the rest of the world, they have no real allies but the Desert Creatures are their natural enemies. The Moon Chyldren banished the Desert Creatures from the halls of the mountain fortresses due to a rebellion.

    Faction Two-Desert Stalkers-Sun Worshipers

    The desert region is severely hot all year round. The only relief from the heat is when the sun sets at night. It is inhabited mainly by raiders, thieves, and murders. The Sun Worshipers have no real respect for the lives of any other people or creatures. They go into other regions to gather food or other supplies and will fight to the death if anyone tries to approach them.

    Sun Worshipers:

    Banished by the Moon Chyldren, once mountain region citizens themselves, they had their wings removed as a sign of shame and humiliation. They have only one desire, that is to destroy the other factions to take the world for themselves, starting with the Moon Chyldren. It was thought that they would lose the powers that they had but instead new powers took place. The Sun Worshipers have the powers of fire along with the telepathy. They feel no need for healing powers and abandoned that power ages ago.

    Faction Three-Jungle Dwellers

    The jungle region is lush with many trees, and various plants. The animals are hunted by the inhabitants here and fishing is the favorite pass time, which also supplies food for the families. These inhabitants are tribesmen. There is the leader as a government. The citizens will give their lives to protect the leader. They have no desire to change the old ways with all of the new technologies, such as running water or electricity. Their main economy comes from trading with other regions and among themselves.
    Their abilities include, visions, summoning, and necromancy.

    Faction Four- The Plains-Hunters

    The Plains have miles upon miles of grasses mixed among dangerous bogs, and quicksand. The beasts here are as dangerous as the land they dwell in. Each year, an invitation is sent out to the surrounding regions for a hunting adventure that promises huge rewards for the one that kills the creature chosen during the festival. The citizens are haughty, tough, but easy going. While they have no particular magic, these people are very proficient in the use of weapons of all kinds. The Sun Worshipers have been raiding at random intervals causing stress in the empire. The emperor is about to send out hunting parties to bring in the miscreants and put them to justice.

    Recent Events: The Sun Worshipers have raided parts of the plains, small settlements were attacked. The Ruler of the Plains sent out units to drive the Sun Worshipers back toward the desert region. Both sides took casualties, and the Sun Worshipers were successfully driven away. The small settlements are rebuilding their homes from the fires that were started during the raids. Patrols have been set up to keep the Sun Worshipers from any more sneaky attacks.

    The jungle has been raided once by the Sun Worshipers but quickly retreated when spirits of unknown origin arrived. The fire magic did nothing against these ghostly creatures. Three tribesmen were killed during this raid but the village took no damage.

    The mountain dwellers have become quite fearful of the government, the raising of taxes, the new laws concerning the use of telepathy to gain information on political issues has been outlawed. There are whispers in the castle that the King and Queen's lives may be in danger. The Queen herself has taken refuge in the north end tower. Many people believe that she is being cowardly while others believe she is preparing some sort of rescue.

    The Sun Worshipers have plans in motion to attack the main city of the plains. They are building in number. The raids are only a cover to hide the main plans. The Sun Worshipers also wish to gather slaves from the other regions for multiple purposes such as fighting in the front lines by sacrificing these people and turning them into wraiths. They acquired this idea from the jungle inhabitants. While slaves are being brought in, the Sun Worshipers are now attempting to tap into that magic.

    Character Basics:

    Name: Luna Nesta
    Title: Queen of the Moon Chyldren
    Gender: Female
    Age: 1009 years old
    Appearance: 5 ft. 4 in. tall. Silver hair with purple tips. Her face is oval shaped and she has grey colored eyes. Her skin is pale with no real identifying markings or tattoos. Her wing span is five feet wide adorned with ivory white feathers.

    Personality Traits:

    Introvert or Extrovert: Introvert, speaks very little
    Quick to Act or Quick to think: Quick to think slow to act unless necessary.
    Social Skills: Quite charming to speak with, easily a friend to all she meets.


    Luna was one of the founders, created by Elf Magic. Her husband also created at the same time were given rule over the Moon Chyldren. Together, they only have one offspring. As time went on, Luna's heart became quickly saddened as the governmental officials began a small rebellion against the monarchy. The original laws set down by the Elves were quickly forgotten. Powers meant for good now became a threat to the world. It was believed that if these rebels would be banished from the land, wings removed, they would no longer be able to use the magic bestowed to her people. Her husband and Luna decided that would be the best action. Unfortunately, the plan backfired. The banished were granted a different, more violent magic. They have threatened revenge since.
    Currently, Luna has discovered that her and her husband's lives are in danger. An assassination plot has been brought to her attention. Now, she is sitting in her tower trying to think of a way to keep her only child safe from harm. An invitation to a festival from the plainsmen sits in her hand.

    Basic Information:

    Name: Lunita Nesta
    Title: Princess of the Moon Chyldren
    Gender: Female
    Age: 805 years old
    Appearance: 5 ft. 6 in. tall with silver hair, black tips. Her face is heart shaped and her eyes are onyx colored. Her wings have dark grey feathers. Her face is usually covered by her hair. Her skin glows slightly, very pale with small patches of freckles.

    Personality Traits:

    Introvert or Extrovert: Extrovert, can be quite opinionated
    Quick to Act or Quick to think: Very quick to act in most situations
    Social Skills: She is very rebellious, and argumentative.


    Lunita was born under the darkness of the New Moon. Her personality matches the darkness. Although her parents have raised her to be polite, graceful, and guide her into the ways a princess should be, she has no interest at all in being a princess. She flies off to the borders of the Sun Worshipers whenever she is able to sneak away. She began seeing one of the young men from the desert region. She has not yet been caught, but even if she was, Lunita would only hope that she would be banished so she could be with the man she thinks she loves.

    That is a general run down of the regions. There are three spots open for leaders of the Sun Worshipers, The Tribesmen, and the Plainsmen. My character will be the leader of the Moon Chyldren. The main plot line will be to survive the war starting by the Sun Worshipers. If you have a character that is a leader, you are also able to have a second character as well.
    So, if you have any questions, comments, or anything else, feel free to post here or send me a message. Thank you for reading and happy roleplaying!
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